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General Discussion / Re: When backstories don't match...
« on: March 16, 2019, 07:19:01 AM »

NAME was born during a catastrophic war in which both sides used napalm extensively. He/She grew up helping his/her parents in an infirmary, treating the cascade of horrific burns from the battlefields. He/She was left with a lifelong fear of fire.

On a medieval world, the fastest way to send a message is to give it to somebody on a horse and hope they survive the journey. NAME was that somebody.

We got ourselves a time-traveler.

This topic is about what expectations everyone else and myself had for v1.0.

The void in the last third of the game was largely reported much extensively than the predators, I was thinking Tynan would be adding more content in the late game as there’s much lore background in the Universe quick primer, as he stated v1.0 was meant to close the development for a complete full production, however, we only got “mods”. To the point that we call it B18-part 2.

The minor issues were priorized over the bigger issues that needed more attention, and that is what I consider a derailment.

Like I said many times before I’m not playing RW that much as before and I only come to double check wiki edits

The misunderstanding many people make when reading my comments is that I’m not suggesting anything “new” to require buckets of money, I’m talking about “adjustments” for most of it.

If your misinterpretation is that I want “new content” based on personal preferences, then I would have written other kind of threads of the like:

* the Firefly TV series had Western and Asian features, can you add more oriental content?

But clearly that is not what I wrote down here.

I’m not telling anyone to play my way. I am showing people that there has always been many methods to overcome adversities but “cheesy” players had chosen to complain about it first before considering ways to solve the problems nor doing proper research in the wiki to find out solutions. As a Vanilla player, I can clearly see how weak “mod” users have grown in comparison of people who don’t depend on “cheats”.

The Caravan user interface is a clear example how spending development time on aesthetics added very little to the game considering that all the information it provides, can already be acquired from the “Caravan forming window”, making the data redundant.

I really don’t think anyone enjoys the “industrial “ last phase of the game. And I strongly believe there should have been more focus in that area of the game.

I totally believe the expectations for a 8 months long development of a new build were not reached, as I stated many times, no “new” content was created but basically minuscule improvements of unnecessary aspects of the game. As currently I can totally prescind QoLs and still complete the game anyways.

To close this response, Predators “ALWAYS” had plenty of solutions, people were just lazy and stupid about it. I could give you validation to your comment if only Predators...”NEVER HAD A WAY TO COUNTER” but since I numbered 11 myself, I can’t agree with you.

I’m not offended, nor I know what makes you think that about me.

<--- <--- <--- <--- <---

I like it when people really pay attention a lot too.

There are many things in v1.0 that I find very disappointing at to have enough incentive. Something Tynan has never been good at is exactly consistency and balance. Every time people would complain whatever scale is too high, for example: relationships across all pawns to the point that in a 2 million population it seems everybody is related to everybody, Tynan would then try to "adjust scales" and take it to the other extreme opposite and the next patch, no more relatives at all would appear.
Among the many other disappointing points: gathering resources and work speed had been reduced, but the game became disproportionated as the storytellers would throw you too many pawns, like old times and now we all end up with a high population way too soon but with slower colony building pace.

v1.0 has made Extreme difficulty change to Unfair difficulty instead, where areas I played all my games in old Extreme, in the past, the only difference was in an increased number of raiders only. The most difficult setting now is about your pawns "unfairly" losing limbs to simple attacks instead.

The story teller for Lost Tribes will now throw you Crashed Ship Parts or any Mechanoid event way too early too before you even get a chance to properly protect yourself with armor, and if you are a true Lost Tribe player, nobody rushes to Electricity first, we stay longer on the neolithic phase.

Not only gathering resources is way slower but also... now everything requires Components... What part of Flak armor is "Electronic"?...

Basically there's too much "Non-sense" around to compel me to play v1.0 as I used to play all previous Alphas/Betas... Note: My Steam counter is at 5.585 hours played Rim World but I hardly play this game anymore... Unless a new build comes around...

I already condensed my one liner long ago here:

Version -1.0 (minus one): Lots of QoLs for mod users but nothing new to Vanilla players.

My reference is just a mere parameter, I can run triple colony games efficiently, yes. But the usage I gave to such measuring scale is to make people understand that a single colony game is just one third of what minorities like me can do. Now, if I were to run a census, doing one third is relatively easy.

1-10 effectively claim that the player should manually monitor the map and do tedious, false-choice inputs to hedge against a threat.  This is in contrast to the overwhelming majority of threat/benefit events in Rimworld and does not add anything of value, unless you consider manually panning the map constantly to have value.

