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General Discussion / Maze Defense - Death March
November 22, 2013, 10:00:48 AM
Time is not on your side, raiders (figure 1).

One way in, no way out (figure 2).

PS: Turrets? Explosive charges? M-24s? what are you talking about? : p

Figure 1

Figure 2
Bugs / [X|v.254b] Odd Pathing Choice
November 17, 2013, 06:34:49 AM
Colonist choose to move on 'slower tiles'. Possible minor algorithm mistake?

They are moving on debris rather than paved road, one tile south of them.
Ideas / [Suggestions][0.254b] a little bit tweak
November 11, 2013, 05:43:01 PM
(game version 0.254b)

1. Allowing x2, x3 game speed during battle.
One of the good features in 0.254b is that the game speed return to 1x, so we can direct the fight better. I just have only two things to point out.
first, the game speed cannot be changed during battle, it is forbidden. Sometime it is better to fast forward some combat if the out come is clear, such us fighting a mad squirrel. Do we really need to watch the slow motion every time?
second, game speed is still fixed at 1x after the battle for a few second (5 sec). Maybe it is just me, but once out of battle, I always have a lot of repair, hauling, firefighting want to be done fast. Slow motion does not help.

2. Focus fire by a group of colonists back
This feature was in previous build (I remember it was in 0.232). Player can select several colonists and right click on an enemy to focus fire, but now it is replaced by a 'move' order. Considering the accuracy of my shooters, I think focus fire is a more effective way to eliminate a specific target rather than spread my fire power randomly to all enemies.
It would be much easier if we got the old feature back.
General Discussion / Kill Zone, Free of Rider now
November 07, 2013, 07:57:08 AM
This idea is self-explaining enough. Who need guns, since we have mines.

Time to die, Riders.

(Game Version 0.0.232)

How to find out
1) is there a geyser in the mountain in your random map? and
2) where is it?

Easy, use your pave floor ability. I prefer 'Smooth Stone'.
Drag your 'Smooth Stone' in the mountain area the same way you mark your 'Home Area'.
If you can find place showing in the following figure, then congratulations, you have a secured power supply. : D
(It can also be used in locating 'New Area' in the mountain. )
(Game version 0.232)

Suggestions to improve the Overview UI:
1. Add an 'Equiped Item' column to the Overview.
When having 10+ colonists, it is very hard to find who don't even have a pistol when raiders are coming, or who can upgrade his/her weapon to M-16 from a pistol.
In a Randy Random game, I ended up with 50+ colonists. Finding out who has/who doesn't is a very hard job.

2. To be able to select colonist from Overview UI
The second part in solving the problem stated in 'suggestion 1'.
Instead of knowing the name of the colonist that player are looking for. To be able to find him/her right away is much better.

3. Add more item slots to colonist, in future.
Instead of just weapons, colonist can also use some cloth (increase defense), transports (increase moving speed and capacity of carrying).
Instead of just weapons, colonist can use some tools (pickax for mining, hammer for construction). However, the simplified system used by the current build is fine too.

Some AI improvements needed.
4. Let colonist 'prioritize hauling' nearby stuff before returning to base
Colonist will do 'mining'/'cutting plant' and 'hauling' separately. To make colonists work more efficient, player has to manually control each colonist to 'prioritize hauling metal' before they returning to base (have a meal, take a nap).

5. Colonist can eat raw food stockpiled in the storage, during a blackout
Colonist will starve during a blackout in the meantime food are stockpiled in the storage. The thing that colonist AI can only find/eat raw food on the ground when pasta machine is offline, is not very realistic.

6. Mad animal is also blinded?
The event statement says mad animal will attack anyone it can see is not true. They just rush from miles away to attack the first colonist it can see, ignoring all the other animals on the planet.

7. 'Hand-to-hand' is needed?
In my opinion, 'Hand-to-hand' attribute is not useful, I feel sad for colonist have a very high rating of it (for example, Assassin). Since we are not in Iron Age anymore, except for a few cases such as fighting a single mad squirrel, or fending off the first wave of a single raider, sending out a colonist to melee is almost equal to let him die.