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Quote from: Roolo on April 08, 2019, 01:00:07 AM
Quote from: bobisback on April 07, 2019, 09:45:30 PM
For some reason when I go to install a mini turret I get the option of need mats when I have a couple of turrets available. I am using CE, any ideas what might be the issue?

Turret mounting doesn't work for CE turrets. In CE, the turret code has been completely rewritten, so all the patches from my mod can't be applied to that.

I've looked into making it compatible this update, but it turned out to require a lot of extra coding. I'll contact the creator of CE, maybe things can be made more uniform with vanilla on his side.

Thanks for the reply!

So I kinda figured that the turrets that CE added are not compatible, but for some reason I cannot even add the mini turret that is in vanilla, or is this not working either?
For some reason when I go to install a mini turret I get the option of need mats when I have a couple of turrets available. I am using CE, any ideas what might be the issue?
Tools / Re: [TOOL] RimworldConflictFinder
August 06, 2016, 11:16:05 PM
Here is the code:

Quote from: biship on August 06, 2016, 07:45:35 AM
Nice, this works pretty well (and is much needed now that there are 1000+ mods on steam!)

Not sure this detection is correct tho:
Conflict found with xml tag Farming in the file Storytellers.xml in mod 672718181 and the file Prefixes.xml in mod RimWorld-Infused

672718181 - Storytellers.xml:

RimWorld-Infused - Prefixes.xml
  <Infused.InfusionDef ParentName="PrefixRare">

So here is the deal. I originally had it check the tag before it would compare the defname. When I did this though it was missing some conflicts that were still happening. After some research (Been a long time, cannot remember where I got this info) I found that there were cases where the tags were different, but the defnames were the same, and this was causing issues in the game. The game I am pretty sure puts everything into a giant list irreverent of the tags that are associated with them. I could be wrong here but this is what i remember. You are welcome to change it.

Quote from: biship on August 06, 2016, 07:45:35 AMEDIT: Also, don't conflicts also only occur when property tags conflict?
ie In the vegetable garden mod, it has <defName>PlantHops</defName>, but none of its properties are in its 'conflict' CCL Vanilla Tweaks defName.

I do not compare any tags atm. (not that I remember anyway have not looked at the code in some time)

Ya how it outputs the information is a bit rough atm. I do not really have a ton of time atm, but you are welcome to play with it. I added you to the github repo.

Let me know if you have any questions.

See ya,
Tools / [TOOL] RimworldConflictFinder
May 16, 2016, 12:25:32 AM
Hello all,

Was putting together my first rimworld mod list the other day. Started it up yesterday looking to play some rimworld. Only to have it consistently crash every 10 mins or so. So I set out on a mission, the result: The RimworldConflictFinder.

So what does RimworldConflictFinder do you might ask? Well this program is a command line windows application that will compare xml defName of elements between files on a mod by mod basis.

This program is not for the faint of heart. I literally just wrote it in the last 3 hours or so of my life so do not expect much. Then I spend the other 3 hours doing what this program cannot do, aka get the conflicts resolved. So far though I had a bug free/crash free game thanks to the load order issues and conflict issues that where shown by this program.

So how to use this program?
1. Extract the exe out of the zip file and put it somewhere you can get to it.
2. Make a copy of your mods folder (Not needed but recommanded) and I would put it somewhere close to the exe in fact I recommend you put the mods folder in the same directory as the exe.
3. Open command prompt from the start menu. If on windows 10 hit windows key and type cmd then hit enter.
4. Navigate to the extracted exe in the cmd. aka type in 'cd C:\pathToExe' into the command prompt
5. Now in your cmd windows type 'RimworldConflictResolver C:\pathToCopiedModsFolder\Mods' Hit enter. If the mods folder is in the same directory as the exe you can use 'RimworldConflictResolver Mods'
6. Open the file called 'RimworldConflictResolver.txt' that was created in the same directory as your RimworldConflictResolver.exe. (I recommend notepad++, looks bad in just regular notepad)
7. Find the conflicts at the bottom of the txt document and decide what to do with them.

