[1.3] [WIP] Not So Pretty: Rimworld in a Pixel World

Started by Foxeater, September 04, 2022, 06:03:38 PM

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Hi there, my name is Foxeater, so, i want to make a texture overhaul to rimworld, Core and dlc, so, i wanted to tackle the hardest problem upfront, the pawn modeling.


I have been working a lot in remodeling hair, beard, bodies, and making use of other mods the get what i want, ex: Pants, Hands, etc...
But i still not sastified with the model of the heads, for know i let the heads like that, mind you that the head in the gif is Normal Wide.

So i come here asking the overlords of the desing if you have a better idea or sugestion. Mind you, im designing principaly for CORE and DLC, nor for other mods, son incompatibility is a thing for now, because looks.

Also, im NOT a programmer, for me that wizardry.

If you want to test the looks in game, DM propably we can arrange something