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Probably is a game bug.
Quote from: Canute on January 09, 2021, 04:40:46 PM
one of the pawn should have a "?" over the head, select one of your pawn and interact with these pawn.
Hint: if the event notification, the blue sign at the right side, still there just move the mouse over it and you will get an arrow that point toward that "?".
Just watch out for those little markers on your screen.
Quote from: Canute on January 01, 2021, 04:33:45 AM
Did you maybe claim some of the wall's of the ancient ?
Then i could think that is the reason.
Did the hives spawn only inside or just close by the structure and some hive just opened inside ?
I think that could happen too, but i don't know certainly.

And the auto. homezone is one of the thing i disable first at a new colony. I don't want that some cleaner move across the map to clear a growing zone over an ambrosia sprout or over some defence wall i build temporary.
Yeah you must have claimed something for it to happen.
General Discussion / Re: Questions from a newbie
January 06, 2021, 04:01:19 AM
Quote from: Canute on December 30, 2020, 02:02:53 PM
1. Basicly you need to learn it your own. Bow vs. mashine gun, you shouldn't do an open firefight.
Seek cover !!
Position your colonist behind wall, so they can fire from behind the wall while the raiders either don't have cover or they move to seek some cover too (trees,chunks).
You can micromanagment your pawn's too, when the raiders start to shoot back, move your pawn safe behind the wall, so the raider start moving again.
Mellee weapons work's well too. Position your pawn's behind the walls and move then at the edge when the raider are to move by it. Best would be to concentrate 3 of yours next to the doorway.
Place traps before these doorways. Steel if you can affort that, wood works too but then you need to build twice so much.

2. Once you have the electric smelter, you can smelt many weapons to get some resources back. (smeltable, below good, while you can use good+ self or sell)
Other you can sell. (non-smeltable, good and above)
All other just place somewhere at open space so they rot away. (non-smeltable quality below good)
Check the stockpile filters smeltable/non-smeltable  and quality.

3. Depend on your style. Some people accept anyone but they don't care less if someone die.
Personaly i only accept pawn's when they can do all jobs, or are real good in a job i need.
You need at last
Crafter (better have 2 to craft good appareal for all pawns and for selling)
Cook (unless you like to use Nutripaste dispenser)
Doctor (better to have 2, just in case)
Animal handling (Animals for hauling, or for animal products like wool,milk,eggs,chemfuel,meat)
Social (trading, prisoner recruiting)
10-20% would be good for mellee fight too, like brawler,tough traits.
I second this post. You should learn what's best for you and your style.
Quote from: Alenerel on December 31, 2020, 03:43:29 PM
I read somewhere that glitterworlds are completely hedonistic, with orgies and all kinds of pleasures going on. If the warp existed, they would breed Slaanesh in minutes.

So because of this, I dont think they would give the slightest shit about your 6 bionic limbs.

Even more, if you went with archotech limbs they wouldnt even question it, but if you went with bionics they would probably think "look at this simpleton with this old technology lol"
Yes, I can agree with this.
Quote from: Canute on January 04, 2021, 08:28:15 AM
These 1% is like when you stumble at open road because there is a little rock or your shoelace was open.
When that happen at the trap area....
Mosttimes my animals hit the traps much more then my pawns. And mosttimes my front entrance is full of traps.
Overall i don't have any problems with it.
I agree. There are some parts of it that doesn't really matter to me.