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General Discussion / Flooring effects
October 02, 2014, 12:52:30 AM
So i had a look around and couldn't find the answer so I'll ask it here.

All flooring seems to make speed 100% but what modifiers do each have in regards to colonist happiness?
I know they like carpet and hate concrete but whats the actual amount for each type. Or do they like a mix?

I'm specifically after hard numbers if anyone knows or has them, not just your assumption.

Hi Everyone,

Here is my current colony, currently sitting at an exciting 102 colonists. I wonder if I'm the first nut-job to reach that milestone.

Then i saw this land, i think i counted it correctly at 80 raiders:

Tensions are high as they enter the kill zone...
at this point I have to draft my colonists in 2 batches as i have too many to do at once.

The order to engage is given.   FIRE!

With the ground stained red, its time to start the cleanup and endless hauling.
At this point, about 15 colonists start to freak out with all corpses lying around.

Hope you all enjoyed the ridiculousness...

Ideas / Forbidden Zone
November 14, 2013, 05:32:55 PM
As the title suggests, my request is for a red marked zone that cannot overlap with the home-zone and is classed as impassable terrain for colonists unless drafted. Uses the same overlay as home-zone so you can see both at once.

Possible uses:
1. Prevent wandering colonists from trekking down long, dark, dirty, confined, and abandoned mine shafts and then having a whinge about it...
2. Prevent non-combat troops who aren't drafted from walking into a crossfire! If you don't have a gun, stay away from all the baddies that do you imbecile!
3. Temporarily prevent certain rooms from being used, forbid the door into armoury 2 until 1 is filled up.
4. Pathing, do your colonists always path through that certain rubble pile without really needing to? forbid it and get them to walk around.

I'm sure you smart people could think of more uses as well.
Ideas / randy random's cousin CHAOTIC CHRIS
November 13, 2013, 10:42:26 PM
Simple yet effective change of randy random to make CHAOTIC CHRIS

At the moment with the AI you get 1 event every X time. Where the event and timing are dependent on the AI storyteller chosen.
CHRIS would be based on randy's events with the following twist, instead of 1 event every X time. You get 0-3 events per time period.
Sometimes nothing happens, sometimes you get crashing pods, sometimes you get an eclipse hit right while raiders land. Or maybe you get a wave of raiders set upon by a horde of rampaging muffalo while you sit back and watch as food falls out of the sky on top of your stockpile....

Hi All

Not sure if this is the right place to put this discussion as its part commentary, part story, part bug report and part suggestion. If a mod feels like moving it then go nuts, but 'general' feels right.

My goal is currently to try and get to 100 colonists, this is to see what happens both performance wise and with gameplay for issues that don't appear until over 20 or so colonists. I'm currently at about 52 colonists
Firstly, here is my current Colony using Randy Random on version 250, i havn't updated to 254b as not much changed and restarting would set me back.

Currently i have over 100,000 credits, 10,000 food, 3,000 metal and random amounts of all the resources that aren't implemented yet.
I'm not trying to brag here, just paint a picture

My rig is about 3 years old but was built for games like Crysis at the time so was pretty top end at the time. Currently it seems to run perfectly fine until it rains, then it drops FPS for about 10 seconds until it stabilizes. Generally outside this I haven't had any game ruining performance issues so far. The memory cleanup that runs every so often, really appears to help improve and maintain the fps/performance!

