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Quote from: bladerunner170 on January 29, 2020, 08:35:01 PM

I noticed you mentioned "the AoA announcement"? . I've been out from rimworld for a while and was reading over the changes to the mod. What exactly does this mean? What's AoA?

It's the game I'm working on
Quote from: SansMasterBudaa :3 on January 02, 2020, 09:10:29 PM
Im using the version of the mod and i have rimworld 1.0.2048

Outdated versions are not supported

CE Melee is now officially released: like CE Guns, it's a companion mod to CE aimed at providing more functional variety in weapons. Aside from a number of normal melee additions (like the often asked for two-handed blunt weapon) it introduces powered variants that have vastly superior penetration capabilities. Get it on GitHub.
Quote from: Eryx on November 20, 2019, 12:13:57 PM
Still on my past save, but..
1. Do smoke grenades have any negative effects on pawns? Is it different if inside of a building?

The new smoke is only created by fires, things like smoke grenades are unchanged

Quote2. Has a morale system a bit deeper than where it's at ever been thought about? Something like 20 social pawns giving a -50% suppressability or something to pawns within a certain distance?
Perhaps a 'leader' trait? I think it'd be nice to counteract losing pawns because they're pinned, because a good leader could go 'guys, we're fucked, let's go!' and decide to pull back.

CE development is pretty much ceased. Even the 1.6 update was mainly there to accompany the AoA announcement. There are some plans for more in-depth morale simulation for AoA but after the CE Melee release later today and a WIP smoke overhaul a contributor is working on (may or may not happen) it's very unlikely any more features will be added to CE.
Quote from: makute on November 02, 2019, 09:11:32 AM
As of the CEGuns changelog, the P7 and Kriss Vector have been removed. Any reason behind that change? I always thought we were short on the sidearms aspect. Is the S-11 Charge SMG meant to fill their void or just to add more colour to the charge weapons?

CE Guns was always meant to fill in niches opened up by CE mechanics with the minimum of clutter. There are plenty of gun mods like Rimfire that cater to people who want more variety but nothing for people who dislike the added clutter. When the Uzi got removed from vanilla it meant we had two .45 SMG's and only one gun that uses 9x19mm. A poll showed the P7 to also not be a very popular sidearm to begin with. So in the interest of cutting down on clutter, those two were removed, though there's already mods that add them back in if you're so inclined.

The S-11 is in response to common requests for a charge tier close-range weapon.

Quote from: Epishade on November 02, 2019, 11:49:49 AM
I'm a bit mixed on the addition of smoke to indoor fires though.  I think the concept is ok, and definitely makes it harder to put out indoors fires.  At the moment though I think it's too strong, and the smoke inhalation debuff lasts for too long.  I wouldn't mind if it were toned down a little bit.

There's gas masks and improvised gas masks available, the latter right from the start at the crafting spot. If you're concerned about indoor fires you can equip your firefighters with those (keep in mind they apply a hediff when worn).

CE 1.6 is released and out of beta. As this is a major release be sure to check out the changelog. Get it on GitHub

CE Guns has been updated to 1.3 to match the new CE release. Be sure to grab it on GitHub

Also, as some of you may already know, I've been working on a game of my own. "Ascent of Ashes" is finally in a state where I'm comfortable going public with it, so check it out if you're interested in a post-apocalyptic survival sim incorporating many of the features you know and love from CE.
Quote from: Epishade on October 25, 2019, 12:55:20 AM
Can this be looked at possibly?  It doesn't feel very balanced imo.  Even just compared to other different forms of money making like tailoring, I can easily make $10,000 every 5 days just by growing and harvesting blazebulbs.  Why do anything else?

Prometheum and FSX being too easy to get is one of the things being looked at for 1.6
Quote from: Trimm on October 22, 2019, 06:56:23 PM
I feel like the new armor system is a little (a lot)... off. A single raider with a SMG walked into my colony and completely decimated me while my colonists lit him up with a .303 EnField, .44 mag Redhawk and buckshot. I couldn't figure out why he was taking zero damage, but then I saw he had 200% armor because of his cloth parka. A T-shirt, Parka and shoulder pads were over 8mm of armor which my FMJ and HP rounds simply bounced off of. For comparison, Power armor is 20mm of armor.

I really don't think you should need 7.62x54mm AP rounds to down a raider in cloth.

You're using something else to add broken clothing and material
Public service announcement

As some of you may already know, a major CE update is in the works. As part of this effort, the armor system was revisited to provide a more streamlined and intuitive experience to the players. Unfortunately, this also means that a number of compatibility patches need to be updated to the new system. Affected are patches for:

  • Apparel
  • Ranged and melee weapons
  • Animals/races
  • Projectiles*
*Only projectiles added by the patch itself need updating, those integrated into CE will be updated by the CE team.

This is a call to patch makers and others willing to help us ensure that as many patches as possible will be ready by the time CE 1.6 is released. Updating is a simple process which only requires knowledge of Google Sheets and XML. To help provide as much support as possible, we've added an extra channel on the official CE Discord dedicated to patching where you can get live support from us. Documentation has also been expanded to assist the process to further improve compatibility.

Please submit your patches to the CE GitHub repo in order to integrate them with the main mod. A common player complaint has been having to hunt for various patches in various locations. By bundling patches directly with CE, we can give users a smoother experience. We have taken steps to streamline the PR process and get submitted patches into the release version as soon as possible. If you cannot use GitHub, you can submit your patch via the Discord instead.
Quote from: JT on July 21, 2019, 03:11:22 PM
Is there some other way to do this than defining an entirely new AmmoSet (and series of BulletCEs), though?  It's simple and easy to define a series of new AmmoSets for an entirely new ammo type added by the mod (I've done that myself for my WIP CE compatibility patch for Metro Armory), but duplicating a core AmmoSet feels particularly wrong.

Never actually considered that use case. The separate AmmoSets were done mainly cause they give the modder maximum control over the projectile but for the simpler cases two stat modifiers might work better. I'll see if I can work that into the next release, whenever that happens.
Quote from: Crossbowman on July 17, 2019, 08:29:38 PM
With regards to ammunition damage, it's true; there is a certain strangeness to how all cartridge types behave the same way when used in different weapons.

CE supports ammo types providing weapon-specific projectile stats. It's not used in the base mod as vanilla/CE Guns don't have any weapons where the difference would be significant. If some third-party mod does and isn't using this functionality then that's on whoever patched it.

CE 1.5 released: infections and bleed rates buffed, raiders will no longer use direct attack and prepare strategies vs established colonies, various other fixes. See full changelog on GitHub

CE Guns 1.2 released: M72 LAW wasn't craftable due to a bug, this is fixed now GitHub
Quote from: Eryx on May 27, 2019, 01:07:59 PM
Anyway, I have a question- as of B18 (and perhaps now) do pawns have complex hitboxes? 'Complex' as in if their box is hit at x Cells high, they'll suffer a headshot wound? Or is it simply realistic RnG?

That's been the case for a while now. Hitboxes are divided into a top, mid and lower section. Hence why people behind cover tend to only get hit in the head.
CE adds the loadout interface to the assign tab. If one of your mods is doing something weird to it it'll conflict.
Quote from: Ink. on May 17, 2019, 11:43:39 AM

Unless the versions are labelled diff, looks like. I've always kept it just to auto update via workshop.

E - My game was showing I had an older version of CE, so I switched to it just to see. A lot of errors went away and an issue I was having stopped happening. Still some errors but it's info. Simple Sidearms does not work at all for me now, when before it used to to some degree.

If you want to make sure you have the latest release, grab the one off of GitHub. There's a couple Steam releases that are now deprecated.