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OP, if you change the naked brutality scenario to be a tribe instead of crash landed tech then you usually get a better selection of starting pawns to choose from.  They have a much better chance to survive solo since the negative trait pool is so much larger for the space farers. 

It does make the game more challenging in other ways of course though.  I enjoy it more that way however. 
Quote from: Bozobub on September 01, 2018, 01:26:26 AM
I use 2 bills.  First, I have one that cooks simple meals, whenever less than {x} (for me, x=200 or so, for 10 colonists).  This is your basic "nest egg" of cheap, effective food.  I then set a 2nd bill to cook fine meals whenever less than {y}, as a lower priority.  You can thus easily keep a set safety buffer/trade goods/wealth limit balance of your choice.

This may seem excessive but I've weathered simultaneous volcanic winter and toxic fallout, and even heat wave/cold snap (for smaller periods) that lasted many quadrums more than once.

This is what I do also. Though I have my bills reverse with the fine meals being made first (the mood buff being more important).  I also make fields generally smaller at first just to get going but later on make them much larger than they need to be since I usually have many growers at that point, and once my fridge is pretty full I'll turn off sowing on them.
There is no simple or easy answer to this.  Managing how much food you have is always a core issue in RimWorld.  You definitely want to make sure you have more then you need so if a toxic fallout, bad raid, cold snap, etc hits you won't suddenly run out and starve over a harsh winter, but you don't want tooooooo much food that it causes your wealth and other factors to shoot up and cause larger raiding parties, etc.

Generally its better to have too much than not enough.   

When you have too much food you also can switch your meals to start making the nicer ones, and you can turn excess food into pemmican or packaged meals as well.  This way you have a long lasting store for caravanning, emergencies, etc if your fridge ever gets destroyed.

Animals that eat plants should be pastured outside where the can graze naturally, or you should grow hay.   Also you can use that hay and some meat to make kibble which all creatures eat (except maybe wargs, can't remember on that one).   Kibble also can work as an emergency 'oh shit' food for your colonists if you somehow lose your entire other food store, and it doesn't spoil.

General Discussion / Re: Crashed Ship Part
August 26, 2018, 05:03:40 AM
*stuffs cow into mortar*

Quote from: Crow_T on August 25, 2018, 08:25:22 PM
Quote from: Tynan on August 25, 2018, 07:36:04 PM
This is a feedback thread so please stay focused on experienced-based feedback. Thanks.

I hope this is on topic then- I've played since A17, and recently watched a playthrough using B18, and I miss the old scythers that have both strong melee and ranged- they were a good scary enemy, it'd be great to see them back, even as a third type of scyther. Having only melee or ranged puts them at raider level, as opposed to a high tech level.

Personally, I find the new mixes more scary.  There are times when it works to my advantage of course, but those scythers are no joke and they are fast.  When you get a mix of all 3 types of mechanoids they can wreak havoc on you, quickly.   I find even when I engage a lancer in melee combat I still end up taking quite a bit of hefty damage unless its a melee pawn in power armor or something.  With Scythers I have to try to kill them as quickly as possible BEFORE they get to my line of shooters because I'm for sure going to lose some limbs if I don't, or worse.  The ranged lancers still melee pretty hard and the scythers are murderous if you let them near you.  Thankfully they have much lower health these days to compensate. 

Centipedes.... they are the assholes.. ;/
I'm guessing most people with this problem have their schedules set to 'anything' instead of 'work'.  I was under the impression that anything on the work tab counts as work and other activities such as going for a walk, sleeping, etc falls outside of "work" so if you set them to anything, even if a job is priority 1, the doc may decide his rec meter is a smidge to low and go smoke a spliff or star gaze instead of fix his bleeding out wife.

Not sure about 1.0, but I did a sea ice challenge run after watching Rhadamants also and I seem to remember you had to manually edit some stuff to make the cold snap perm, but you could stack them I think.  I'd see about doing that and check if stacking 5 of them or something has any effect and gives you what you want.

I'm also sad to see the super extremes are not longer easy to make during world gen.  I wish we had a lot more control/options in the world gen section of the game so more whacky styles of play, even if they can be game breaking, were there.

I'd also love to see the option to increase the variation swings on a map more.  i.e. winter gets SUPER cold but summer gets BOILING hot. 
General Discussion / I'd love to see bayonets added
August 19, 2018, 03:14:23 PM
I'd really love to see some sort of better 'melee' option for ranged people.  Not anything that's great or OP, just something that makes your ranged pawns a little more effective when you get caught in melee range by weaker stuff like animals and such.  I know some people have asked for pawns to be able to carry both a melee weapon and ranged and IMO that would be pretty damn OP, but something like a craft-able bayonets we can add to some guns, or even a new ranged weapon that has a bayonet on it and is a good blend of ranged/melee would be nice.  It could be like a hunting rifle with a little less range, or weaker damage, etc and increased melee damage.

Quote from: 5thHorseman on August 17, 2018, 05:07:05 PM
I just lob mortars back at them. I use the mortars and shells that I got from prior sieges. They give up pretty quick and then run through my trap corridor. Easy peasy.