Complaining about spam when suggesting that players should hunt predators isn't self-consistent.  If you actually kill the predators, they won't spam you.  Given this is exactly the argument presented against the notification, it's strange to make a complaint for the same solution.

Predators hunting colonists isn't a frequent thing in friendly biomes, not sure what you're on about there.

It's true that the end game grind for uranium and advanced components sucks.  At least you can caravan to the AI ship and call it a day, though I usually just consider an established colony a won run.

No, no, no, no and no... You got everything backwards. But honestly, at the back of my head my intuition senses are telling me to watch out. Now I need to rule out one out of two possibilities:

1.- Either, you didn't pay attention to my words (make it due to the heated flow of this topic)... OR
2.- You have reduced yourself to word-play due to lack of counter arguments and are attempting to shift my words to make everybody else  think that I said things that I did not.

For once only, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Roll back to the Opening Post, I didn't gave 10 methods but actually 11. The true reality you intend to hide, is that "Inevitably"....whether you like it or not and even with a double shift schedule and more notorious if you don't have night owl that while your colonists sleep... you have at least 6 in-game hours that we all Fast Forward at Speed x3, and more over for those you don't haste it. While your colonists sleep, there is nothing they can perform, and at that time "monitoring" around is totally viable and the only thing you can do to "burn time" until they wake up. And if this wasn't clear enough and I already said it before (I'm repeating myself).... I literally "pan" three colonies in that time frame of 400x400 maps.

Whether you like it or not... You can't play the game without watching your screen, unless you run the game in the background while watching Netflix or else. There is always time to "monitor around". We all have a "dead time" while they are dreaming.

This is where your reply gets nasty, and I doubt if you are doing it intentionally or by accident:

* I am complaining about the Notification Spam....because the Predators are around, I don't need to kill them myself. Get this part right.

The Opening Post picture dates 15th of Jugust which is the end of Winter.

1.- First off, I don't need to kill Predators, because I can handle myself on all three simultaneous colonies when I play Triple Colony games. I always keep them alive, because I prefer them to work for me, so that I don't need to dispatch a pawn for hunting and just wait to pick up the left overs later.

2.- What I said about hunting Predators earlier, from my own personal angle is only if they had gotten too close to my farms where my colonists work.

3.- Suggesting to kill off all Predators is a methodology to prevent attacks, yes. But is in NO WAY linked together with my complain. I fear you intend to twist my words.

Finally someone who actually comes with an elaborated response, thank you.

I have been supporting every suggestion in the respective section that resembles the concept of a Watch Tower for a long time already.

i think there should be guard posts in the game

Before version 1.0 came out, there were and still are many “Monitoring” techniques, some have been removed, like the food bar from animals which is a change that made sense to me. The other methods being:

1.- Ecosystem: Preys. Predators will have the tendency to hunt the smaller creatures first, so when a map fauna population decreases and only the large sizes remain. That is a red flag of Predator danger.

2.- Cold & extreme biomes: Predators are left with less choices as rodents start to flee the map. Tree foliage color change, tree skin change, snow. This is another red flag of Predator danger.

3.- The safest play is a City Wall: Like I commented in repeated occasions, I learnt to build a city wall within my first five games and then never again I lost a pawn to Predator attack. To me it’s totally unforgivable that “experienced” players still lose colonists to such an early game / basic level threat.

4.- Proximity to base: Predators wandering around your base. Would you still let them? Another red flag of Predator danger.

5.- At night, while animals sleep. We have the ZZZzzz animation on their head which is big enough to see with a quick check by sectors.

6.- After the first year and once back on Spring, animals will enter your map through the borders, so monitoring your map becomes even easier.

7.- When a small rodent is killed, they shout a final “death cry”. You should be able to hear it, a red flag that is not visual only but also has sound effect.

8.- Predators can be killed before they turn against humans or tamed pets.

9.- Food bar that has already been removed was the most obvious red flag of Predator danger.

10.- Player wiseness, if a pawn is chosen to perform activities outside the City Walls, make sure its not an Incapable of Violence, is not Unhealthy (Frail, Bad Back, diseases) and also has a pet companion with release training, nigh owls are the safest.

Here I listed for everyone how to prevent yourself from Predator Attacks that should be useful for beginner level players.

Now when I read in the forums about people complaining of Predators Attacks, I could not avoid feeling upset towards the vast majority because I personally grew up as a Rim World player during A16 & A17 and I would say that 40% of all my games were “Triple-Colony” of 400x400 map size. I learnt to cope with three simultaneous colonies on a same game on the largest map size while the average player just goes single map and default size. While commonly, everybody just does 1/3 of what I have been handling all along… Now if I don’t complain about it…how come those who do 33% in comparison with me, are the ones who get upset about Predators? It’s illogical.

