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No, I don't use any race mods. These errors show up during gameplay. They started showing up after I updated Hospitality to latest version. Before that, I used a version from maybe 1-2 months ago, and I never had this kind of error.

Here's the log:
Keep getting error logs like "Alien Framework does not have a method X", where X could be CanEat or CanWear or whatever.

I don't have any Alien Framework mod, either.

Alien Framework does not have a method 'CanWear'.
Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)
Hospitality.ItemUtility:AlienFrameworkAllowsIt(ThingDef, ThingDef, String)
Hospitality.JoyGiver_BuyStuff:ApparelScoreGain(Pawn, Apparel)
Hospitality.JoyGiver_BuyStuff:Likey(Pawn, Thing)
Verse.GenCollection:MaxBy(IEnumerable`1, Func`2, IComparer`1)
Verse.GenCollection:MaxBy(IEnumerable`1, Func`2)
Hospitality.JobGiver_Relax:GetJob(Pawn, List`1, Job&)
Verse.AI.ThinkNode_JobGiver:TryIssueJobPackage(Pawn, JobIssueParams)
Verse.AI.ThinkNode_PrioritySorter:TryIssueJobPackage(Pawn, JobIssueParams)
Verse.AI.ThinkNode_Priority:TryIssueJobPackage(Pawn, JobIssueParams)
Hospitality.ThinkNode_FilterGuestRooms:TryIssueJobPackage(Pawn, JobIssueParams)
Verse.AI.ThinkNode_Priority:TryIssueJobPackage(Pawn, JobIssueParams)
RimWorld.ThinkNode_Duty:TryIssueJobPackage(Pawn, JobIssueParams)
Verse.AI.ThinkNode_Priority:TryIssueJobPackage(Pawn, JobIssueParams)
Verse.AI.ThinkNode_Conditional:TryIssueJobPackage(Pawn, JobIssueParams)
Verse.AI.ThinkNode_Priority:TryIssueJobPackage(Pawn, JobIssueParams)
Verse.AI.ThinkNode_Tagger:TryIssueJobPackage(Pawn, JobIssueParams)
Verse.AI.ThinkNode_Subtree:TryIssueJobPackage(Pawn, JobIssueParams)
Verse.AI.ThinkNode_Priority:TryIssueJobPackage(Pawn, JobIssueParams)
RimWorld.ThinkNode_JoinVoluntarilyJoinableLord:TryIssueJobPackage(Pawn, JobIssueParams)
Verse.AI.ThinkNode_Priority:TryIssueJobPackage(Pawn, JobIssueParams)
Verse.AI.Pawn_JobTracker:DMD<DMD<EndCurrentJob_Patch1>?-1040466432::EndCurrentJob_Patch1>(Pawn_JobTracker, JobCondition, Boolean, Boolean)
Releases / Re: [1.1] Schwartz's Mods
April 13, 2020, 03:14:30 PM
Updated Extended Fabrics, added three Bulk mods. If you find any issues with EF, give me a call.
Really odd bug with Pick Up And Haul:

I have a steel storage #1 set to low with several thousand steel, as well as a single-tile steel storage #2 set to normal with 700 steel. They're supposed to haul from the low to the normal stockpile.

However, what happens is that they'll pick up ~20 steel, run halfway to stockpile #2, then turn around and come back. They will also repeatedly pick up ~20 steel, then drop it right next to the big stack at #1. Then merge stacks. And repeat.

This is in conjunction with XXL Stacks and Storage Tweaks. I have unloaded Storage Tweaks for testing purposes and it still happens.
Releases / Re: [1.0] Locks
November 22, 2019, 02:57:02 PM
Is it possible that either you haven't set any owners, or that a change in ownership hasn't been applied yet?
Vanilla bionics as well as RBSE currently work like this:

A natural arm fills the slot for the arm, for the hand, for the 5 fingers.
A bionic arm fills the slot for the arm, but leaves hand & finger slots empty (destroyed). This makes no sense.

This leads to the problem that a gun shot cannot target hands & fingers anymore, and therefore bionic soldiers have a higher incidence of losing whole limbs. Someone made a trial run where natural soldiers got more damaged bodyparts and missing fingers, while bionic soldiers lost their bionic arms / legs more often.

