Modded But Vanilla?

Started by Dragonova, April 29, 2024, 10:27:41 AM

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I can share any of my screenshots because they are files not uploaded on the internet Ludeon Needs to fix that anyway I have a bunch of mods that I used both rimpy then switched to rimsort witch is worse in terms of determining whether it will work is dependent on something or not but anyway I used both and I have like 500 mods even tried it with like 127 then just 3 never worked used to have a problem with 294100 being deleted but I just reinstalled steam then rimworld I even used the built in mod thing that is in base rimworld but it didn't work even then, my current version I downgraded for mods it is 1.4.3901 I have a bunch of screenshots that will help even of the debug log with the errors please help.


I didn't post this I deleted it to put the attachments in the newly generated section.