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Support / RE: Australian
March 15, 2022, 05:34:26 PM
So i bought rimworld on steam right? a long ass time ago, back in alpha sometime, now.  i find i cant even view the store page on steam regardless of my current ownership. How can i get the NEXT DLC when it comes out? is there a way to transfer my steam key into a direct copy from ludeon? or some other way i can keep up to date regardless of my nanny gov?

A brief look around didnt net me much in the way of answers, and im hoping for a bit more then "we're working on it" as aus gov isnt exactly knowing when enough is enough and i suspect this will escalate to them demanding digital copies being removed.
Ideas / "Curing" bed ridden crushed pelvis
February 20, 2017, 07:09:46 PM
Was thinking back to a story in the story section, and my own fruitless attempts to save a bed ridden colonist when i thought... hey, how about a wheelchair? That gets them out and about again and honestly i just feel bad that a pawn with a crushed pelvis is either doomed a merciful death or to a single room for the rest of their lives.

A wheelchair could let them do reasonable tasks like research but not hauling maybe?
I dunno, i must be one of the few merciful players here as i try to give anyone in my colony a good life haha
Stories / Awaiting orders... Orders received...RIP
September 13, 2016, 07:30:34 AM
Decided I'd share a story run through with a touch of roleplay.

Personal Log: 1-1-1

Fire, Screams... death... then a face... drags me out of my Crytocasket and whisks me into an escape pod... I don't know what happened and i don't think any of us will... the stars don't look familiar at all so I can't even tell what the date is... If I don't get rescued, Know that I am Captain Lyn Chase of the Ascendant Order, Serial: cpt-158-a76-1.

The only other survivors of my vessel were Ms. Kaori Yates, Civilian passenger- now conscripted.

And the bounty hunter "Luminous"... assigned to me by command for the purpose of rehabilitation... progress was slow, given my short time spent outside of cryo.

It looks like we landed near an ancient town, well and truly beyond repair, but the husks we can re purpose for now, I've asked Ms. Yates to figure out a simple home for us to live in until we can gather our bearings, though her idea of simple and mine seem to be quite.... different... -Shouting in distance, too distant to make out-

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do here... -sigh- My mission was to return to the homeworld and report in, I was a Naval Officer! I was never trained for occupation, so I set an SOS bouy, hopefully, command finds us.. End recording
-Recording ends-

Personal Log: 2-1-1

Yesterday, a little after I made my Log I decided to go scout the surrounding area... I found a structure near the coast, It was the only building here made of metal, the rest are ancient brickwork, but something about it felt... off...

I couldn't figure out why but i know we had best avoid that place. I ended up speaking to Ms. Yates about it, it was good getting it off my chest like that, she may be a bit hard to look at, but she certainly knows how to hold a conversation, I wish "Luminious" would do the same.
Though it seems she's taking to this world like a solider to his gun, apparently a wild boar got territorial and hunted her down. It's corpse was all the proof i needed. I Should look into cutting that up, be a shame to waste its meat.

I nearly bit both their heads off though, they didn't even begin working on the structure yesterday! said "It is more important to gather the materials first."
my ass, they just want to camp a little under the stars. I might have to start showing some military discipline to these two soon, if they had not have started the building today, I just might have done it already... I'm really lost out here... I'm used to commanding a ship of well trained and disciplined soldiers! not... this... dammit I... -exasperated exhaling, a loud thunk-

...end the damn recording.

-Recording Ends-

Personal Log: 3-1-1
Food Supplies are starting to run low, but the home is coming along quite nicely, to think I doubted Ms Yates! "Luminious" has been a good helper for her, they seem to be getting along much better now.

Though I'm pretty sure I saw someone else on the horizon today... not sure how I feel about that... Might take another look around and plan out some defenses.
Ms. Yates also approached me earlier, decided that since we were going to be here a while, that maybe we should give this place a name... I'm not so sure about that myself, but I decided to humor her, Shuttle Shores. Seems good to us, but Ms LeBlanc said she didn't care either way.
-a voice in the distance shouts "I STILL DON'T"-

... anyway... -clears throat- ..I decided I'd train up Ms Yate's dog Kay today... I can't believe I didn't notice it earlier! I must have been really dazed from the crash, apparently he's always been shy but a little military discipline got him coming on command!
Speaking of the crash... how did that happen? I might talk with the others about it tonight.
End recording.
-Recording Ends-

Personal Log: 6-1-1

A cargo pod fell out of orbit today, I don't think it was one of mine, Just a bit of gold inside... Might as well bring it in... Construction of the house is nearly completed, and not a moment too soon, I think we all need a bit of comfort.
Do I have to say it every damn time?... -talking in background- How do I do that?... -talking in background- No this is civilian tech I wrote a journal back on my ship. -laughter- OH SHU-
-Recording ends.Personal Log: 8-1-1

House is completed and power has been installed! It's a welcome breath of civilization out here and just time too, Luminous had a bad time out hunting, a bunch of boars decided to get her back for hunting them, she killed the first no problem but it's mate closed too much distance.
she managed to wrestle it and get clean shot to end it, but she was pretty banged up... I sent her to bed and had Ms.Yates patch her up...

lets hope nothing goes much worse then that.

Personal Log: 10-1-1

Decided to only do these when i have something to say, trying to do them daily is just... not possible, I- wait.... what is... Hey you two you see that?... -talking in background-

OH SON OF A... Two armed people have made their way here, seem to be planning something, looks like they are taking up tactical positions. No doubt about it, it's an attack.
Will report after the battle... if able..
-Recording end-

Personal Log: 10-1-1
Battle went well, The ruins nearby provide the perfect pace for a firefight.
Luminous holds up to her reputation, she killed one with just a pistol! and before he even got a shot off, while ms Yates kept covering fire with her survival rifle.

I stayed back with Yates and gave her pointers on how to use the gun, she seems like a quick learner, could have made a decent soldier.

Whole thing went quite well, not a single injury!.. until after the fight, Kay had dived upon the last raider and killed her, made her drop a grenade, none of us realized she had already pulled the pin.. He's recovering now... Not sure if he's ever going to be the same, I think the stress of battle is getting to ms Yates... she doesn't look like shes holding up so well... I'm going to put in a daily regiment, maybe she'll stop trying to work so hard and actually take some time for herself.

-Recording Ends-

Personal Log: 1-2-1

An escape pod! For the love of the rim...Is she a survivor of my ship? I must admit... I never checked the civilian manifest, but if she is... to be stuck in orbit for so many days, I'm shocked she survived. She has multiple stab wounds to the torso and right arm, a bullet wound to the left leg... she's looking pretty anemic.. is that the right term for blood loss? I don't even remember... i'll have to ask her when she wakes. -talking in background-
REALLY? shit... the right stab wound looks infected, I'm not sure we're equipped to handle this... but, we couldn't just leave them... right?
-Recording Ends-

Personal Log: 2-2-1

In the middle of the night she left. never even got to ask her name... I guess I don't get any answers today... I think maybe it's time we started organizing some more housing, I'll ask Ms.Yates about it. I think I need to think about a few things.... I don't think I'm going to hear from command, So... I'm going to take command of this place myself. Maybe we can last until rescue.
-Record Ends-

Ideas / Questions of the Z Axis
August 30, 2016, 11:05:43 PM
I read somewhere that tynan was toying around with the idea of a z-axis, but can't seem to find any ideas from him of what he was planning to do.

Was it simply adding underground deposits, towers and other "lite" ideas, or is something grander planned? Like being able to scale mountains and build your town at the peak?

If anyone could enlighten me or throw your two cents in on what you would like to see that would be great!