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If staggeringly ugly raiders attack and are then killed, the entire colony celebrates with the "rival dead" thought.  The game doesn't seem to be restricting this thought to within the same faction anymore.
Colonists will watch TV, relax socially, or eat using the Grand Meditation Throne.  This isn't too strange (even though they don't own it).

What's odd is that they will do this with any of the 6 tiles acting as the chair, and even still gain comfort from it that way.  I even had one pawn fall asleep on the edge of the throne (he didn't mind it so much).
It could be random chance, but I feel like I kept seeing the same techprints for sale until I bought and used them, then I'd see different ones (and not the original ones).  I've yet to see one I've already used.

Am I just lucky, or is the game being friendly?  Has anyone tested explicitly?
Bugs / [1.2] Imperial Bestower not wearing pants
October 06, 2020, 06:35:59 AM
His royal majesty's most honorable bestower often doesn't spawn with pants (he has his outer robe on, at least)
Bugs / [1.1] Raw fungus harvest decree
March 12, 2020, 02:37:28 AM
You can get a command from your lord to grow and harvest the unfarmable raw fungus.
You can get "inspired surgery" with medical skill as low as 4, even though all the interesting surgeries (eg install bionic) require skill 5 to even attempt.

There are other weird inspiration tags too, noted in an older suggestions thread
Bugs / Insufficiently dressed raiders and caravans
June 17, 2019, 07:32:02 PM
I'm playing in a cold biome (-30F or so winter).  Most raiders and caravans show up properly dressed, but usually there will be one or two members of the group who aren't and have much worse temperature range than their peers.

For caravans, this triggers the "leaving due to dangerous temperature" warning before the first day is over.
Any two double doors, even wooden autodoors or held open doors, will cause the colonist to slow down as they pass through the second one.  It's as though they're stepping up on something with a path cost.

Been there since at least B18:
Also Reddit thread:

5kg chunk == 20 steel == 10 kg steel

Wikipedia tells me that by weight carbon is only about 2% of steel, not 50% ;)
In sufficiently cold biomes, fully grown and mature plants seem to be inedible when it's cold enough outside.  Wild animals will wander around until they get malnutrition, then leave the map.  Tamed herbivores will ignore them entirely until it warms up.

It seems like there's a threshold temperature that triggers "don't allow this plant to be eaten" mode.  Or maybe it's whether or not there's snow on the ground of the plant.  Does anyone know how the logic works here?
General Discussion / Rabbits are for caravan driving
November 03, 2018, 05:10:06 PM
Caravan speed is based on average human/animal speed.

Rabbits are fast and breed rapidly.  Bring them along with your caravans for lowest travel time.

Are there any animals that work better for this purpose?
Bugs / [1.0] Various carpet and floor drawing issues
November 03, 2018, 04:22:30 PM
One subtle bit of annoyance is how the floor and carpet tiles get drawn in various "edge" cases  ;)

In the first image, I'm building green carpets underneath my hydroponics stations, but the game is drawing them as though they were black.

In the second image, the floor tiles on the edge of the geothermal plant are drawn using the "rough stone to tile" transition, but the game won't let me smooth the stone underneath it unless I first demolish the geothermal plant.  That's quite a way to go for some visual aesthetics :D

In the third image (a common one I observe), there is no carpet on the door tile but there is within the hallway.  It leads to visible dirt bleeding across the threshold, like a really lazy incomplete carpeting job.  Doors should count as walls in terms of what they cause neighboring floor tiles to draw as.
I have a base on a river tile, and some structures on both sides.  There is plenty of free farmland near my space, but the visitors are all idling in the middle of the water.
These are far too common in my games for a bunch of pawns that they're not helpful on.  I actively feel like I'm missing out on something when I get inspired trade on my skill 3 person instead of my skill 14 person.  Similarly, I get far too many inspired recruitments to even use, since most of my pawns are at least skill 3 social even if they have no interest in it.

At this point having skill 3 social feels like a disadvantage compared with skill 2.
General Discussion / Prison common rooms no longer work
October 21, 2018, 05:05:28 AM
In older versions you could leave the doors open on prison cells and have the inmates wander into a communal room where you'd have a table, food for them to take, etc.

This no longer works -- they refuse to leave their cells.  Even if you put a prisoner sleeping spot in the adjacent room to tag it as a prison, they don't cross their own cell threshold.

I'm not sure how medical prison beds vs proper beds work now either - you used to be able to have them automatically migrate from medical to individual beds once they'd recovered by going through open doors, so you could have a proper prison hospital.
The hunter will walk right up next to the animal (as though they were cutting its throat), but then since it's up the hunter will shoot their ranged weapon instead, at point blank range.

Instead the game should check if an animal is hunted when it "undowns", and then reset the intentions of the hunter.
If a colonist starts a butcher job and is on their way to pick up the corpse, and it rots while they're on the way, they'll take it to the butcher table anyway.  When butchering finishes, it yields fresh meat.
General Discussion / How to rename animals?
September 07, 2018, 05:25:28 AM
The 0.19 patch notes say "Animals can now be renamed" but I can't figure out how to do this in the interface.
If you play in farenheit mode and look at the cloth item description, you'll see Insulation: Cold listed as "32.4 F".  This is supposed to be "100%", but 32.4 F == 100C.

The same applies to leather and other textiles (birdskin is "18 F" rather than 50%)
I don't think that is supposed to be possible.