Colonist Job Allocation:
Ok, so you would think that having 52 colonists would get lots done real quick? Actually the opposite has proven true. I've found that jobs i assign, such as mining constructing etc, takes absolutely ages to complete. And here's why. The colonist management system (I'm going to call it the CMS) assigns the closest available colonist to the job that's required. This means that if i pave a room that is 3x3 that's 9 construction jobs available. It will choose the closest 9 available colonists that dont have a job with a higher priority. the problem is that these colonists are everywhere all over the map. By the time the furthermost arrives to pave his 1 tile, the closest guy could have built the whole lot himself. this is even worse when mining. as each layer revealed draws a colonist from far away, while the miner standing right there wanders off to find something to do as the next tile has already been assigned to someone else. The CMS has clearly been designed with 3-15 colonists in mind. And it actually works really well. But at higher levels all your colonists do is spend the whole day walking from one end of the colony to another. The very worst example of this is if a fire breaks out. The closest firefighter runs over. As he is fighting it it spreads, the next closest colonist runs to get this 2nd tile. The first tile gets put out and then the first guy, job complete, leaves. Meanwhile while Mr2 is on his way the fire has spread to two more tiles that instantly get assigned to 2 more people even further away again. By the time they arrive, tile 2 has been put out but mr2 is now on fire standing in the fire of tile 3, a colonist even further away again is assigned to the guy on fire... rince repeat. This actually happened. I had a single fire on a battery from a short circuit, and despite 52 firefighters. I ended up having an entire room destroyed, 2 colonists in bed and 6 guys wounded. Currently my best solution is to have all jobs restricted to only 5 colonists with the exception of plant cutting cleaning and hauling. This however leads to part 3.

Idle colonists:
This is more frustrating than it seems. They just wander around aimlessly and cause multiple issues.
1. They run outside the base and trigger raiders early.
2. They wander into crappy areas such as corpses and dark mine shafts lowering loyalty for no purpose
3. I have no idea who is and isn't busy and if i need a specific person he's wandered off.
4. They don't add value.
My suggestion/solution is the room on the lower left corner of my colony. It's a recreational room, (complete with bar, billiard tables, arcade machines and a dukebox. Idle colonists need something like this so they can just stay happy and most importantly, out of the way. Additionally if this was in the center of the colony then if they are required for a job they could head there without being at the edge of the map.

Anyways that the main points for now. Things like no endgame-research have already been covered.

Thanks for reading,
Hopefully i can give another report when i hit 75 and 100 colonists

Happy Crash Landing....
Ideas / (Theoretical) Rimworld Research Tree
October 22, 2013, 08:44:43 AM
Hi Everyone,

Decided to have some fun and mock up a research tree based on some idea's already covered in the suggestions, a fair few baked up in my own cranium, as well as making some existing starting tech actually locked until researched.

The categories are based on the player skills with the exception of Hand to Hand which would need to be renamed 'Physical' for it to make sense.
This is by no means a comprehensive list, is horribly unbalanced, and some of the items listed would be extremely hard to implement in-game.

I forgot to add it in the Image but the Research Technologies are Tier 1 through Tier 6 from left to right. But you probably figured that out already...

I did introduce a mechanic to implement the endgame escape. But it's hard to come up with balanced cost values without having the game to play with (yet). And before you ask, YES it's deliberate that you need to build the ship component before researching the next part. I'm just hoping that the eventual end-game mechanic we end up getting is equally as difficult. I want escaping to be an exhilarating achievement, not just a destination.

Remember, if you have suggestions for the game. This is NOT the place for it. There are better threads for that such as the cheap idea's thread and other specific topic threads etc, it will make compiling suggestions a lot easier (for whoever is doing that).
This is just me having some fun with ideas (and not the social bot) and making them look pretty.
And its kind of a bit... big to put in another thread.

Feel free to comment.
Keep spreading the word for this awesome game!
And as always... Enjoy


Ideas / less suicidal AI
October 14, 2013, 07:34:50 PM
This isn't for the cheap ideas thread because it requires more than a simple change or addition due a rework to the AI

The idea is that raiders will be more cautious of confined or narrow area's with a high concentration of blood/bodies in the area.
This would cause them to circumnavigate death alleys and choke-points unless you are constantly cleaning up the bodies and blood (ie cleaning up the evidence of a trap).
Instead they would use grenades and fire to burn down walls to make alternate entry points.

