How to install RimWorld after you've downloaded it

Started by Tynan, December 10, 2014, 03:42:55 PM

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Notsopro, you can search your emails for your original purchase email or any SendOwl update. Should be easy to find.


At suggestion of another forum member, I'm putting in the steps, with examples, to take to get the game running with a custom location. If any of the mods would prefer this somewhere else, or in its own thread, please let me know, or feel free to move it yourself of course!

This example is for my testing setup for the EpicOmega modpack. This process is not contingent on using mods, running vanilla Rimworld would have the same process, less adding and ordering the mods. I'll list steps I use to set this up:

1. Copy Rimworld folder to desktop (that is where this example is located, works anywhere else just as well)
2. Rename folder to something as short as possible, yet still descriptive enough to know what it is. (in this example it is "RWEpic", shortened from Rimworld EpicOmega)
3. Within "RWEpic" folder, right click on the Rimworld exe file and select copy.
4. Back at desktop, right-click and paste a shortcut to the just copied file. I then rename the shortcut to match its install folder (in this example "RWEpic")
5. So, I now have a Folder and Shortcut both named RWEpic
5. Within RWEpic folder, make and name a new folder where you will store your data/config. (in my example the new folder is named "EpicData", but it can be anything)
6. Double click that folder so that Windows Explorer is looking into the empty folder.
7. Go into address bar in windows explorer and right click and select "Copy address as Text"
8. Back at desktop, Right click on RWEpic shortcut and select properties.
9. In Target field, go to end of what is already present, leaving quotes in place, add a space and then the switch -savedatafolder=
10. I then put a " mark and paste that address I had previously copied, followed by a closing " mark
11. Here is the current line in the target field of the shortcut at this point:

"C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\RWEpic\RimWorld1557Win.exe" -savedatafolder="C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\RWEpic\EpicData"

12. Click "OK" to save everything.
13. I then launch the game with the shortcut which will allow the game to create the folder structure inside my "EpicData" data folder.
14. I set my normal game options... Turn off "Plant sway", Set Volumes, Turn off "Learning Helper", etc.
15. exit game
16. Go into "RWEpic" folder, then into "EpicData" folder to make sure all folders are there. If they aren't, a mistake was made during creation of shortcut. More than a couple times I have forgotten to do something correctly and have had to re-make that shortcut, whether it was a bad copy paste, a misspelling of the switch, any other little thing.
17. (skip if not using mods) Now I load all my mods into the mod folder.
18. (skip if not using mods) Launch game and go into mods and set all mods in correct order.
19. (skip if not using mods) Exit game.
20. Relaunch game and play!


and(for windows players DRM free only(do not know if this can work for the steam  linux and apple players as I do not have steam,linux or apple)) if you create a batch file in the rimworld folder with the contents of the batch file (for the a17b version) being
".\RimWorld1557Win.exe" -savedatafolder=SaveData
(and the SaveData can be ANY valid folder name) you can have all the mods,settings and the game all in the one folder, the batch runs the rimworld version and rimworld then creates the folders and files it needs for a fresh start.
then all the player has to do is copy the mods that are wanted into the mods folder inside the SaveData folder and activate the mods.
and it is possible for the rimworld and SaveData to be on usb's or external hdds or file servers as long as there is read,write and execute privilges for the location that the rimworld is on