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Ideas / Weapon Parts!
October 14, 2017, 05:09:49 PM
Have you ever played borderlands or starbound? Do you like their weapon generation? Well, this idea is based off of that. WEAPON PARTS!

All guns have 6 main parts:
Magazine - Fire rate, damage, and very rarely projectile type. (Fire, ballistic, etc)
Grip - Mainly focus on fire rate and aim time.
Stock - Accuracy and aim time.
Sight - Once again... accuracy and aim time.
Body - Damage and projectile type (Two projectile types is possible, it will alternate between shots)
Barrel - Damage, effective range, and amount of shots.

Here is an example, maybe you found a sniper rifle on a dead body of a spacer that crashed into your village. It is a sniper.
The sniper rifles parts are:
Bandit Magazine - Fires fast, considerably lower damage.
Spacer Grip - Waaaay better accuracy, but considerable lower fire rate.
Tribal Stock - Lower aim time, worse accuracy.
Bandit Sight - Lower aim time, worse accuracy.
Spacer Body - Fire projectiles, causing very little damage, and a higher fire rate.
Tribal Barrel - Terrible accuracy, insane damage.

As you can see, this sniper would have terrible accuracy, a high fire rate, decent damage, fire damage, and a great aim time.

This would make all guns unique, but if you find a gun with say, all spacer parts, it will have a unique name. Such as "Meteor Blaster" and it will gain buffs in every aspect. (Very minimal.)

You can still find normal guns, they are common. These guns are very rare, and makes it so you should take time to look into all your weaponry.

(No clue if this is a good idea or not, just throwing it out there.)

Support / Steam mods don't download.
July 01, 2017, 02:07:47 PM
When I subscribe to a mod on steam it doesn't download. When i boot up the game and go to the mod folder, it just says downloading... next to a little steam icon. Please help? :'(