[Mod List] Igabod's Mod List

Started by Igabod, January 14, 2015, 08:33:25 PM

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This is just a list of all of the mods done by me gathered together in one spot to make them easier to find.

Advanced Lamps
Adds several new lamps for different uses and some new research topics.

Biodiversity On hold for now
Adds a variety of new animals to each map type and makes some of them aggressive while some remain just as docile as vanilla animals.

Biome Spawn Tweak
Adds a few of the new animals into the spawn list on all biomes. Now you can find wild cows and chickens and even a Thrumbo if you look hard enough. This is a vanilla mod. No new content is added.

Bulk Meals
Adds 3 new recipes to the cook stove, allowing you to cook 4 meals at a time.

Fast Floors
Tweaks the vanilla floors to add speed boosts to most flooring types.

Reinforced Conduits
Adds reinforced conduits that are fireproof and have more health than the regular ones.

Temperature Control
Adds several options for better controlling the temperature of your colony.

Xtra Plants On hold for now
Adds new plants, foods, work tables, and recipes related to plants.


This space reserved for future use. Just in case...


Thanks for the mod list! Adds a lot of depth to the game!


Thank you for all the hard work and your time :)


Nice Mods by the way i am playing them right now and i am having a blast.
Thanks for the awesome mods dude