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General Discussion / Kickstarter Update #7
October 29, 2013, 01:42:42 PM
New developments and release timing

Passing 190k, on the way to 200 - it's been pretty shockingly awesome over here watching all this happen. All I can say is thank you!

After the Kickstarter closes, the new hub for RimWorld will be

Release date

So I want to get the game to you guys as fast as possible. However, unfortunately business concerns are getting in the way.

I emailed Kickstarter about timing, and they told me I won't get a full backer report from them until the full two weeks after the project ends!

I was a bit surprised. I knew that they took two weeks to actually transfer the money, but I thought I could get a backer list sooner than that, since they charge most cards earlier. This was a poor and wrong assumption on my part; I should have checked before. Sorry.

What this means for you is that you probably won't get the game until mid-November. I'll be looking at ways to get this bad boy out ASAP but that's the date for now.

The good news is that this means I'll be able to pump up the first public build more for you guys. I'm hoping to have you cooking and eating any creature that walks, from squirrel to muffalo and beyond, as well as storing things in proper stockpiles.

Creative rewards system and guidelines 

I've contracted a Web wizard under the name Hypolite (some of you know him from the forums) to create a system that accepts creative rewards content online. This system should be up by mid-November.

The creative rewards guidelines have also seen some rewriting and updating in light of comments and the content people have been putting in early. If you're a creative rewards backer I recommend looking them over and making sure your idea fits. Remember - to keep the game clean for everyone, we're setting a pretty high standard for player content, so we'll have to reject any submissions that don't fit the guidelines.

There's also a forum for discussing creative rewards. If you're not sure about your idea, or have other questions, please post there.

I've also put out a call for volunteer creative rewards moderators. If you'd like to help keep the game content consistent please apply!

New developments

Work on the game continues apace, supported by bug reports from our heroic testers, play videos from YouTube, and suggestions for our ever-creative Ludeon forumgoers. These are some of the changes to the testing version over the last few weeks (forum thread):

You can now prioritize colonists’ tasks individually.
Charged batteries now explode while burning.
Some electrical devices now short-circuit and cause fires if left out in the rain while running.
Levels now cap at 20 (as designed).
Power connectors report power net status.
You can now dump meals in dumping areas.
You can now click on names in the overview to center on the colonist.
Overview now displays health of wounded colonists.
Hid the trait system for now to avoid confusion (since traits do nothing).
All weapons now have unique graphics.
Rewrote storage square management system to use the generalized work reservation manager. • Added map size adjustment in an advanced menu at game start.
Fast-forwarding is disabled during combat where you are under attack.
Added max selection size and max drag designate size.
Added raiders: sniper squad and mercenary squad.
Balanced down hydroponics growth rate.
Split shooting accuracy breakdown into misses due to equipment and misses due to skill.
Rebalanced shooting and melee to make skill more important. • Drafted colonists no longer interrupt when melee attacked.
Traders are now rarer but carry more goods.
Dump sites no longer default to accepting humanoid corpses. Graves no longer default to accepting animal carcasses.
Smoothed out and softened how AI Storytellers handle colony population.
Colonists now gain bad thoughts from sleeping outside.
Added skills (which do nothing yet): cooking, medicine, artistic, crafting
Added work tags (most of which do nothing yet): Firefighting, scary, artistic, cooking
Added credits screen.
Replaced all non-commercial free sounds and attributed those under attribution licenses.
Various bugfixes, balance adjustments and optimizations.
Not many people have played this one yet, but there are already fun stories appearing. One fellow got attacked by snipers and withdrew inside his base to confront them at close range. One of his colonists used Molotov cocktails indoors, igniting the base and one of the snipers. The sniper ran burning down a hallway into a nearby room containing three unarmed non-combant colonists, who proceeded to beat him to death.

Hot hot hot wiki!

Thanks to wiki pro volunteers British, AcDie, and enystrom8743, the RimWorld Wiki at is developing nicely - you should check it out!


I invite you all to come chill on IRC (on server, channel #rimworld) . I'm there most days, chatting inanely and sometimes unprofessionally.


Cheers all, and thanks again.

once the campaign frenzy and digital dust has settled, what are you looking forward to most, in regards to RW's development - im not sure you want to divulge your personal comings and goings... :p

has there been one or two vocal elements, or consistent themes/feedback you've received from testers/youtubers/forum members?
General Discussion / Development methodology
October 23, 2013, 11:39:40 AM
im sure you address this in more detail in your book, but in general, how would you characterize your development methodology? specifically in regards to RW, do you intend to have rapid development cycles (weekly builds), with smaller internal groups used for testing, with those builds then being released publicly...

or do you prefer having more time between builds, allowing for more folks to participate between releases?
General Discussion / Questions about the enemy AI
October 18, 2013, 01:40:05 PM
so... will our enemies:

  • take the shortest path to gain entrance to a settlement, eg. walking towards fortified defenses (shorter path) as opposed to taking a more indirect (longer path) but safer route?
  • steal exposed, but not collected, resources?
  • sabotage outlying power supplies / exposed power conduits, eg. geothermal station established far outside the settlement?
  • turn on one another as a result of friendly fire?