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Bugs / [1.0.1964] NullReferenceException
July 15, 2018, 09:08:43 AM
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at RimWorld.IncidentWorker_QuestItemStash.GetLetterText (RimWorld.Faction alliedFaction, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 items, Int32 days, RimWorld.Planet.Site site, RimWorld.Planet.SitePart sitePart) [0x00027] in C:\Dev\RimWorld\Assets\Scripts\RimWorld\Game\Storyteller\Incidents\Workers\World\Quests\IncidentWorker_QuestItemStash.cs:94
  at RimWorld.IncidentWorker_QuestItemStash.TryExecuteWorker (RimWorld.IncidentParms parms) [0x000cd] in C:\Dev\RimWorld\Assets\Scripts\RimWorld\Game\Storyteller\Incidents\Workers\World\Quests\IncidentWorker_QuestItemStash.cs:57
  at RimWorld.IncidentWorker.TryExecute (RimWorld.IncidentParms parms) [0x00003] in C:\Dev\RimWorld\Assets\Scripts\RimWorld\Defs\DefTypes\IncidentDef.cs:267
  at RimWorld.Storyteller.TryFire (RimWorld.FiringIncident fi) [0x0002f] in C:\Dev\RimWorld\Assets\Scripts\RimWorld\Game\Storyteller\Storyteller.cs:124
  at RimWorld.Storyteller.StorytellerTick () [0x0004d] in C:\Dev\RimWorld\Assets\Scripts\RimWorld\Game\Storyteller\Storyteller.cs:115
  at Verse.TickManager.DoSingleTick () [0x00201] in C:\Dev\RimWorld\Assets\Scripts\Verse\Game\Ticking\TickManager.cs:334
Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean) (at C:\Dev\RimWorld\Assets\Scripts\Verse\Utility\Debug\Log\Log.cs:78)
Verse.TickManager:DoSingleTick() (at C:\Dev\RimWorld\Assets\Scripts\Verse\Game\Ticking\TickManager.cs:335)
Verse.TickManager:TickManagerUpdate() (at C:\Dev\RimWorld\Assets\Scripts\Verse\Game\Ticking\TickManager.cs:261)
Verse.Game:UpdatePlay() (at C:\Dev\RimWorld\Assets\Scripts\Verse\Game\Game.cs:505)
Verse.Root_Play:Update() (at C:\Dev\RimWorld\Assets\Scripts\Verse\Global\Root\Root_Play.cs:99)

This is causing world quests to appear silently.
Ideas / Wool category
June 27, 2018, 12:53:14 PM
When making insulating gear, you typically want to use some kind of wool. Any kind, since they are mostly the same. They should be grouped in the same way leathers are.
At least for my mail (same as one for the forum). The link I'm getting has no actual token:
Bugs / Slaves in caravans spawn with no food
August 24, 2017, 06:00:43 AM
So they steal your food when hungry.
Mods / [Mod Request] Late game materials
August 05, 2017, 05:17:35 PM
Are there any good mods which add some decent materials to use in the late game? Plasteel barely feels good, since a savage with a wooden club can break through a plasteel wall in no time. Or set it on fire.

Alpha/Beta poly from Glitter Tech is good (though maybe too good), but the mod adds a ton of utterly crazy stuff.

ED-ReinforcedStuff is working weirdly, not allowing to control how much stuff you want to convert and is not well integrated into a game, being accessible from the very beginning.

Concrete by porohkun is kinda okay, but it is not that much stronger and is "stone" stuff only.

Yep, they break up and came together again in the one. same. moment.

Ennin: Hey, Sednen, marry me!
Sednen: No.
Ennin: Oh? Then I'm leaving you.
Sednen: Sure? You know how mych your stuff our bedroom has. Your animal sleeping spot and plant pot - moving them around is so much trouble.
Ennin: Errr... Okay, I'll stay.
Releases / [1.3] Animals Logic 🐾
July 24, 2017, 10:44:45 AM
Oblitus' stuff

Just some random stuff.

Adds three new carbon-based materials that cover all major stuff categories (wood, metal, stone, fabric). Can be obtained by refining chemfuel. 600 points industrial level research after refining, uses refinery as crafting station.

Why yet another stuff mod:
* No new crafting stations (you only need Refinery), no overcomplicated production chain, single 600 points research.
* Will not replace mineable ores and deep resources. NPCs can use it sometimes, but you won't see much of it.
* Reasonable stats — it is a sound material, but not ultimately good, and mostly intended for construction.
* Versatility — it covers all general stuff categories.
* A sink to use tons of chemfuel you can find during deep drilling
* Chemfuel is a renewable, eco-friendly stuff you can produce from any plant matter - you'll never totally run out of it

* Carbon weave — textile stuff. Worse than devilstrand, but non-flammable and chemically inert (x2 hp multiplier, not flammable, x0.2 deterioration speed). Badass black color.
* Carbon composite — can be used both as wood and as metal. Not suitable for weapons (wood-like stats), but decent building material, on par with the stone in durability (x2 hp multiplier, not flammable, x0.2 deterioration speed). C-composite wall has 700 hp. Badass black color.
* Diamond — stony stuff. Cheap (relatively — it is expensive for raw resources category) and murky, synthetic diamond is still stuff that will last (x10 hp multiplier, not flammable, will not deteriorate). Diamond wall has 3500 hp. Serene sky blue color.

* Carbon conduit. 750 HP, not flammable, neutral beauty, has an underwater variant.
* Carbon tile with a signature chequered pattern.
* Balanced recipe to produce chemfuel from hay.

Pure XML mod. Safe to add to existing saves, but not to remove.

My Little Planet
Generate smaller worlds (configurable). More biome diversity around, somewhat better performance.

Harmony plug-in without detours. Safe to add to existing saves (for no effect), can be removed, but not recommended.

Animals Logic
Adds some logic to your animals.

Harmony patches without detours. Safe to add and remove without starting new game.

* Egg-layers will try to find a bed (or any other type of animal sleeping spots) in their allowed area to lay an egg. Unforbids eggs laid outside the home area.
* Animals who should follow master when doing fieldwork or drafted are notified to come immediately instead of after the end of the current task.
* Animals can own beds.
* Animal beds can be medical.
* Configurable animal hauling efficiency.
* Configurable tameness decay threshold.
* Configurable training decay speed.
* (Optional) Converts any ruined eggs into unfertilized chicken eggs.
* (Optional, default off) Converts any generic meat into chicken meat upon butchering.
* (Optional) Predators hunting your pawns (human-like or animals) will be considered hostile by all your pawns and turrets.
* (Optional) Prevents animals from eating random non-food stuff.

GitHub - everything, including old versions and source code.

Steam Workshop:
Animals Logic
My Little Planet
Logistics (discontinued)