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As amazing as the RimWorld standard soundtrack is, I'm sure I'm far from the only one who's found it to start to get a bit repetitive as your cumulative playtime starts reaching into the quadruple digits in hours.

I've recently been thinking a lot about this, and also about new ways to make expanding with new colonies into different biomes more appealing. These two lines of thought converged in my mind to make me wonder how hard it would be to create a biome-sensitive music mod, which expands on RimWorld's soundtrack with more context-sensitive songs configured to only play when micromanaging a colony in a specific biome. After reading up a bit on the SongDef element syntax, I came to the conclusion that this would actually be trivial, if an additional qualifying child element, allowedBiomes, could be supported by the game.

The SongDef element already supports a qualifying child element allowedSeasons. The idea for allowedBiomes is essentially the same, except it would contain a list of biome references for biomes the song is allowed to play in.

This seems to an uninitiated observer like an addition with a very high potentiality-to-effort ratio. This simple change would make it very easy to make a mod that significantly expands on Rimworld's soundtrack in a far more context-sensitive way than has before been easily achievable.
[Alpha 16 unstable build]

Someone else already brought up the chaos that ensues when you try to prepare a caravan with just a single pawn but a lot of goods, causing animals and the pawns in question to starve themselves and/or eventually collapse from exhaustion because the caravan preparation is simply taking too long (and all assigned caravan pawns and animals ignore all other activities during the preparation).

I just noticed another problem that is exacerbating the problem: namely, your haulers. You'd think during caravan preparation they'd be nice chaps and actually help load your muffalo, right? Well, wrong. They do the exact opposite, instead unloading stuff from the pack muffalo your diligent caravaneer is trying to load, bringing everything back to their stockpiles.

I seems like a good way to fix both these issues, although I've no idea how hard it would be to implement, would be to make the game consider the pack animal itself a stockpile for the items it should carry, of even higher priority than "critical". That way haulers would actually help caravaneers to load the pack animals instead of undermining their efforts.

Another thing I noticed is that it can make a huge difference in preparation time where your pack animal decides to park itself for loading during preparation. If your muffalo decides to park right in your stockpile preparation will be done in no time, whereas if stops on the other side of your colony, your caravan will be doomed before it even has a chance to depart because loading will take forever. A workaround for this would of course be to simply move your stockpile to the muffalo, but it seems like a better solution would be to let the player designate a pack animal loading spot, in the same way we can currently designate a marriage or party spot.
Not sure if this is intended, but it seems weird: Bringing along any animals, pack animals or otherwise, in a caravan has no impact on how long the food supply will last, implying that any animals in the caravan simply won't eat anything at all.

Also, similarly not sure if intended or not, but tame alpacas, while they can be brought along on the caravan, don't increase the caravan capacity like muffalos do. It seems like it should be possible to use alpacas as pack animals, considering they are often used that way IRL.
Apparently Alpha 16 has made it possible to create separate crafting bills for specific stone block types, which is wonderful. The most powerful assignment type, "Do until you have X", for these bills doesn't seem to work as intended, however, since a bill for a specific stone block type is considered fulfilled once you have X of *any* stone blocks, not just of the specified type. Ideally, a bill to "Do until you have 50" marble blocks should only be considered fulfilled once you have 50 marble blocks in your stockpiles, not a total of 50 stone blocks of any kind.
Help / SharpDevelop setup for modding
July 25, 2016, 12:21:20 PM
I tried to set up SharpDevelop for RimWorld modding in order to compile Colony Manager (, in accordance with the instructions at

After an error message when trying to open the .sln file about missing build tools I installed msbuild 2015, which caused the error to go away, but now SharpDevelop chokes on the numerous lambda expressions in the source code, leading me to believe it is trying to compile with an outdated version. To be specific, I get CS1519 (invalid token) errors whenever the => operator appears in the source code. I've tried and failed to find help online, so now turning to the forums. Has anyone had better luck setting up SharpDevelop to compile any project that uses lambda expressions?