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General Discussion / This game is quite uninformative.
September 15, 2021, 02:43:47 AM
Shared this game to a friend, and due to his questions i've realized this game is truly uninformative and not noob-friendly information-wise.
He is not that kind of "ok lets google" boy who cries for google's help any time he meets some problem or lack of information so he decided to go through the game himself, in the last hope he might ask me for problems he can't get through without major spoilers from my side. So by now, we have:

(not true) - Pawn beauty stat - game shows beauty everywhere, in traits, in bionics, in items. But where can we get current pawn beauty ? The main menu does have nothing, we have to go to... social interaction of opposite pawn, kekw.

- Mechanics-Parasites - ok, we have treating info. What does it do?Due to flu/plague/infection we know it reduces infection severity, but here it does nothing ? What is the difference between 70% and 20% since it does not change anything in the description? No less pain, no less debuffs, nothing. Newbie patches his wounds and being curious when this thing is going off (if), thus we have million google requests about that stuff (just checked).

- Warm up and aiming speed - this game says a lot about aiming speed, but the weapon description does not have that stat. Instead, it has "warm up" parameter which stands for MEEELE HIT TIME due to description, nothing about shooting. Meanwhile it's straight up the aiming time stat we are looking for, who could have guessed.

And there are million things like that around the game you may sit in front and ask yourself Why why Mr developer why you persist why don't you just add few rows into the description and do not force people to google stuff they should not in theory.
How many hours have you played?