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Mods / [Request, mod update] Cold Desert Nights
January 17, 2020, 04:37:05 AM
This long lost mod from Taryn Winterblade deserves to be updated to 1.0. It allows the player to, on the fly, change the temperature, weather weight, stop rain and change temperature difference between night and day in a way I have not seen any other mod do. It does all this with an ingame option page with numerical boxes. Very handy and easy to use.

It's a wonderful thing to play a world with extremely cold winters and extremely hot summers. I know there are ways to do this but no other mods allow the degree of control CDN offered.

I've tried to look at the code to update it myself but I have close to zero modding experience and I failed. From what little I can see it doesn't seem like it's too complicated to update since the functions it changes seem to be largely unchanged. But of course I might be completely wrong there given my lack of knowledge.

The mod is under the MIT license.

I'd greatly appreciate it if someone with modding experience could at least take a look at the mod and see if it's feasible to update.
Mods / Loading time with mods
November 21, 2018, 07:34:28 AM
As anyone who has played modded Rimworld knows the load time when using many different mods can be quite brutal (I've heard of load times of close to 30 minutes and have had load times of over 10 minutes). To be clear I'm talking about the load time from when you start the game until you get to the menu, not load time of a save. But I've never really grasped exactly what causes this and how, so I have a few questions:

1. Which mod types are the "lightest" vs the "heaviest" when it comes to this loading time? Are utility mods like Better Pawn Control or sidearms lighter than item/faction mods? Is it the other way around? No difference?
2. How does Steam workshop mods compare to non-steam mods in this situation? Identical? Slower? Faster (I highly doubt that)?
3. Are these super long load times the cause of mod incompatibility/errors or is it just a causal effect of the game having to load up (patch?) all the changes?
4. Any ways to improve the load times?
5. Bonus question: what's your load time and how many mods are you running (approx.)?

This is more of a theoretical discussion and an attempt to understand the workings rather than an attempt to solve a problem, I don't mind a "long" load time in a game where I usually spend several hours when I actually have the time to play.
Mods / [Mod request]Control over world/map temperature
January 08, 2018, 09:12:50 AM
In A17 there was (or rather is, it's available on the workshop) a mod that's called Cold Desert Nights by Taryn Winterblade that allows you to control world/map temperature settings. You can increase or decrease the temperature for a particular biome's night and day, change the temperature gradient etc.

I very much miss this mod in B18 as I loved playing a very warm/very cold biome depending on the current season.
This is an aspect of rimworld customization that seem lacking in the currently available B 18 mods. I would be very happy to see a rewrite (or even a straight update, if licenses allow) of the mod or a similar mod.

Ps: I'm aware of the option in the vanilla game with regards to the overall temperature. That's not what I'm after, just to clarify.

EDIT: The author of the mod has announced that he has little time to update the mod in the foreseeable future and that it is under the MIT license.