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Hi, I've been trying to fix this myself for a couple of days now, and I'm convinced it's a totally random mod conflict unrelated to the problem itself, or my save has been corrupted permanently by the conflicting mods already.

Very occasionally, seemingly at random intervals, my pawns will deliver resources to a building frame, start working on it after all have been delivered, fill up the little grid showing progress to 100%, then continue building so that one extra grid is drawn and walk away. The resource counter in the construction frame is empty again, and if I tell a pawn to build the bugged construction frame, they'll deliver the resources again, then build it for a tick and leave the frame unchanged, having just lost more resources into the void.

It happened every time when I tried to build a butcher's table, after which I turned on god-mode and just put one there. The other thing it happened to was walls - maybe 1 in 10 or 15 would glitch out. I have .. several mods, and I've tried removing all hauling-related mods (Pick Up And Haul, Share The Load, etc), all mods that modify jobs or work priorities (Job Splitter, Work Tab, etc). Here's my original mod list before I started removing mods to fix the error.

Mod Manager
Giddy-up! Core
Miscellaneous 'CORE'
[XND] Turret Extensions
1- UN-Colony [1.0]
2- UN-Furniture [1.0]
A Dog Said...
AlpacanModders Halo UNSC Weapons mod! In Beta
Apparello 2
Centralized Climate Control
Clone Bay
Dubs Bad Hygiene
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
Expanded Woodworking
[T] ExpandedCloth
Fences And Floors
[RF] Fishing [1.0]
[SYR] Individuality
Industrial Rollers
Let's Trade! [1.0]
Mechanite Augmentation
Misc. Bees'n'Honey
Misc. Incidents
Misc. MAI
Misc. TurretBase, Objects
Misc. Weapon Repair
Misc. Robots
Misc. Robots++
More Furniture [1.0]
More Mechanoids
More Linkables
More Vanilla Turrets [1.0]
[T] MoreBedsCloth
[T] MoreFloors
Power Logic
Questionable Ethics
[RF] Rainbeau Flambe - Storyteller [1.0]
[KV] RimFridge - 1.0
Rimsenal - Enhanced Vanilla Pack
Rimsenal - Security pack
Rimsenal Security - Turret Extensions Patch
RT Fuse
[SYR] Set Up Camp
[XND] Simple Plastic
Simply More Bridges
Spoons Hair Mod
[XND] TE Turret Expansion
Temperature Gauge
Toolmetrics Redux
VGP Vegetable Garden
VGP Garden Canning
VGP Garden Drinks
VGP Garden Gourmet
VGP Garden Fabrics
VGP Garden Medicine
VGP Garden Tools
VGP More Veggies
VGP Soylent Production
Smokeleaf Industry
[KV] Weapon Storage - 1.0
What the hack?!
Accurate Mortars
Additional Joy Objects
Advanced Marine Armor
Allow Tool
[XND] Animal Alerts
AnimalCollabProj ADS Patch
Animal Food Restrictions
Animal Gear
Animal Gear Basic
Animal Gear Horse
Animal Tab
Animals Logic
Area Unlocker
[XND] AutoOwl
Avoid Friendly Fire
Balanced Eclipse and Solar Flare
Better Pawn Control
Better Workbench Management
Blighted Alert
Bounded Roof Build Tool
Bulk Carrier
[SYR] Bullet Casings
Careful Raids
Ceiling Light [1.0]
[KV] Change Dresser - 1.0
Change map edge limit
[KV] Change Research Speed - 1.0
Chemicals & Neutroamine
Clear The Stockpiles
Colony Manager
Color Coded Mood Bar
Combat Readiness Check
Combat Training
[RF] Concrete [1.0]
Conduit Deconstruct
Crafting Quality Rebalanced
[1.0] DE Surgeries
Deafness and Blindness
Death Rattle
Deconstruct Return Fix
Dubs Mint Menus
Dubs Rimkit
Dubs Skylights
[FSF] Encounter Map Resources
[RF] Etched Stone Walls [1.0]
ETRT: Bulk Production Recipes
ETRT: Industrial Tweaks
ETRT: Medicine Production
ETRT: Power Usage Tweaks
ETRT: Room Size Tweaks
ETRT: Tribal Apparel
Export Agency
Extended Storage
Extended Storage Extended
Faction Discovery
Field Medic [1.0]
Floored Re-Reupload [1.0]
Fluffy Breakdowns
Food Alert
Fuel Economy
Gear Up And Go
Giddy-up! Battle Mounts
Giddy-up! Caravan
Giddy-up! Mechanoids
Giddy-up! Ride and Roll
Hardcore Armors
I Clearly Have Enough!
Incident Person Stat
Interaction Bubbles
Job Splitter
Just Ignore Me Passing
[KV] Keep Hands & Feet - 1.0
[1.0] Mass Graves
[1.0] Material Filter
Meals On Wheels
[1.0] Medical IV's
Medical Tab
Medical Training
Metal Doesn't Burn
Mining Priority
[T] MiscStuff
More Faction Interaction
More Harvest Designators!
More Vanilla Turrets - Turret Extensions Patch
[RF] Packed Lunches [1.0]
[KV] Path Avoid - 1.0
[RF] Pawns are Capable! [1.0]
Pick Up And Haul
Please Haul Perishables
Power Indicators
PriorityClean Mod
[CP] Prisoner Outfit (1.0)
[XND] Profitable Weapons
[SYR] Prosthetic Table
Quality Cooldown
[FSF] Rain Washes Away Filth
Range Finder
Real Gun Names
Realistic Darkness 1.0
Reclaim, Reuse, Recycle
Relations Tab
ReLearn - 0.3.0 [1.0]
Replace Stuff
[1.0] RePower
RePower VGP Patch
Rimworld Search Agency
Room Food
Safely Hidden Away
[KV] Save Storage, Outfit, Crafting, & Drug Settings - 1.0
Search and Destroy
SF [v1.0] Priority Treatment
Share The Load
Simple sidearms
Smart Medicine
Snap Out!
Snow Clearance Sanity
Stony campfire
[XND] Stuffed Flaks
Stuffed Floors
Supply and Demand
TD Enhancement Pack
[SYR] Terrain
[1.0] Terrain Zone Selections
The Birds and the Bees
The Price Is Right
The Rock Trade [1.0]
Toggle Harvest
[RF] Tribal Pawn Names [1.0]
Ugh You Got Me
Use Bedrolls
Veinminer R1.0
Verge of Galaxy (Music Mod) 1.0.0
[XND] Visible Pants
[XND] Watermill Tweaks
While You're Up [1.0]
[RF] Wild Cultivation [1.0]
Work Tab
SF Grim Reality 1.0
[RF] Rational Romance [1.0]
[XND] Ranged Stagger Rebalanced
[XND] Proper Shotguns
Weapon Tech
Weapon Tech - Turret Extensions Patch
Deadly Weapon Tweaks [1.0]
Cab's Beat The Meat [1.0/B19]
Cultured Meat
Damage Indicators
Hydroponics Growth Sync
Melee Hunting 1.0
Plant Growth Sync
Prisoner Capture and Manipulation
Reworked Temperature Extreme Events [1.0]
Simply Melee Weapons
Smoked meat
Veggie Blend 1.0
[RF] Fertile Fields [1.0]

