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Ideas / A few tweaks for the "Unknown Nomads" quest
December 06, 2020, 01:05:05 AM
I would like to see a few tweaks made to the "Unknown Nomads" quest, particularly related to when they betray you.  (Note that I've only had the quest once, and in that one time they betrayed me at the end, so I'm not sure if there's an outcome where they DON'T betray you...)

What ended up happening to me is ten nomads pulled steel shivs on my 12 extremely experienced, well-equipped colonists...  It didn't end well for the nomads, and to be honest, it was a lackluster ending to the quest.  Worse still, it didn't make sense from a logical standpoint.

Here's the list.

1:  Instead of simply deciding to pull out their knives all at once (especially against a super developed colony, like mine is), they would probably come together and try to steal weapons/armor. 

Since the nomads (now your enemies) have gotten thoroughly introduced to your storage and the location of your items, they should be able to use some of them.  Preferably weaker armor/weapons - things like doomsday rockets and charge lances, along with things like cataphract/marine power armor wouldn't be picked up - normal people probably wouldn't know how to use those, and there's also the fact that having such things in the hands of numerous enemies inside your base would not be good for balance.

2:  Once the group has betrayed you, they should have no problems opening doors since they know the ins and outs of your base.

It's one thing for a foreign faction or a prisoner to not be able to open your base's doors.  The doors might have locks, keys, codes - you name it, and those enemies wouldn't know the codes or have the keys, but these nomads would.  They've been walking around freely for ages now, and as such once they betray you they should be able to maneuver as freely as they did when they were friendly.

3:  The group should also be able to decide to simply steal as much as they can and flee, rather than fight.

This is an option as a possible alternative to them trying to kill everyone.  The game rolls some dice, crunches some numbers, and an option is chosen - kill, or loot.  Once the "YOU'VE BEEN BETRAYED" dialogue appears, instead of the hostiles attempting to simply kill whatever's in sight, they would make a beeline for valuables...  This time, no holds barred.  Gold, jade, legendary items, decorations, you name it - they'll steal it.  It's your job to keep them from doing so.

4:  People you've recruited from the nomad group should have a chance of warning you that the nomads will betray you.

Pretty simple.  A notice will appear that (recruited nomad's name) told (native colonist's name) that (nomad group) is planning on betraying (colony name) in a select way.  This will allow you to prepare in advance - either allowing you to preemptively arrest/kill the nomads or otherwise bolster your defenses.  This is especially useful if some of my other ideas are implemented.  Since the nomad you've recruited obviously likes your colony enough to stick around, it stands to reason they'd like you enough to warn you about what their pals are planning, right?  In addition, the whistleblower should get a social buff from all your colonists - in other words, your colonists will like them more for having blown that whistle.  The title in the social list could be "whistleblower", or something like that.

5:  Nomad betrayal should impact the mood of your colony.

Something like "We trusted them...  And they betrayed us!"  It wouldn't be a huge debuff, but it would be nice for immersion.  Maybe -5 for a few days.


With all these tweaks implemented, if the nomads decide to betray you it would be a lot more immersive.  It would look like a coordinated effort, and would have a larger effect on your colony - either by a larger material cost via stolen goods, or a manpower cost by the killing/wounding of more colonists due to a more well-prepared, efficient enemy.

Or if the whistleblower scenario happens, you'd have a new colonist who all of your colonists automatically take a liking to, in addition to giving you the chance to take action before the betrayal occurs in the first place.

Most importantly - it would add more opportunity and depth to the juicy stories we all know and love.

I hope you like my ideas!