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So it just dawned on me, the game already sends waves of things onto your maps even when you lose. So basically when everyone dies the game says the normal pop up where you lose, and when new people come to join the game will have another one that pops up saying "New people have discovered your colony, continue playing: yes / No"

And meta game we now have!

Very simple to add, opens doors to alot of other features. (Such as long standing weather events, and ever changing biomes conditions)

Eventually you could go so far as to simulate multiple tribes on one map.

(all of these ideas came to me while playing the Zombie Mod, I died to zombies, and then the game ended but after that a new colonist joined and it was very funny to see the game keep going on but no way to control the new colonist)

Also, it just came to me, you could even get a chance for random "A group of settlers have decided to migrate to the ruins of <The Colony>, lead them: Yes/no" which could be even more fun and easy. Simple.