This would only really effect late-game as there hasn't been enough blood spilled early on to become enough of a factor.

thoughts/suggestions appreciated.
Stories / We Crashed Here: Comic Series
October 10, 2013, 08:28:17 PM
Behold, my 1st We Crashed Here Comic Strip series.

Located Here:

A more interesting approach to Research (with Fiction)

The following is an idea about a more interesting approach to Research in Rimworld through the eyes of my four Fictional Colonists.
And here they are:

Tim – Was middle management in a carpet manufacturing company. Colour-blind. Assumes role of leader.
Susan - 19, Pretty, Pregnant. Was a part-time receptionist for a large beauty parlor. Doesn't do labor.
Colin – Plumber from an industrial aged world. Good with metal. Alcoholic
Bob – Retired, Overweight, Jolly.

I like to think about how a research scenario would likely play out in a Rimworld colony that’s trying to survive. Please enjoy my example :)

Colony of ‘We Crashed Here!’ Daily team meeting.

Tim (Colony Leader): “Well guys, we’re holding off the bandits pretty good now that our fourth turret is finally online. But we’re running out of food. We’re eating more than we grow and only have enough for three more weeks, even with last week’s rationing measures that we introduced.”
Susan: “I’m so hungry. Did I mention I’m pregnant?”
Colin: “Only every five minutes, you don’t even do anythi…”
Susan: “I told you! My back is sore.”
Tim: “Enough you two! Listen, Bob. You used to be a plant guy, can you think of something?”
Bob: “I did like two units of marine biology back at university over twenty years ago.”
Tim: “Close enough. Can you start working on it in the morning?”
Bob: “I was supposed to be fixing the solar panels that were damaged in the last attack.”
Tim: “Congrats Colin, you’re on panels. Bob, report to me as soon as you figure something out”
Colin: “but…”
Tim: “Or you can help me mine out the south tunnel.”
Colin: “Panels, got it.”
Tim: “Okay everyone, report in tomorrow morning. Susan, time for you to go have a nice friendly chat with our new guest in Cell Three.”

In-game, this is the player selecting ‘Bob’ and then sending him to the ‘Research Bench’. Now instead of selecting a pre-determined technology with a pre-determined time and outcome, we select a player skill based on our colonies need:
It could be Construction, Mining, even Research itself or Fighting. But in this case ‘Farming’.

What happens next?

Every amount of game-time,  the game will determine if a research event takes place. This could be from a minute to a game day depending on how well its balanced.

Event Outcome = (random number (0-99) + Research Skill + Field Skill - Field Difficulty)

This way the researcher’s skill/knowledge in the field matters equally as much as their actual ability to research.
Field difficulty starts at 0 and increments by 5 (possibly more or less depending on the number of technologies in the field) every time a new tech is unlocked in that field. This means you can potentially have an unlimited amount of research to do, it just gets more and more difficult as the field difficulty rises quicker than the skill gained from researching.


0 or less (Disaster)

Insert random research disaster event here, example:

<There is an almighty explosion>
<Moments later Colin is found dragging a blackened and barely conscious Bob out of the research lab as the other colonists rush over>
Susan (panicking): “OMG OMG is he okay?”
Tim: “Give him some space guys! Bob, Bob, What happened?”
Bob: “Urrnnggh…. I was experimenting with Boomrat blood and fertiliser. And Tim…”
Tim: “Yes Bob?”
Bob: “I think I burnt the carpet.”

In this case, the research bench and bob are both badly damaged. And all progress in the field is lost. Research skill increases.

1-19 (Minor Failure)

Insert random research minor failure event here, example:

<Large amounts of swearing starts coming from the lab>
<Tim pops his head in to investigate to find Bob madly swinging a broom at a rather dexterous squirrel>
Bob: “Out you damn vermin!”
Tim: “Bob, what’s going on?”
<Bob takes another swing and misses>
Bob: “I was grafting that weed that grows real fast with some potatoes. Turns out they don’t grow any faster but the damn squirrels go crazy for them.”
<Squirrel takes the last remaining sample and scoots out the door into the wilderness.>
<Bob sighs>
Bob: “Looks like I’m back to square one.”