Every time someone asks about Multiple Colony games, I have always given plenty of advises:

Now, people need to put things into perspective, and I will give you an analogy:

* You are walking down the street and you get the red light traffic sign at the corner of the block, and you stop walking before you cross.
* What would you tell me of people who cross the streets without even looking sideways for incoming vehicles?
* What would you tell me of people who despite having 10 Red Flags… still cross the street anyways?
* What would you tell me of people who despite having 10 Red Flags, still cross the street anyways and get hit by incoming cars…to later on complain the game is hard without ever considering their own faults and blaming the cars instead?

Asking for the Warning notification is the same as asking all drivers to honk from kilometers aways just in case a careless pedestrian is not looking around. This is beyond upsetting for me, because conceding such a request equals validating stupidity, and that is unhealthy for the mind. If despite all the 10 warning signals… a player loses a pawn…to me…its a well deserved death.

Now, when you look at the Community, what kind of population do you want to have? The careless citizens or the cautious neighbors? This is a Survival Game, people….and nature shall be unforgiving for the ill-prepared.

My Support reply for a “Watching system”:

Now I have been waiting for almost three weeks now. Based on the people who had complained, I can already tell that such players are the careless, those who don’t monitor at all, hide behind killboxes all the time and in mountainous bases more over and use tons of over-powered mods…but still lose anyways… When you try to place yourself in “their shoes” to see from their eyes and how their counter arguments are founded… People like TheMeInTeam will base their “fake” claims on theoretical extrapolation of past memories without testing unstable builds for real experiences like this case:
He was claiming that first raiders would already come with sniper rifles, which was untrue.

I haven’t been saying much on purpose so as to check if people “really know” what they are saying and if you ever play on cold or extreme biomes, you should be able to realize two “unwanted side effects”:

* Now in v1.0, when you get a Predator notification and the targeted “future victim” enters a closed room, the Predator will have to change target as in “re-targeting”, and if every new target also enters your base…you will literally get spammed by notifications both from letters and top screen messages alike…
* Now in v1.0, when you enter the second half of a hard winter and all Predators are the only ones left with just a few cold resistant mammals… you will also get “super spammed” by all hunting Predators which becomes a total annoyance… Because you can even get five new notification letters like the disease notifications used to trigger individually for each pawn instead of the summary late version.

But so far… no one has ever mentioned either of these two issues to what allows me to a certain degree, to assume, most of who replied are Temperate Forest exclusive players, lack game experience and therefore their comments are weak.

Finally to close, this response, to me Tynan needs to completely rollback to B18 and redo everything again from there, because the biggest problem in RimWorld has always been the last third of the game, the 2/3 that was and has always been an eternal boredom due to nothing happening but industrially awaiting the SpaceShip completion. He took the wrong turn by introducing the “Advanced Components” and making it even more longer and painful with nothing for players to do in the meantime.

World Quest Incidents failed completely as rewards are “Inversely proportional”, as the game becomes harder, the prizes become less interesting and unworthy exchange of efforts for insignificant results, and the Caravan system has improved very little, the new User Interface already provides the same Information that you can acquire from before sending your colonists out, just a mere visual QoL…(upgrade???)

Version 1.0 should have been about filling the void in the last third of the game…but instead it just became a B18 Modded. To the point that I ask myself is there truly a Version 1.0 Vanilla build?

Off-Topic / The Saudi plan to exterminate Yemen's fishermen
« on: February 20, 2019, 09:41:20 AM »

For the past three-and-a-half years, the Saudi/UAE coalition -- with support from the United States and the United Kingdom -- has relentlessly bombed civilian targets, including schools, hospitals, clinics, water-treatment facilities, and even school buses.
But little attention has been given to the devastating reality fishermen, who have become frequent targets, have to live each day.

And it’s no accident.

This is part of the U.S.-Saudi led coalition’s long-standing efforts to wage war against Yemen’s food supply.

In the first year of the war alone, the coalition bombed over 350 farms, factories, food storage sites, markets, and other agricultural infrastructure, resulting in heavy damage to Yemen’s small portion of arable land -- a lifeline for its people.

With neither farmers nor fishermen safe from coalition attacks, famine has become a massive crisis in Yemen, further exacerbated by the coalition’s blockade of the country since March 2015 when Saudi Arabia launched its war against Yemen.

This blockade prevented food from being imported into the troubled nation. The gravity of the situation is starkly revealed by recent warnings from the UN, which has cautioned that an estimated 18.4 million Yemenis -- two-thirds of the country’s entire population --  now risk starving to death.

