What is Verse.TickList.Tick ?

Started by myataiko, May 18, 2024, 07:10:02 AM

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Iam having a problem with sudden stutters (mever had them before 1.5) - once flashmass triggers response event, my game starts stutttering the more i trigger this event by attacking fleshmass itself.
I understand that troubleshooting is pretty hard in this case because it might be 8000 reasons, thus asking only for a guidance where to look.

According to dub's tool this think causes lags:

Ecery spike = lag.
Please give any info whats this thing and where should i look at.

Iam using only QOL mods (70) like PUAH, rim fridge, common sense etc, so my game is not bloated with mods. Checked the problematic mod list from reddit - i dont use any for sure. During 1.4 i've played as long as i want with colonies as big as i wanted and had zero issues.
Additional info - if iam not triggering FleshmassResponse event my game runs very smooth regardless of raid size or burning whole map. Once the hart of fleshmass is destroyed decribed stutters slowly dissapear.
I know its surelly not about amount of fleshmass on my map because if iam not attacking this thing directly and trigger mentioned event it spreads across my map but causes 0 stutters.

If other factions or mechanoids trigger this event by fire, i do not have lags either.

Thanks in advance for any info!