In this case, some progress in the field is lost. Research skill increases.

20-79 (No Progress)

No event takes place and the colonist continues to research

Colony of ‘We Crashed Here!’ Daily team meeting.

Tim: So any news people?
Colin: “Panels fixed, paste dispenser needs topping up again though.”
Tim: “Foods getting lower, and progress Bob?”
Bob: “Not yet, fiddling around with some new fertilisers, it takes time to grow stuff to test you know!”
Tim: “Fair enough, Colin I’ll get you to help me placing the new det-chargers today. Other than that, see you all tomorrow.”

80-99 (Minor Breakthrough)

A portion of a technology is unlocked, no in-game event takes place though

Colony of ‘We Crashed Here!’ Daily team meeting.

Tim: “So Susan, how's our new guest?”
Susan: “Hungry like the rest of us, hard to sweet talk someone your also starving. He's cute though with all those tatts.”
Tim: “Keep it up, we need all the help we can get, just remember who's recruiting who... How bout you Bob? Progress?
Bob: “Yeah, kind of getting my head around this blight issue. I’m going to test some new samples tomorrow to see if I can infuse the potatoes with some resistance to it. We might not lose the whole lot every time. I’ll come get you when I’ve got the results.”
Tim: “Excellent work, can’t wait.”
Colin: “And Me?”
Tim: “Those bodies out there are starting to smell. Grab a shovel.”

Progress increased by 1. Research skill increases.

100-110 (Breakthrough or after enough Minor Breakthroughs)

A new random technology in that field is unlocked and the field difficulty is increased by one.

<Tim looks up from the landmine hole he has just dug to see Bob lumber over as fast as the old man can move.>
Bob: “Tim I think I have something, come have a look.”
<The two walk over to the lab where a foul smelling tan liquid cools in a glass jar next to an assortment of half decomposed potatoes, a metal box and a spraying bottle.>
Tim: “Eeeewww, what is that smell…”
Bob: “Our salvation!”
Tim: “Please don’t tell me we have to drink that, I’d rather starve.”
Bob: “Oh heck no, I figured out that the blight isn’t a disease. Its bacteria.
Tim: “Um, and is that what’s in the jar?”
Bob: “No, the planet is laced with a highly aggressive bacteria that targets certain plant strains and basically rots them while they’re still growing. However there must be some sort of exotic particle or radiation emitted by the local star that inhibits this aggressive behaviour for a few hours.
Tim: “Which isn’t around during an eclipse season.”
Bob (beaming with pride): “Exactly!
Tim: “So what’s with the goop?”
Bob: “Oh, Its curdled Muffalo milk blended with local mushrooms and Muffalo droppings, diluted with water so you can spray it on the crops. Basically its blight specific weed-n- feed. Here, watch.
<Bob takes out 2 new potatoes and places them on the lab bench. One he sprays with the tan liquid. He then opens a metal box and pulls out an eye dropper with a pink fluid in it. He points at it>
Bob: “Concentrated Bacteria I kept in a lead box to make them aggravated”
<Bob squeezes a single drop on the unprotected potato and within a minute all that remains is a small brown lump of muck. He then squeezes a second drop onto the sprayed one, a minute later a thumb shaped hole had appeared.>
Bob: “There not immune, but we should at least have some left to eat if we get hit. And we can start using it straight away.”
Tim: “Excellent work Bob, you get a pay rise.”
Bob: “You mean breakfast in bed?”
Tim: “Bed no, breakfast yes.”

In this case, the colony unlocked Blight resistance. Research skill increases. Yay! Now get back to work.

111+ (Major Breakthrough)

A new random technology in that field is unlocked (possibly before its required tech is unlocked) and the field difficulty is increased by one.

