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Releases / [1.0] Trait Transfer Mechanites
February 17, 2019, 06:25:24 AM
Trait Transfer Mechanites
This mod adds new craftable mechanites that can modify the traits of your colonists.

Trait Wiping Mechanites
Single Use. Removes one random trait from the host.
Craftable at the Fabrication Bench for 10 Luciferium and 1 Advanced Component. Needs 10+ crafting.
Causes a Confusion debuff for 12 to 24 ingame hours (0.7 Consciousness)

Trait Scanning Mechanites
Single Use. Picks one random trait from the host and creates one Trait Injector Mechanites for that trait. Kills the host.
Craftable at the Fabrication Bench for 10 Luciferium and 1 Advanced Component. Needs 10+ crafting.

Trait Injector Mechanites
Single Use. Applies a new trait to the host.
Not Craftable. Created by Trait Scanning Mechanites upon use.
Causes a Confusion debuff for 12 to 24 ingame hours (0.7 Consciousness)


Wait, so how does this work again?

Let's say you have a colonist with one or more undesirable traits.
If you have all the prerequisites listed above, you can craft a couple Trait Wiping Mechanites and use / administer them to your colonist.
Each use will remove one randomly selected trait. These can also be administered to prisoners or unconscious colonists.

But if your goal is creating God-like machines of productivity, simply removing negative traits isn't enough. We can take things further.
If you happen to have a prisoner with a useful trait, you can craft Trait Scanning Mechanites and administer them to the prisoner.
These will pick one random trait from the prisoner (cross your fingers), and create Trait Injector Mechanites for that trait, killing the prisoner in the process.
Trait Injector Mechanites can now be used on one of your colonists to grant them the extracted trait.

Known Issues
None at the moment. Please report any issues you find.


Q: Can this be safely added mid-playthrough?
A: Yes.

Q: Will this work with non-human colonists added by other mods (aliens, androids..)?
A: No, only humans at the moment. I will add support for other species in a future update.

Q: Will this work with new traits added by mods?
A: It should, tho in all honesty I haven't tested it. If you use any other trait mods, please post the results here.

Q: Isn't this overpowered?
A: I guess that's a matter of opinion but I think it's fairly well balanced, for several reasons:

1.The crafting recipes require mid/late game items, a fabrication bench, and a colonist with 10+ crafting skill.
2.In order to get an injector for a useful trait, you first need to capture someone with that trait.
3.Even when you capture the right person, you have a ~1/3 chance of getting the right trait (as the trait is selected randomly)
In summary, you need to be lucky enough to have a raider with a desired trait attack, lucky enough to have him survive, and then lucky again to get the right trait when administering the scanning mechanites.
All this should mean that even in late game you probably won't have some Industrious/Psychopatch/Too Smart combo on half of your colonists.

Q: Why is my colonist confused? How long will this last??
A: They've just had their brain restructured. Give them a day and they'll come to their senses.

Change Log:

First Upload

Added custom art for injectors.
Fixed a bug where a Trait Injector for a trait with multiple variants (neurotic, very neurotic..) would have the wrong variant after the game is saved and loaded.

All content contained in this mod is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Licence (CC BY-NC 4.0)
Releases / [1.0] Compare Gear
October 15, 2018, 06:20:28 AM
A very simple mod that adds a comparison window for all ranged weapons and all armor/clothing, to help you better decide what is worth buying or crafting.
It displays the relevant stats of both vanilla and modded weapons/armors, and allows you to sort the gear by any column.

Some pics:

Unfinished / [A16] [WIP] Cybernetic Pets - v0.1
February 08, 2017, 12:21:38 PM

Note: I'm looking for artists to help me get this mod to a higher standard. If you have any artistic skills and like the idea, please either PM me or leave a reply in the thread.

Cybernetic Pets
Version: 0.1 (13.2.17)

What is this?

The mod allows you to surgically extract the brain of tamed animals and transplant them into robotic bodies.
This can be done either for the purpose of combat or in situations where you have a maimed animal which you don't want to put down.
At the moment, the mod is barebones and contains only the core transplant functionality with 1 robotic body.

How does it work?

  • Craft an Empty Brain Jar on the machining table, which serves as temporary storage and life-support for a brain.
  • Perform an Extract Brain surgery on any tamed vanilla animal. This will leave you with a new "pet", which is a brain in a jar (immobile, fragile, unconscious).
  • Craft a Cyber Warg Body on the machining table.
  • Perform an Implant into Cyber Warg surgery on the brain.
  • Wait for the anesthetic to wear out.

That's it! Your beloved pet is now officially badass!
All attributes and stats that are related to the brain/intelligence will be kept throughout the entire process.
Any social relations (bonds) that the animal had will be kept, as well as it's trainable intelligence and any skills that it has trained so far.
Extracting the brain will also yield the dead body of the animal (with Brain: Removed), for a bit of extra food.
Crafting the brain jar and cybernetic body at the moment requires no research, and only costs a bit of steel and plasteel.

Note that this mod is barely started and still lacks a lot of fundamental features. I'm only publishing it here to get some feedback, ideas and hopefully some artistic help.
Cybernetic pets are still unfinished. They have custom bodies and body parts, but just like regular animals they eat food, sleep, and are healed with medicine.

Known Bugs

  • If an animal has a brain implant (from other mods), then the "Extract Brain" surgery won't show up on the list
  • If the brain-in-a-jar is spawned using the debug tools, it will be awake and move around (spooky)

In order to "transform" one pawn type into another, I'm tampering with things which probably shouldn't be tampered with.
Because of this, there is almost certainly a myriad of serious bugs which I've missed. Please, leave a reply if you encounter any.

The mod shouldn't have issues with older saves. Again - if you encounter any, please leave a reply along with any error messages you get.

Potential Future Features

  • Research requirement (for balance purposes)
  • Several tiers of role-specific bodies (melee combat, ranged combat, hauling..)
  • A "Power" system with charging stations, replacing the need for food
  • Paralysis during solar flares, vulnerability to EMP type weapons
  • Additional craftable upgrades for robotic bodies
  • Robotic bodies capable of construction, plantwork.. (?)

Help / Free Art - Cyber Warg
January 31, 2017, 10:44:00 PM
Howdy forum!

Some weeks ago I've started work on a kind of "cyborg pets" mod, and did some basic art.
Unfortunately I've been horribly busy and at this rate it seems the mod itself might never actually get done.
I wouldn't want what little I did to go to waste, so I decided to post it here.

Below in the attachment are Cyber Warg sprites in 256p png's, along with the original .psd files.
I'm horrible at art, but I've done my best to stick with the vanilla art style. The front and back might need some extra detail.
You're free to use them for any mod / project of your own, and / or make any alterations.

I might get the mod done one day when I find some time. Either way, hopefully someone will find a use for these.

To Mods: Wasn't sure where to post this. Please move it if I frakked up.

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]