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Releases / [1.1] Antaios's Mods - Table Diner + Mod Medicine Patch
« on: June 07, 2017, 12:07:52 AM »
Antaios's Mods

To the Point:
TableDiner Releases
TableDiner_Simple Releases
Mod Medicine Patch Releases
B18 Mod Medicine Pharmacist Patch Releases

Steam workshop

I've also updated Skullywag's BetterCoolers and BetterVents mods to 1.1
BetterCoolers Releases
BetterVents Releases
I also added a harmony patch to BetterCoolers and BetterVents to enable modded wall support.

Table Diner:
- Adds a mod menu which lets you set the default table search radius to whatever you want.
- Adds a slider to tables, to set specific search radii on a per-table basis.
- Adds a slider to pawns (see the Needs tab), to set specific search radii on a per-pawn basis.
- Pawns will only use a table if it is closer than the default, table specific setting, and the pawn's setting.
- Adds a circular halo to tables & pawns when they're selected so you can see the radius ingame.
- Includes Modsync RW and Mod Manager support

Should work fine with most food mods, let me know if it doesn't!
The mod doesn't work on foods that have a non-default search radius by default, but there is an option to override.

The simple version is an xml patch that changes some values so that pawns now search 60 tiles instead of 32 for a table to eat at.

TableDiner Releases
TableDiner_Simple Releases

A patch to enable modded medicine options in the pawn health tab.

What's It Do?
If you have a mod installed which adds it's own custom medicines, such as Vegetable Garden, This patch adds them as an option in the medical treatment section of the health tab.
- Includes Modsync RW and Mod Manager support

Known Issues
-As a side effect of adding all modded medicines to the health tab, the icons can get tiny when using too many extra medicines.
    However, at up to 15 extra medicines, the icons won't get any smaller than half the size of the originals.

If you use Fluffy's Pharmacist mod, Make sure to reset Pharmacist settings to vanilla medicines before removing this patch from a savegame!

Mod Medicine Patch Releases

Needed for B18 Pharmacist compatibility:
Pharmacist Patch Releases

BetterCoolers and BetterVents are Skullywag's mods, not mine.

For my mods,
Go nuts, It doesn't bother me.
I'd love to hear if anyone does anything though!

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