<There is an almighty explosion, followed by cackling laughter>
<The colonists run into the lab to see Bob lying on the floor covered from head to toe in a purple and red slimy mess that covers everything. Bits of fur and bone can be seen here and there, he is laughing hysterically.>
Susan: “I think he’s cracked.”
Colin: “Susan, for once, I agree with you.”
Bob: “I’m ok, here, someone help me up.”
<Tim and Colin help Bob up covering their own hands in the purple mess in the process.>
Bob: “Thanks, and now for my next trick…”
<Bob scrapes some slime off his shoulder, puts it in his mouth and starts chewing.>
Bob: “Mmmmmmm”
Tim: “What are you doing? Is that Safe? What even is it?”
Bob: “You know how I bought those raspberries from the last trader. Well I mixed one with some Boomrat blood and got a sweet, high protein, edible, jam like substance. Turns out their blood is so rich with sugar and nitrates which is why its so… energetic when excited. So I captured a whole heap with the idea to harvest the blood. Unfortunately they all broke out of the cage, ate the raspberries and took off.”
<Another explosion can be heard in the distance.>
Bob: “I only managed to re-capture one. Which I’m currently wearing. I like to call it, BoomBerry Jam (Patent Pending).”
<Everyone laughs>
<Another Explosion>
Colin: “You realise that those rats will spread raspberry seeds everywhere in those jam-splosions.”
Tim: “Which will grow and get eaten by more rats...”
Bob: “We're going to drown in jam within the month!”
<Susan's normally straight composure cracks as the starving expectant mother kneels down and starts shovelling BoomBerry Jam into her mouth.
Susan: “Thish ish shoooow mush better than pashte”
<Everyone laughs and starts eating, and for the first time since the crash, everyone is happy AND full.>

BoomBerry technology unlocked.
Research skill increases.

The Math

Lets use our current example of our Retiree Bob, tasked with farming research. He's no scientist, but has learned a thing or two in his time, so we'll give him a research skill of 6. And as mentioned in the intro, he's their farmer and studied marine biology so we'll give him a farming skill of 9.
This gives him a +15 to his roll.

Assuming no other technologies were researched in farming he would have the following chances:
  • Minor Failure – 4%
  • Minor Breakthrough – 19%
  • Breakthrough – 10%
  • Major Breakthrough – 3%

However, With the same skill, if they had already discovered 4 other technologies in that field, it would be:
  • Disaster – 5%
  • Minor Failure – 19%
  • Minor Breakthrough – 14%
Gee I hope I got the math right...

Randomly Selected Technologies
When a new technology is successfully researched in a field, the game will select a tech based on what's available in that skill field. This can be applied to any Technology Tree model:
single – A list of single unlinked technologies (current model)
linear – skill A leads to B leads to C, can be multiple lines.
branching – tree model, lots of different skills with inter-linked dependencies.
Stacking – Each technology can be researched multiple times each one adding to the original effect.
Any combo of above.
It may be wise to add weight to constantly missed available technologies, but I like the idea of the randomness.


  • It adds some randomness but still allows you to specify the area you wish to research.
  • No timers, its either being researched or discovered
  • Can be applied to any technology tree model:
  • Colonist research tag team. Want to research mining, use your miner to research it for best results.
  • More interesting. Will your scientist develop a new long range turret, or shoot himself in the foot?
  • Hidden technology, what will your colonists discover this play through?
  • Modularity, add or remove technologies without affecting the interface. As its hidden until discovered.


  • Possible player frustration at not being able to select a specific technology
  • Players not knowing what's available because its hidden
  • More work to develop.

If nothing else, I hope you have enjoyed the snippets of story to enhance the idea's. Feel free to let me know what you think of the rough concept and how research doesn't have to be a linear means to an end. It can be its own story.

I also would have organised my thoughts a bit better but my three enraged squirrels need to be fed.

Until Next time
Happy barely-surviving all you Rimworld Colonists!

And yes my first Colony will be called “We Crashed Here”