Despite removing most of the mods I thought were related to the error I received, it always came back after a short time. Here are the details of the original error, to my best recollection: "Exception in JobGiver for pawn {name}: .. (job=Job_ConstructFinishFrame, lastJob=null) lastJobGiver=Verse.JobGiver.."

The stack trace makes no mention of any mods, but it does mention a job called HaulToContainer. As I was writing this post, I decided to launch the save that originally produced the error with my original modset, in order to reproduce the error message verbatim. However, since I had disabled the aforementioned mods in testing, I simply re-enabled them, moving them to the bottom of my load order, and the issue was completely resolved.

If anyone else has this issue, I'd recommend moving the following mods, if you gave them, to the bottom of your load order (but don't disable them, as Allow Tool seemed to leave a trace in my saved game, because the error persisted and mentioned a class called Haul+):

Pick Up And Haul
Please Haul Perishables
Share The Load
While You're Up [1.0]
Snow Clearance Sanity
Allow Tool
Job Splitter
Work Tab

Well, thanks for the help!
No, still on B18. I've never seen them haul while mounted, despite several attempts at different times to manually order a haul after draft-mounting them. They do rescue while mounted, provided they're drafted.
I'd like to report a behavior which I'm not sure if it's a bug with Giddy-Up, or, more likely, an incompatibility with one of the following: Achtung!, Hand Me That Brick, or Pick Up and Haul (at least I'd guess it's one of these).

When mounted, my colonists' work time could be 10x faster if they didn't dismount to pick up items to haul. I've tried drafting the colonist, mounting, then manually prioritizing several hauling jobs. They always ride over, but dismount to pick up the items. Is this a reported incompatibility, or am I just doing something wrong?
Is this version for either B18 OR 1.0 experimental, or only 1.0?
I figured, thanks for the response! It just made it difficult to find errors from other mods since they'd be washed out by the logs.
With a few of your objects on the map, my console is constantly spammed every half second with numbers unaccompanied by any errors or messages. Attached is a screenshot. Any idea what's going?

[attachment deleted due to age]
Yes, their own mounts. Thanks so much, waiting is no problem! :)
NoImageAvailable, I wanted to say that you've made a great mod that I can't live without! I also use the Giddy-Up! series of mods for mounted battles, and as I'm sure you've heard of the incompatibility between the two mods (mounted soldiers often shoot their mounts), I wanted to ask if you could, at least as a temporary compatibility patch, disable riders' projectiles from being able to hurt their mounts? I know it's a little out of your way to support compatibility with other mods, especially ones adding behavior as complex as mounted fighting, but it seems like a fairly quick fix that would alleviate a rather large incompatibility. Thanks for what you do!
Roolo, I know the problems with mounted combat and CE are well-documented and, as you say, difficult to ix on your end. As a temporary fix, would it be possible to simply disable projectiles fired by the rider hitting the mounted animal? I love your mods, especially this series, but I currently have to micromanage every battle by forbidding mounted combat because my animals *always* get shot. I know that CE replaces the projectile damage system with its ballistic model, so maybe there's nothing you can do in terms of a patch. If that's the case, I suppose I should pose this same question to CE's author instead?

Thanks for all your work, and I'm really looking forward to your newest mod, What the Hack!

Edit: I'd also like to mention that even with the "No mounted hunting" option enabled, my hunters still ride animals to hunt and end up shooting them to death :(