However, thanks to the coalition’s naval blockade of Yemen, Yemen’s fishermen are arguably in an even more precarious situation, as they are targeted by coalition fighter jets and naval vessels alike.

General Discussion / Re: RimWorld Inconsistencies
« on: February 20, 2019, 06:22:53 AM »
Did I explicitly said that I want it?

I was just reporting it objectively, pretty much like a bug report.

I did however said countless of times that I started RW since Alpha 16, so I don't have the experience of 20 versions. The earliest version I ever played was Alpha 4 and I am very well aware that any room with more than three doors would NOT get a roof.

Now, I don't know exactly why you misunderstood me. But if you want to ask me what I "do" want with inclusion of historical content... at the moment that would be the Gibbet Cages.

I know the mechanics have changed but to me it looks totally possible to bring it back, which technically it would just be "recycling". And I have even been fantasizing about it for a while. Content related:

* We now in v1.0 we have "Give-up" event... and I would really love to see more depth in-game by including this character behavior in Visitors, Caravans and even Raids. It would be "THE" way to get into your colonist roster, that relative without causing foreign relation problems. Why pawns would only leave from the player side out, but no outer colony towards the player side? We even have character background "Defector".

To me it would be completely hilarious to have the Gibbet Cage back, that could even be used for those circumstances when a player doesn't have a Prison built yet, and instead of going for the hassle of building an extra room, just build the cage. In Alpha 4, I can see that you could only place a corpse there... but I would totally love to be able to place alive prisoners in there, with a chance of Prison Break as well. Then what reaction we could get from the next visitors, traders or raid if another relative sees a Gibbet Cage prisoner and are actually related and what interactions could generate.

So far...we can get relatives in trade caravans...and those members might very well pass by an acquaintance but in v1.0 have no interaction whatsoever...

Back then, there used to be Fear, Loyalty and Happiness, I don't see how that could not be handled by the current mood system. I want a Gibbet Caged corpse to generate mood debuff for future raiders. As well as I would love to see my colonists who are Sociopaths get a mood bonus whenever wandering nearby a cage, and even have it provide Joy by taunting a live prisoner. In the early Alphas, traits had no impact to the Gibbet Cages but now we can...but we have nothing...

I would love to see the Handful of Stones back as well, I don't know why it was removed.

But back to this topic, I don't regard roofs as a high priority to's just odd. Why can't I just point it out without generating a drama?

General Discussion / Re: RimWorld Inconsistencies
« on: February 19, 2019, 05:14:20 PM »
When you build structures, you need materials.

* Lost Tribe players may start with wooden walls.
* You may build doors of wood.
* In tribal Ice Sheet, you build structures with steel, which is more resistant and due to lack of trees.
* Eventually everybody upgrades to walls and doors of stone which are fire proof and are largely available.
* The most extremist will even build walls and doors of rare materials, it becomes expensive and probably not able to complete in one single shot.

* However...roofs are for free and require no materials... ... ...
* But flooring does... ... ...

Imagine your entire world tile map like this table, where 5 is the very center.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Back in the days before v1.0, there were two type of players:

* The noobs would have 9 colonists, 1 at each grid number, risking all sorts of dangers be it Predator Attacks, to raids from a map border, infestation on another grid, etc.
* The smart players who out of 9 colonists, 5 would be at the main base, say grid 5. And the other 4 picking berries, mining and hauling stones from a same quadrant grid, say tile number 6. In the occasion of a threatening event, that would incidentally trigger at tile number 6... no pawn would be at 100% threat because the other 3 colonists on the same grid would easily be able to provide aid thanks to their proximity.

However, Tynan, listened to Noob complains and now the game was "Simplified" to please the "Simple Minds" and instead Punished the Smart players by removing Immersion & Depth.

The end result in version that now I get the Stupid notification letter in a very odd/awkward situation as this one... I can TOTALLY handle myself. This is what happens when Tynan listens to the whining of players who through their whole experience..only knew to coward themselves behind a killbox...


General Discussion / Backstory/Trait adjustments
« on: February 04, 2019, 09:07:10 AM »

Too smart: Intellectual skill level is zero and no passion. This one needs a buff. I know it's a trait with Global learning factor +75%, but is feels like the game design wasn't polished well enough.

General Discussion / Re: Cryosleep Fear
« on: February 02, 2019, 04:35:02 AM »
Use stone blocks and divide the Ancient Shrine into small rooms, then you can handle the occupants individually, if there's someone you would like to recruit, go with punches and not melee weapons or you may accidentally cut off an arm or leg.

The Opening Post is incomplete... Muffalo parkas...of muffalo leather or muffalo wool?

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