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Posting this in general, as it is unclear if this was a mistake or intended.

Pirate factions this alpha were dropped from spacer tech to industrial, disallowing them from using drop pods to arrive on the map.

Edge drop pods being removed does't have much affect on the raid, but pirates no longer being able to centre drop into your base seems a significant change.  :(

Does anyone have any info about this being intended or not?
Ideas / Please remove human pawns eating corpses.
July 20, 2016, 06:38:16 AM
I just had my first experience with this. I fail to spot a colonist walking off to take a bite out of a raider that was not yet dead the last time I looked.

Result = total of -40 mood, then they promptly went berserk. I promptly quit the game.

This 'feature' does nothing but force even more micromanagement when you are short of food.

Either allow us to set a minimum quality of meal for colonists and animals, or remove this rage inducing 'feature'.  :-\
LabradorRetriever37940 started 10 jobs in one tick. thinkResult=(job=Mine A=Thing_Wall38097 sourceNode=Verse.AI.JobGiver_ExitMapBest) lastJobGiver=Verse.AI.JobGiver_ExitMapBest

With the only door to the outside forbidden, my pet dog seems to want to mine his way to the map edge. Causes a significant game pause every few seconds.

Edit: Seems I got another 10 jobs in one tick error. This time 2 pawns trying to use the nutrient paste dispenser, with no food in its hoppers.

[attachment deleted by admin - too old]
After seeing the infestation spawn in the middle of a living area once again, I took a quick look at what the game was using to place the hives.

InfestationCellFinder has the line:
float num4 = Mathf.Clamp(-Find.GlowGrid.GameGlowAt(cell), 0.25f, 1f);

which led me to believe that spawn location is affected by lighting. But using the debug tool to show ant spawn location 'score' and placing lamps or sunlamps did not seem to make any changes.

Find.GlowGrid.GameGlowAt(cell) seems to always return a positive value between zero and one. But it is a negative here? So Mathf.Clamp will always return the min of 0.25 whatever the light level?

I would assume that it is intended to be 1 minus Find.GlowGrid.GameGlowAt(cell), making the spawn score much higher in unlit areas.

This was an issue in alpha 12, and looks like it has continued to 13.

What happens, is that the warden walks up to the prisoner to make their 5 chats and ask to join attempt.. but then immediately gives up when they start to talk. This also seems to count as their attempt recruit check, stopping them attempting again immediately. This results in prisoners never getting talked to, and sometimes going berzerk.

This appears to happen when the prisoner is standing diagonally adjacent to the door. The warden walks up to them and stands IN the doorway, and then walks away. This also happens if you have their bed in the same location, with the head of the bed diagonally adjacent to the door while the prisoner is resting in it. If the prisoner is horizontally adjacent, they seem to attempt to recruit as normal.
Unfinished / [WIP] Britnoth's experiments thus far
December 16, 2015, 12:42:37 PM
Updating for alpha 14 alpha 15 alpha 16 alpha 17 beta 18 beta 19

Hunting Alert and Slower Infestation are now vanilla! Hurray! ::)

New Zone Tools: Chequer pattern cancel, uniform grow zone, cut blighted plants and replace existing wall tools.

Patient Sanity: Fixes colonist AI so they actually stay in bed when needing treated.
Added emergency flag to rescue and non critical doctoring, including even feeding now that even minor malnutrition can combine with other issues to prove fatal.
Rescue is higher than treatment so that doctors can prioritise what patient to treat first properly.
Swapped doctoring and patient priority in the work tab so that doctors do not go to bed and wait until someone else treats them instead of treating others first.
Pawns will go to rest whenever they need any form of treatment, as long as the patient work type is ticked.
Needing any treatment is now classed as an emergency, so they should not wander off changing their clothes, eating, or sitting alone at a table 'socialising' for several hours before they do so.

Friendlier Breaks: A mod to make the mental breaks a bit more reasonable.
Berserk pawns will no longer be hostile to their own faction.
Slaughterers will not target any pet trained in obedience.
Other breaks require a specific trait to be valid:
Kind for jailbreaks. Bloodlust for murderous rages. Nudist for wildman. Brawler for sadistic rage (prisoners).
Psychopath for corpse obsession, Ascetic for tantrum (valuable item) and Greedy for bedroom tantrum.
B19: Drastically reduced the chance of the give up and leave break.

WorkFlex: Replaces the main colonist behaviour core with an additional higher priority work check limited to just 12 tiles away.
A pawn allowed to both haul and clean, will clean dirt closer than 12 tiles away before going to haul a chunk from across the map, for example.
WorkFlex is now restricted from researching, smelting or stonecutting in an effort to avoid work-locking into long term tasks.
B19: Now restricted from 'scanning', sowing and harvesting work.

######## Not updated for now:

Pandora Dark: A sister storyteller to Cassandra Classic, but with greatly increasing raid sizes.

This beta did finally overhaul the raid size scaling - giving real point increases for having a large population (after a year of being told it was always like this, yeah...). The new difficulty levels also have much higher point multipliers, so Pandora will probably need extensive changes.

[attachment deleted due to age]
Bugs / Tamed animals do not nuzzle colonists (+ fix).
October 27, 2015, 11:50:17 AM
Circumstances: Every game with pets.

What happened: Pets never nuzzle the colonists.

What you expected to happen: They nuzzle colonists giving them a mood boost.

How we can reproduce the bug:

The class jobgiver_nuzzle has the line

where p.RaceProps.Humanlike && p.SpawnedInWorld && p.Position.InHorDistOf(pawn.Position, 15f) && pawn.GetRoom() == p.GetRoom() && !p.Position.IsForbidden(pawn) && !pawn.CasualInterruptibleNow()

!pawn.CasualInterruptibleNow() appears to mean it only checks for a pawn to nuzzle that is NOT in a position to be interrupted (and therefore nuzzled)?

Changing this to pawn.CasualInterruptibleNow() allows pets to nuzzle colonists as often as it seems intended.
Bugs / Melee attack speeds are all the same.
September 28, 2015, 11:25:37 AM
Circumstances: Every game.

What happened: Very slow weapons like clubs appear to attack at the same speed as faster weapons.

What you expected to happen: Slow weapons that attack... slowly.

How we can reproduce the bug:

Have someone with a fast weapon (the starting plasteel knife is the fastest) melee attacking someone with a slow weapon (say a stone club).

Plasteel Knife: 1.33 second cooldown.

Stone clubs: 3.65 second cooldown.

Watching them trade blows, it appears to be that when a pawn is the recipient of a melee attack, their cooldown is reset to a very low (sub 1 second?) time. This results in pawns with very slow weapons having their cooldown reduced to match the speed of the person they are trading blows with. Effectively making the slower weapons have no drawback at all in combat.