This is what I do.  If I don't have mortars yet to use then I use snipers or bolt actions.  If NONE of them are available then I very very carefully micro manage trying to take out people near the edge of their group until they raid, and I hope I either have good enough cover to survive or can run back to my base fast enough.

I generally only have a hard time with seiges in the early stages of the game.  Sometimes if they come really early after a particularly harsh start they can be brutal, but most of the time that's not the case.

Quote from: neonings on August 18, 2018, 08:20:54 PM
Hey Tynan,

Not a hardcore player, currently working through the latest build on Pheobe rough and really enjoying my time.

Please can you add an option to choose where items purchased from orbital traders will land? currently i'm playing a map where they always land (without failure) in the middle of my freezers vent square. Please see my screenshot for an example for this space..

See those two coolers on the south side venting heat out of my freezers? If i buy more then one or two items one lands in that square every damn time requiring a quick deconstruction, haul and reconstruction to fix. its uncanny!

Love the game, keep up the good work!

Much faithfully,

Neonings, UK.

I *think* you can build a second trader antenna outside where you want stuff to land and it should aim at that.  I only just started doing this (current base built into a mountain) and it appears to be working for me.

I keep having this issue where I capture prisoners and they are getting tended to and then auto-released even though I never changed their prisoner tab stuff to release.  I lost about 5 prisoners in a row this way.  I am getting the faction points as if I released them.  It's very strange.

The prison is definitely sealed up with many layers of walls around it, doors not held open or anything, and is inside my base in a mountain. 

No mods.
I just had a lot of these problems.   I sent 4 people and a dog out to rescue a colonists family member (grr) and there was only 1 bad guy and 2 turrets...

I almost lost everyone because after killing the one guy, almost evryone went on a break spree, which lead to starvation and since my only person who could doctor was also busy being broken I couldn't patch up the one other guy who took a few hits.  thankfully it wasn't bad enough to bleed out.

I ended up having to spend way to long at that site, ate all my food, had to murder the local wildlife, build a fire, make new meals, etc, etc etc.  ALL FOR A TERRIBLE PAWN, and due to a SINGLE BAD GUY.

After dealing with that I sent my guys over to a loot stash that was close to it for a legendary SMG and masterwork animal bed guarded by 2 sleeping mechanoids.  Thankfully I was able to sneak around to the other side of the building and loot the stuff without them even waking up.  As I got near the edge of the map to leave 2 guys broke again....

Barely got them home as they starved.  Ugh.   

I also of course got raided while my guys were out.  A psychic ship dropped right inside my walls with a centipede, 2 lancers and 2 scythers.  The second I killed the scythers and was working on the centipede I got a second raid of Drop pods right inside my base and the people I didn't take on the caravan were the ones who of course were LESS skilled in fighting and generally higher risk pawns.  No one died but I lost a lot of stuff, had a lot of wounds.  A large amount of eyes got burned or lost.  Infection almost took out 2 people.   The drop pods contained about 14 people, 5 of which had incindiary launchers. ;/

I'm playing Cassandra on rough.  At about 80k wealth at that point.

Quote from: FTR on August 17, 2018, 09:47:09 AM
Quote from: Stormkiko on August 17, 2018, 09:07:38 AM
Did he have the 'wimp' trait? I believe the plague comes with an inherent amount of pain that could have triggered the insta-down from wimp.

Nope, althrough he did have Gut Worms and a scar increasing his pain by 30% so perhaps this combined with plague insta downed him.

If you have multiple healh problems then chances are low you will survive it.  All the other pain sources as well as things that lower your pawns ability to fight it are mostly a death sentence, but sometimes you can get lucky.  Have meals prepared ahead of time and keep em in bed and treated immediately if possible.

I'm not a fan of how the storyteller loves to throw multiple long lasting diseases at the same time.  Seems to happen to me a lot too where I get malaria, gut worms, and mechanites at the same time or some similiar combination.  Not sure how the game decides what bad things to toss at you but it sure feels like its choices can be particularly nasty at times when it comes to illness.
Quote from: 5thHorseman on August 16, 2018, 11:23:17 PM
Just had a poor NB pawn get downed by a raider and drug off the map. I now have no colonists but did not get the "game over" message.

It sometimes takes a little bit for it to pop up.  Stick your game on 3x speed and wait for a day to pass and I bet it will pop.  I usually wait a few days at max speed just in case I get another sudden join.
General Discussion / Re: Prosthetics
August 16, 2018, 10:16:00 PM
I definitely feel that the different stages of prosthetics should heal themselves at faster rates based on the tier they are.  It also makes sense that you would NOT use medicine to tend "wounds" on them. 

I don't see the need for it to be a crafter doing the work though.  For simplicities sake of the game you could assume the doctors skill also lends him to repairing medical related devices sort of like modern day doctors do with various implants and parts.  In some fields the doctors themselves make the parts being used, or the specialists who are molding them for a patient are also medically trained, etc.

I'd definitely like to see at least some of these changes get put into the base game since there is text to describe it that way, and it logically makes sense from a progression standpoint.