What happened to Aparello?

Started by Morrigi, October 12, 2014, 03:01:59 PM

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Have I lost my mind? I can't seem to find the Aparello thread anymore.


Skullywag modded to death.
I'd never met an iterator I liked....until Zhentar saved me.
Why Unity5, WHY do you forsake me?


You didn't lose your mind! only lost the extra P from the name, if you tried to search with the search function ;D
There's been lot of activity on the mod thread so it has sunken really deep in there!
(Do leave a comment there so I get back to the front page, I do like the frontpage!)
*ahem* ::)


Who said "self-promotion"? ::)
At least, you are on the top of the "mod" page! ;)