We could call this a tradeoff, but it doesn't really make sense. What I would love to see would be bionic limbs to include bionic hands/feet/fingers/toes. When you lose bionic fingers or toes, they can be replaced with some plasteel, like RBSE offers replacing natural digits with medicine. You could have a bionic arm but have your bionic hand shot off, requiring you to replace the hand even though you've got the arm.

This would require some rebalancing, as having both arm & hand or leg & foot would give too many bonuses.

Anyway, food for thought and obviously not a trivial change.
General Discussion / Re: Late game ship encounters
August 21, 2019, 05:58:36 PM
I always use 3-4 EMP grenadiers to take down a ship, and we're talking ~100 mechanoids total. But then I have a lot of colonists.

I position the grenadiers just close enough to hit the 4 corners of the ship. I assign 2 shielded brawlers to each grenadier, as the scythers will be going for them first. The other colonists I deploy roughly in a circle around the ship, trying to use natural cover. I don't build anything. Then I assign the grenadiers to toss and the charge rifle / assault rifle guys to fire just in time for the mechs to pop out when the grenades pop. I leave the grenades on autofire. Yes, the mechs only take the first stun and then show 'adapted' a bunch of times, but eventually that wears off and you can stun them again.
Releases / Re: [1.0] Psychology (2018-11-18)
August 20, 2019, 08:35:12 PM
Minor bug:

When 'hanging out' with someone or doing other forced activities like mayoral meetings, newly drafted colonists will not react to the first move order given. They will react to the second one.

Similarly, when they are in a forced activity and I tell them to prioritize crafting at a bionics bench, they'll come and move an unfinished item off the bench, then ignore the second part and go back to hanging out. I have to give the order twice.
Releases / Re: [B18/A17/A16] Stack XXL
August 18, 2019, 12:52:09 PM
Working fine here. You may have to save->load a game after changing Stack XXL settings.
I do play most of my bases all the way into deep endgame. I play Randy almost always, which lends itself to long-term games since it's the only one that you can survive past day X. When I choose mods, I choose them for fun, balance or endgame content. But nothing too crazy or too far from vanilla.

I agree that the early and mid game are the most fun. But late game doesn't have to be boring. When you sit on a big cache of money, raids become absolutely ridiculous. There is a certain appeal in the question "How can I use my 40 power armored, cybernetically enhanced, legendary weapon wielding badasses to defend against this two-group pirate raid of 30 doomsdays, 30 triple rockets and a few dozen grenades and molotovs?" The answer to that question, if you're curious, is guerilla tactics and a whole lot of luck.

The game changes when you have legendary gear and full-on bionics. It's fun to watch small caliber guns plink off the armor. Advancing on an entrenched position may no longer be a terrible idea. Drawing Heavy Blaster centipedes into a mass brawl may no longer be a terrible idea. They're still tough opponents - as long as you don't use cheese tactics like killboxes. Getting bionic colonists to stay alive past the age of 120 is also not a given. Projecting your force outward and dealing with dangerous modded world map events levels the playing field, since you can't bring your whole population to bear.
I'd say eating is an important one. Joy activities also, probably. Joy and Entertainment both serve the same purpose, don't they? If guests manage to keep themselves happy, that's one colonist job we can use elsewhere.

How about this: Eating will always take precedence. And joy takes precedence if the visitor hospitality gauge is over a certain %?
Can confirm. I've been wondering where that tink after putting in some bionics came from.
Small bug:

Entertainers don't care about what the guests are doing currently. They will often interrupt meals, which results in the meal dropping and the colonists claiming it as their own. Basically this is a mechanic that allows the player to steal food.

Perfect example: Guest just woke up and naturally wants to eat. Guest triggers entertainer because he hasn't been entertained in a while.

The rate of entertainment could also be lowered a bit. If the player has sufficient entertainers selected, the guests are being bothered non-stop and don't get much else done.
First of all thanks for this mod.

I noticed that the Armalite AR50 and a bunch of other anti-materiel rifles have no "Armor penetration %" listed in their tooltip, yet in the xml there appears to be a value present. Is it working as intended?
Small improvement I would like to see in Fertile Fields:

Constructing plowed soil has a decent chance of failure (possibly turning soil into rich soil as well? I didn't check). In my opinion, it shouldn't be able to fail. Mixing soil with fertilizer is about as simple as it gets, and for something like this where construction repeats every time a field is harvested and re-planted, it can get a bit annoying.