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Is it possible to make such and item with XML only? I mean that you can make it just fine with the only "tiny" problem being that the texture won't work correctly. Normally apparel uses <graphicClass>Graphic_Single</graphicClass> but the also exists Graphic_Multi. Is it what i need for the job, right? Also if a piece of apparel is to cover the whole body it should have 2 textures, 1 for the head and 1 for the torso parts?
There are some mod which are either outdated outside steam workshop or can't be found outside steam workshop whatsoever so it would be really great if someone with access to steam workshop could download them, upload them someplace like Dropbox and post the link in this thread. All the mods that are going to appear in this thread doesn't seem to have a license and nothing is said about asking the author before posting them somewhere so it is not required for the authors to agree to let their mods be uploaded somewhere.
Steam workshop links:
There are quite a few mods that are on the steam workshop but not anywhere else, or the newest versions of some mods are only on the workshop. Is it fine (legal and such) if i ask people (not authors of said mods, just regular people) to download mod from workshop, upload them somewhere and post a link on the forums?
This mod adds 2 new weapons to the game. They allow to reliably capture enemies. It is a heavly reworked blowgun from truemods and its upgraded version-tranquilizer (tranq) pistol.


  • Blowgun can be crafted at a crafting spot with wood, steel and herbal medecine. However it requires a simple neolithic research and decent medecine and crafting skills.
  • It is quite inaccurate, shotranged and slow to fire but incapacitates an unarmored human in 2 hits (heavy armour makes most of the hits have no effect).
  • The effect depends on target's meats amount-larger creatures require more hits then small ones.
  • The darts have soporific effect that incaps organic pawns. Warning-overdose is lethal!
  • You can also see it in tribal raids and you can buy it from tribal weapon traders.
  • Tranq pistol is simular to the blowgun but requires addition research, is crafted on a maching table and is faster and more accurate than the Blowgun.

Download link (no version for steam yet :( )
dropbox (with sourse code):

Incompatibilities: Combat realism.
Adding to existing colonies: Should work fine.
Removing from existing colonies: May not work.
People who made it possible:
TrueDestroyer - the original idea
UnlimitedHugs - contributing code and helping me to make it work

Licence: Do whatever you want with it.

Update log
v 1.4:
Added tranq gun and a corresponding research
Buffed blowgun
Replaced soporific with paralizant - shouldn't change weapons' effectiveness

Feel free to post your opinions, ideas and feedback!
What is the difference between <graphicClass>Graphic_Single</graphicClass> and <graphicClass>Graphic_Multi</graphicClass>. How to use Multi properly (for apparel)?
Help / How to make heddif only affect humans? Help needed
November 24, 2016, 09:28:27 AM
I am creating a custom heddif and i want it to only work on humans. Is it possible to make with just xml? Is also possible to make the effect scale with meat amount (as a measure of body size)?
I am making some mods with DARK3063 and we need someone who could code in C# (not neccecery an expert). Please say if you would like to help us.
Help / Pink squares instead of armor - help needed
November 18, 2016, 05:12:32 AM
I am trying to make a power armor suit that would both cover head and torso. The problem is that every guy who has it on looks like a pink square. I tried to use working textures from a diffrent armor (that covers torso only) and they still look like pink squares. I checked the spelling may times and i have completle no idea whats wrong. Can someone please help to solve the problem?

Error log (dropbox):