New AI Storytellers.

Started by Srice5350, December 30, 2014, 07:44:28 PM

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An idea I have is a AI storyteller where things are more realistic, and not as random as Random Randy. One where the challenge varies all the time and isn't built around increasing difficulty. One where if you help one colony, and you become besieged, the colonies you've aided before will aid you now. Just a more realistic storytelling AI all around, one in which many people will enjoy the realism.


This is one of many ideas I have. Another is where enemies that raid you start with only bows and such, and as you progress they have more advanced weaponry, and armor. Please reply any ideas you have for Storytelling AI.


I agree, something morality based would be fun, like an AI that screws you over for being cruel, and rewards you for charity...would be a bit hard to implement though
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Well there already is the mechanic where it says how much near by colonies like you, so if it were coded around that, like once it reaches +100 in one colony (or -100) they reward you with help, colonists, resources and the such.