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Quote from: Mystic on September 07, 2014, 10:43:23 AM(E.g., rather than having a magic "anti-blight" research, I like the fact that I have to plan ahead to have enough raw foodstuffs to withstand such an event, or else have to go foraging for food in the wilderness to tide me over if I was not prepared.)

Ah, but I think you miss my point a bit. On normal setting, it shouldn't be possible to build all the (automatic) counters to all problems in a pace that makes you build them before the problem occur. But if you're really really tired of blights, then you should be able to first research an item that helps you against blights (fridges? pesticides?) and then spend enough resources on building these items. In the meantime, the storyteller will - probably - dump something else on you, that you now didn't afford to counter. But at least you have countered the annoying blights.

And as you say, having enough food stored is already a counter for blights. Having enough defences is already a counter for attacks. But when the game difficulty increases, they need to be looked after so you can have the possibility to have better and working counters - fridges, more efficient hydroponics, soylent green, artillery, your own mechanoids on infinite patrol routes...

Events that reoccur and just makes you sigh becaese you can't possibly do anything about them is just annoying and boring, and not very good storytelling, in my opinion.

Better storytelling would be to let me counter those things that already occurred, let me counter them automatically - ha ha! - and make up new things that I, as a base builder, didn't quite think of. Yet.

QuoteAlso, fuses shouldn't allow electricity to keep working if there is a solar flare.

I don't think so either. A fuse normally works by blocking very strong currents from occurring. So it's a counter from electrical problems - dumping all 100kWd into a single point - by triggering fuses. They most logical solution would be a square powerbox that breaks all incoming connections (2-4) if the current through it goes over a certain limit (right now in game that current is infinite, so it's easy to trigger) and releases again when repaired (repairing is already in the game).

When it comes to solar storms, a switch or fuse could possibly disconnect a mountain or indoors base electrical grid from the solar storm?

Also, the normal way of countering EMP (including solar storms) is to have shielded systems, Faraday's cages. This could be researched, and items and power lines could be built with EMP protection. For a cost. As usual.

So nothing should be for free. And you might fill your base with sprinklers, when you instead needed fridges.
What would be the fun otherwise? :)
Ideas / counters to every event - and other suggestions
September 07, 2014, 05:41:35 AM
I suggest this:

Generally, every event in the game should have a counter. Hungry? You can make food. Need better food? You can make better food. Invasion? You can build defenses. More invasion? You can build better defenses. Need to sleep? Build a bed. Etc. Fire? You can build sprinklers. Electrical failure? You can build fuses.

Anyway, for any event there should be the possibility of building a support structure so you don't have to care about it. (This is of course balanced by the fact that you probably can't, because you don't have resources to build *everything*. But if you really hate fires, you should be able to spend a lot of your resources on sprinklers and neverhave to care about a fire event again.)

so, on top of my head from the above reasoning:

* electrical problems: fuses, switches
* fire: sprinklers or some other automatic extinguisher
* off-map drone: don't have an off-map drone
* psychological problems: let doctors cure psychological problems or create a new class. Entertainment - gaming table maybe?
* pirates building a base on your map - automatic mortars (or artillery) (exist in mods)
* too little meat - farm animals or fishing
* limbs missing - prostethics (from the mechanics production table?) (note: they don't have to get as efficient with a prosthetics, but at least they could walk again) (or wheelchairs)

also: make it possible to craft everything eventually, including medicine and emergency rations (and maybe even mechanoids?)

Ideas / Re: Too many corpses...
September 07, 2014, 05:26:52 AM
I have this problem a lot. I have a large, old base, and I get invasions of a few hundred (I can't count them, but there's usually 4-5 times the amount of corpses than I can mark with one double-click amount, so I have to scroll around to get them off-screen to select the next batch).

It leads to my haulers busy with corpses for a few days, then going crazy because of corpses, then going crazy because of starvation. So if I follow the path of cremating corpses, my base will be destroyed from plain stupidity.

(Last invasion I got gave a surplus of 200 stockpiles of emergency rations - 2000 rations? Drawback: My haulers go crazy from corpses if I try to pick them up. Other drawback: If I mark them free-for-all, my entire base goes there and goes crazy.)
Bugs / bugs and problems discovered
September 07, 2014, 05:18:39 AM
I did a brief check in the bugtracker, but I didn't see these:

  • when the pawns are looking for something, they shouldn't look for what is closest in pythagorean distance, they should look for what is closest in time to walk to (the current system gives very interesting walk arounds if you have a mountain base but they suddenly decide to pick up things or drop things outside the base, technically 10 squares away but 400 squares walk)
  • crafters should drop things where they stand, not deliver it. Sorting things is for haulers. (If they have the same priority for crafting and hauling, they may deliver it.) My chefs keep running off to deliver food to the other stockpile in the other kitchen. It might be fine if they deliver to the stockpile if it's in the same room, but please stop them from running off if it's not to get the material for crafting.
  • stockpiles with the same priority should have the same priority. The stockpile with the lower number should not have a higher priority just because it has a lower number.
  • please make it possible to force target a group of weapons at the same time (you can select all of them but not target them?)
  • invasions now makes my pawns to crazy because of the mass amount of corpses. Please limit the impact of corpses, or at least harden the pawns that dealt with corpses before so they no longer care. Someone has to pick them up and cremate them every time.
  • related problem: mass invasions generate incountable corpses on the same square. Please don't have more than 10-20 pawns on each square. The menus don't work otherwise.
  • related problem: can't double-click to select all corpses or emergency rations that come with one invasion. Please keep the invasions smaller than the number that can be selected with double-click.
  • mechanoid invasion always end with the mechanoids being disabled. Forever. They just lie there, squirming. Please make the hunters kill mechanoids if they are marked as hunter targets. (Which they can be.)
  • when the closest pawn that can take a job is free, they should steal the job from the pawn that is further away. Typical example is firefighting; in a large base you can have 50 pawns zooming in, slowly, each beating out a fire and then leaving, the fire spreading further and further becuase every time a few fire opens someone that isn't close allocates it, walks there, ignores the rest of the fire and walks back. (It would probably also be good if they abandon the walk to whatever next job they have if a same priority job comes up closer to where they are - or a higher priority job comes up.)

thanks. ^^
Bugs / Cook Stove - only one is useable?
August 20, 2014, 02:52:26 AM
This might be true for all production. I haven't tested.

But since my colony is now rather large, I need to cook stoves to be able to create enough food. But the second (or third) can't be used. Noone uses them, and when selecting a colonist and rightclicking on them, they can't be prioritized.

Is this a known problem?