(Alpha 7) Sooner535's Weapon Pack V0.2

Started by Sooner535, October 04, 2014, 05:16:59 PM

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Hello and Welcome to Sooner535's Weapon Pack

What does it do?:
This mod tries to change how combat with firearms and melee works by replacing some of the vanilla items and giving them a redo, the initial 1.0 release covers mostly the firearms and adds a few tweaks here and there to others. Including adding tools and a special OP weapon.

Item List:
Scutum (Roman Shield used to defend yourself from fire and melee)
M1911 Pistol (short range replacement for vanilla pistol, great CQC weapon 7 shot low damage bursts with fast reload)
Musket (vanilla Lee Einfield replacement, high-medium ranged weapon very inaccurate but very cheap used by tribes 1 shot with very long reload)
Baton (melee weapon with a 99.99% to incap, very weak mostly used on non armored foes or prisoners to beat them into submission)
Light Saber (melee weapon that boosts running speed and gives block chances to melee and ranged attacks, very powerful weapon that usually cuts off limbs)
Pickaxe (Tool used to mine, terribly useless weapon with almost no chance to hit a target but increases mining speed dramatically)
Hammer (Tool used to construct, terrible melee weapon that speeds up construction time)
L96 (extremely long rang weapon high damage with a medium reload time, good for taking out threats before they arrive)
P90 (replaces M16 medium-short range sub machine gun used mostly in CQC where it is king, 50 round fast burst with medium reload great for taking on groups of enemies and "peppering" them)
Ronon's Pistol (medium-short range highly accurate futuristic laser pistol used by Ronon in the SGA series, inflicts terrible wounds)
Knife (Vanilla replacement for knife, low damage fast stabbing and lots of blood)
RPD (Vanilla LMG replacement hundred shot indirect weapon, best at "peppering" large groups of enemies to keep them hurt
SPAS-12 (Vanilla pump shotgun replacement hard hitting shotgun used to rip apart the body and destroy it's victims)
Uzi (Updated vanilla Uzi with 20 shots better reload and smarter range, a faster less damaging version of the P90)
Gladius (Replaces vanilla short sword, moderately powerful with moderate hit speed, good all rounder)

Download Link:

Future Plans:
Entirely Dependent on you guys, I want the weapons to sort of balance each other out and yet be fun to use. Real guns will stay close to their counterparts while futuristic and fantasy weapons will be a bit OP over them (because the future) ideas can be submitted below and if I have the coding skill and texturing skill I will add them to the mod (thankfully the forums is filled with great teachers so what I don't know I can learn) so in short the future plans mostly revolve around you guys.

Special thanks to:
ItchyFlea (helping me understand coding)
Rikiki (helping me understand how to set weapons textures and bullets)
Shinzy (helping me understand code and setting textures to bullets also his coding of the stat modifiers was true brilliance)

Almost all the above have their own mods as well go check them out :D

You the user have permission to edit any weapon, add the mod to a modpack, and examine and use the coding I used in anyway shape or form. Also if you are a creator of a similar mod and want to use the textures feel free to do so, the only thing you cannot do is take the content as a whole and release it as yours.

Want to support development?:
Click this shiny gold text to donate pennies to dollars a month as long as you want via patreon

I hope to take this mod to a great place and I hope you will be patient with me that I am still learning things :) hope you enjoy the mod


Reserved for Patch notes:
Replaced Pistol with M1911 Pistol
Replaced M-24 with L96
Replaced Lee Einfield with Musket
Replaced M16 with P90
Added Scutum
Added Light Saber
Added Baton
Added Ronon's Pistol
Added Pickaxe
Added Hammer
Added Knife
Added RPD
Modified vanilla Uzi
Added SPAS-12
Added Gladius
Fixed L96 shooting bug


Reserved for upcoming:
V0.3 changes:
Grenade overhaul
Short bow stats changed
Long bow stats changed
Pilum stats changed


Did you make these weapons? If so that's pretty good work.

Edit: I should probably mention that the L96 fires other L96's instead of bullets. Not sure if that bug is in every weapon, but I'll be checking in a moment.


Lol need a L96? Just shoot one >.< I will fix that coding error thanks for the help :D also some were made (the lower res ones lol) others a friend of mine found/made he's not into gaming just artwork but ya some were found and then retextured some to make them fit into the game.


Ah well I fixed it myself. I'm assuming it was meant to use the same bullets as the M24, so I altered it to this:

  <ThingDef ParentName="BaseBullet">
    <label>M-24 bullet</label>

Just copy and paste that over the original just under the page break and it'll work fine. The other ranged weapons seem to work fine, haven't seen Ronin's pistol in action or the melee weapons yet.


Ronon's is more overly a supped up pistol, lightsaber is your best friend lol, I had fixed the code as well I had just missed a strand :) but thanks for showing me the code nonetheless


I'm playing with the zombie mod, so I'm really hoping to pick up a lightsaber or two. I'll be sure to tell you if I find any other bugs.


Alright thanks a ton, ya the zombie mod is a fun one also Light Saber is super expensive let me know if you think it is too much so (it does a lot of stat bonuses and damage.... Tons of damage...)


Would a short bow shoot further or shorter than a M1911? I assume shorter but idk lol


Quote from: Sooner535 on October 05, 2014, 09:42:19 PM
Would a short bow shoot further or shorter than a M1911? I assume shorter but idk lol
Well, good luck doing this with a shortbow.

Very inaccurate, but apparently, an M1911 is physically capable of reaching out to 200+ yards.


http://guns.wikia.com/wiki/M1911 (Effective range 50meter)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongol_bow#Range(Effective range 300-500 meter)

As much as its kidna hard to compare effective range of bullet and arrow, i think that in this case bow wins

All i do is clutter all around.



Quote from: mrofa on October 16, 2014, 08:16:28 AM
http://guns.wikia.com/wiki/M1911 (Effective range 50meter)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongol_bow#Range(Effective range 300-500 meter)

As much as its kidna hard to compare effective range of bullet and arrow, i think that in this case bow wins

I'm gonna take the hypothetical imaginations of a philosopher about he prowess of his nation's men with a [citation needed] at the end as probably slightly exaggerated, but:


Has the longest Mark Shot recorded from an english longbow at 315 meters, which is shooting at an area of the ground a good few meters across, with a maximum arrow flight range of 500 or so meters.

The trouble is that the definition of 'effective range' varies greatly between 1500 and 2014. Effective range for a longbow is the range a formation of archers can fill a formation of enemies with arrows at. The effective range for a modern firearm is the range one shooter can accurately put shots on a man sized target. I don't actually have the expertise to say which has the longer range, but 70m appears to be the range used for olympic archery with modern, sighted compound bows, so the ranges realistically are probably roughly comparable.

Of course, it all takes a backseat to game balance and fun, but yeah.