Repair Clothes / Apparel

Started by The-MathMog, October 25, 2022, 12:28:40 AM

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Simply put a way to repair apparel that has been damaged. Of course at a price.
Ideas i have so far:
Either a separate work station, or integrated into the different benches, where you "fuel" the bench with the materiel needed to repair a piece of apparel. In a similar way to fueled benches in general.
Patch leather is an obvious choice for this.
It would need to be either an expensive or laborious process, so you'd only do it for apparel of significant quality or rarity.
Maybe even a chance at failing, like surgeries, where repairing it with too low of a skill, could simply destroy the item.
And maybe only able to be repaired to say like 75% or something like that. Balance is key.

Right now, all apparel that is under 50% I either sell for pennies, or burn at a stake, which doesn't really reflect how you would do it in reality in my opinion. With proper care and skill, a piece could last a lifetime.


in 1.3v and earlier there is a mod called mending that can do this, but as far as i know the mending mod has not et been updated to 1.4, but yes it would be nice if mending was added to the base game or official dlc


There is a mod for this but I think if added to the game, balance would be an issue.  The mod itself highlights the balance issue as the author allows players to change the cost of the repair kits because he can't figure out a balanced value himself.  The mod allows you to repair 1 durability for 1 cloth and 1 steel.  That means a tattered duster is going to cost over 100 cloth and 100 steel to repair despite a new duster costing only 80 cloth by itself.

Then there's the high end armors.  Cataphract armor costs 400 steel and 400 cloth to repair from 0 to 100%.  Making a new one, besides the work involved, ultimately costs:

  • 210 Plasteel
  • 20 Uranium
  • 192 Steel
  • 18 gold

It might just be easier to balance the game around building new suits of armor and smelting/selling the old ones.