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Ideas / Bloodpacks - How to extend the current Healthsystem
« on: December 13, 2016, 01:01:17 AM »
Bloodpacks - How to extend the current Healthsystem

When your colonist gets injured with the current system they start to bleed. The bleeding currently functions only as a timer how fast someone needs to be treaten. As soon as every wound has been cared for they are no longer at the edge of death and in a rather stable position. Infections work as an universal complication in the recovery. The longer someone stays untreaten in a dirty environment the more likely they are to not heal without problems.

So far this is a simple system that suits the gameplay of RimWorld well. There is no overcomplexity nor is it so deeply detailed that it intimidates the players. Be fast with the treatment, do it good and keep it clean or else you fear infections. This is important to mention as I will try to keep it that simple while extending it.

Now I think there are things we can agree are just plain unbelievable or are just left out completely.
Take this example. Your body gets perforated by many bullet wounds. You are barely staying alive. Every part of you is affected. The Doctor treats all your injuries, you spent some time in the bed. One day you are fully healed and with no longterm issues. Your body is in the best condition as it always were before.

Just plain unbelievable, right? No matter how good the capability of Medicine is in the future. This is where I want to extend the current Healthsystem. The longterm effect on colonists when they get injured. Yes, the text so far was necessary to understand what my Idea is about.

Adding a recovery phase after you leave the hospital bed
It should not be complex but still believable. You want everyone to understand it and Tynan doesn't want to rewrite the whole game. Let's use what we already have. And let me surprise you, it actually makes some sense!

Did you ever donate blood? The body needs about one month to fully recover the loss of 1/2 liter blood. You do not have to study medicine to understand that the performance your body can bring is decreased when you have less blood.
Fortunately, the game already features a system about losing blood. Should we extend it? Absolutely! Even if you believe the tools of a doctor in RimWorld can repair the damaged flesh of the patient as if it is hotglued together, you can't create organic material out of thin air.

The Conclusion of this: Let Colonists suffer from the effects of Bloodloss.

At first you can't tell a real difference. You might feel some loss of consciousness. The more blood you lose the more it affects you. You start to pace your walking speed. You will be less social because the tiredness keeps you from making big deals in trading. In the end you might not be able to work alot since you can't catch some breath.

Bloodpacks - Introducing a new Mechanic
Of course there need to be ways to treat this bloodloss. Let colonists donate Blood in form of a Bloodpack. The is a currency of well-being. Your little guys can help each other out to recover faster from injuries. Misery loves company.
Let me convince you, guys. This functions as the universal recovery from getting wounded as infections are the universal complication in the healing process.

The Bloodpacks won't last forever. Even frozen they should be able to spoil. I propose the idea that the stay usable for about 2 seasons or 30 days. This keeps it from being a mundane task that needs to be done too often.

Effects on the Gameplay
Fending of raiderattacks become more of a longterm decision. The player will not be able to heavily injure all his colonists at each raid. This acts as a penalty for bad performance while defending the colony. The effects are compareable of those from bad mood. The player gets less done in the same time for not caring about certain needs.

Proposal of the Idea - Bringing everything down to short points

  • Bloodloss affects the performance of a colonist after the injuries are healed
  • The average RimWorld body contains 5 liters of blood
  • Blood is produced at an rate of 1 liter per 10 days
  • Blood can be donated in form of 1/2 liter Bloodpacks and act as a currency of well-being
  • Bloodpacks spoil after atleast 30 days even if the are frozen

Bonus/Optional Mechanic
Introduce three different bloodtypes. A, B and 0. A and B can only recieve from their own or from 0. 0 will be an universal donor but is more rare as the other types and may only recieve the same type.
Let me propose the idea of non uniform distribution othe the types. For example 60, 30, 10 to make them different valueable

Stories / A silent night in Rimworld
« on: December 07, 2016, 02:31:38 AM »
Down in the gras I lie,
What an uneventful night.
Haven't heard a single cry,
Nor seen a single fight.

My mother always said,
When I still was a child:
"Always keep up your head,
watch out what creeps in the wild."

To my left rests my wife,
Deep she sleeps here, no trouble ahaid.
What a silent good life,
When Cassandra sends none to raid.

Ideas / Regarding the randomness on the mapgenerator
« on: August 30, 2016, 06:29:21 AM »
TL;DR: only read bold text

Greetings Readers,

As every other player I've started a new save due to the incompatibility with the new patch. What I've done different to propably most players is, that I've choosen a worldseed and location I already know. Just a quick game to check out the new features while having to worry less about where to setup my colony.

Now what I've noticed is that marsh, shallow water and deep water are generated randomly. That confused me in the first moment and made think.

How much randomness should there be when choosing the same location on the same worldseed?

The impact of water bodies in the current state of the game is big. They bear no ressources. You are unable to build on them. Walking over them either reduces the travelspeed or you are unable to do it at all.
Yes, you can terraform it. But that isn't a reasonable answer due to shear amount of time you have to invest. Even more so when you play a Tribe scenario.

Due to the random generation of water bodies I see no benefit in using the same worldseed and location in biomes that have big water bodies.

Lets be honest and not act like it is a bigger deal than it is. The amount of people who are affected by this are very few. Realistically close to unnoticeable.
Yet this locks me out fo some quality of life advantages. I'm a veteran player with several hundreds hours of gameplay. I've spent around two weeks of my life playing RimWorld. Mentioning this I hope to appeal to other longtime players with the same view on this topic.

I've remembered some worldseed and locations for different scenarios. While the water bodies are not the reason I play on those maps I now have to reconsider each time wether or not the location fits the scenario.

Shouldn't the same worldseed and location help to play very specific scenarios that are only playable when certain conditions are met?

For example I've done a custom scenario as a tribe in tundra with no growing period. There is a big enough patch of fertile soil so that you are able to grow enough potatoes and harvest them the evening before they freeze to death in the following night.
I am unable to do this very specific scenario if the patch of fertile soil is obstructed in any way.

Now let us take this thought further. What if fertility gets randomized? On one hand it adds to the variety of map generation. On the other hand you rely more on random generated values when you try to hit certain conditions.

Some people might ask me why I don't just deal with how the map is generated. Let me tell you that I've already had enough fun with that. I've played so many games that I don't want to make a custom challenge on a map that I know it's not possible. My save file folder was several gigabytes big from abandoned permadeath games.

Let us come to a solution. Is it possible to add a seed to the map generator as there is a seed to the world generator?

I don't want to tell anyone they have to change how the map generator should work. Also I don't want to keep anyone from adding new values to it.

I'd just like to be able to reuse a map with little differences when I realize it would be perfect for a customized challenge.

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