Things to note:
1. I have a ton of garbage in the file atm. This is the first version, most people will only be interested in the text below 'Checking for Conflicts' in the file that is generated.
2. This program will not resolve your conflicts for you. This program will only find them and tell you about them. Which tag in which files in which mods. You have to then decide if you want to remove the mod, change the load order and pray, or merge the files manually/create a patch for them.
3. This program will not check and assemblies for issues.
4. This program is wrong most of the time, I had about 60 mods with 80 or so conflicts according to this program. Really though 30 or 40 were really an issue. Aka if you have CombatRealism, ExpandedProsthetics&OrganEngineering, and CombatRealism EPOE installed it will find conflicts with all of them, but in this case these are needed conflicts. It is up to you to decide what to do with the conflicts and if they are really a issue or not.
5. I do some filtering on the names. If the two mods contain the same names I ignore them. Aka if the mod 'CombatRealism' is compared to the mod 'High Caliber (CombatRealism patch)' then it will ignore this as a conflict as I assume this is a patch. For this to work the names have to contain each other. You can manually rename the mod folders to take advantage of this. For example I renamed 'CombatRealism EPOE' to 'CombatRealism ExpandedProsthetics&OrganEngineering' so it will ignore these as a conflict.

This is a super early version with very little features. I would recommend people that are not familiar with command line and xml  to steer clear for the time being until I can get some more things worked out. I figured I would release it anyway to get some early feedback and to help those who like me are having a problem getting 60+ mods to work together. Turns out the vegetable garden was the problem mod for me, had like 40 conflicts just by itself haha.


[attachment deleted by admin - too old]
When I load my game I am getting a error with CorePanda saying "Could not find a type named CorePanda.PlaceWorker_AgainstWall" Any idea what this issue is?
can this be used with rimfire?
It says I am not allowed to download this mod?

Any idea how I can download this?
Mods / Re: Disable Dropraids
April 29, 2016, 02:08:40 PM
Nevermind I did not look close enough at that xml. In the xml it has the option for arrive modes. I will just remove all the ones that say <li>CenterDrop</li>.

Sorry to make a useless post. Hopefully someone else can benefit from me posting this haha.
Mods / Disable Dropraids?
April 29, 2016, 02:03:11 PM
Is there and easy way to disable the dropraids through a mod? If so could someone point me in the right direction. I saw the raidstrategies.xml but it did not show the dropraids.

Quote from: Nanako on August 27, 2015, 07:44:05 PM
I think the lategame comes down to too much grinding for several specific items:

Electronic Chips
Synthetic Materials
Steel Parts

These are too slow to make, but required in too high quantity, and it really drags things down. In my last game i ended up making a huge fortune from years upon years of raiders before i really felt i was at the endgame.

I really would like to see the required number of synthetic materials reduced a bit, and microchips made easier to craft (less sand and metal please!)

Ya I agree I ended up having to mod this to get it to fit better with my play style. It was taking so long to build things in really bogged the game down.
For some reason I cannot install any weapons into the turret bases? Is there any reason why all weapons in the list are greyed out? Am I missing something?
So toxic fallout hit, and now the game is so glichy it is unplayable. Anyone else get a prefrmance hit with toxic fallout?

Nevermind I restricted everyone to inside and it become unplayable. I removed the restrictions it runs fine.
For some reason I cannot place the plasma geothermal power plant? It keeps saying "space already occupied." But if I place the normal one it places fine? Is there something I am missing with it?


P.S how do you use multch? I still have not figured it out.
If the comms console gets destroyed and you have nothing else is it game over?
Sweet thanks guys :D

Well now that i got the alein weapons that m40-1 pulse rifle or something like that takes the cake as the best for me hahaha. I have a stock pile of like 15 plus all my colonists have them. I can rape like 40 guys no turrets with them hahahah

Though this is with the techtree minai mod so not sure if it is your weapon or not.