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I'm happy that cannons work for you. As for strawberries, IDK it's just what you want. It's easy to grow, short time but low amount per cell.
Quote from: Reviire on July 26, 2016, 12:39:30 AM
So, i might need a bit of help. How in the world do you deal with crashed ships with henry rifles and gatling guns? Mechanoids shrug off bullets from these like they're nothing.

Cannons are the answer. Look at stats of ammo. Explosive cannonball can do significant damage and have superior penetration but you have to lure mechanoids to you because range on them is crappy. With henry rifles you can kill scythes but centipedes have to good armor. I recommend also to set few traps around crashed ship. Remember to buy or craft few EMP and frag grenades it can help a lot. If you play with ATVs than use them to haul cannons on good position, they're fast. Good luck
Quote from: Xig on July 25, 2016, 12:25:23 AM
Quote from: Grogfeld on July 24, 2016, 12:31:19 PM
I would be cautious about stats multiplier. I've just set GlobalLearningFactor on 0.25 and my builder just went down by one level in a minute :D  Forget about it, I'm a derp

EDIT: Ok, not so derpy as I thought. So Pawn who cut trees doesn't lose level but EXP is decreasing. I think it's because he has no passion in Growing.

.25 would be 25%, meaning you're gaining 1/4th of the XP you'd normally gain.

1.25 would be an increase of 25%.

EDIT: Just as well, XP decreases over time. Your pawn, with no passion in plant cutting, gains 33% of normal XP. And since you set XP to 25% the normal rate already, he's gaining an amount so insignificant that the natural decrease is faster.*

* This is a theory.
I know that skill degenerate over time and 25% of 33% (without passion) is insignificant BUT if set to 0.25 EXP falls down with hundreds per sec. which is insane. try it by yourself just find in your save game <scenario> tag and between <parts> paste:
<li Class="ScenPart_StatFactor">

If set higher then 0.7 everything works fine. Pawns gain XP slow as intended.
I've set GlobalLearningFactor on 25% in Scenario editor to slow down learning speed. It works on Pawns with jobs that they are passion about (x100%/150%) but Pawns without interested or burning got reversed effect. EXP is decreasing.
I would be cautious about stats multiplier. I've just set GlobalLearningFactor on 0.25 and my builder just went down by one level in a minute :D  Forget about it, I'm a derp

EDIT: Ok, not so derpy as I thought. So Pawn who cut trees doesn't lose level but EXP is decreasing. I think it's because he has no passion in Growing.
Outdated / Re: [A14] More Traits v1.3
July 19, 2016, 01:36:07 PM
Cool mod, I like more traits it gives more life to game. I have some strange bug (?) all my pawns have mood change for religious trait but they haven't got one. Is it a bug or it's because they are tribesman? Even if it's a bug it quite fit good into the scenario where they, as a tribe, warship some pagan god or just practitioning shamanism.

EDIT: I forgot. I installed this mod and played on old save, so it could be it. If so consider it as an idea to implement ;)
Quote from: Hunter00064 on July 18, 2016, 04:53:09 AM
Will this be updated?  This is a must-have mod for me.
The only person I know of that make use of this mod in his modpack is jackarbiter, and than it's obsolete because of NIA's CR inventory mechanics.
General Discussion / Re: Rimworld Without a GPU
July 07, 2016, 12:19:40 PM
I'm playing on my old laptop with Intel Pentium B960 CPU and it's HD 2000, so no worries.
Quote from: Voker57 on June 18, 2016, 03:59:48 PM
Bug (?): Writing reference books uses and improved Research skill, but somehow only colonists with Art enabled do it.

It's how tables work, there could be only one work-giver/job attached to that table/workbench. Writing desk is used by Artist, so everything is linked to that work-giver, but recipes have is own skill restrictions/usage and writing reference book use/improve research skill. It's not a problem because recipes, most of the time, have high skill requirement, so even if you give artist work to your research and actual artist then your artist will not go write reference books because he has less research skill then required.
U la la, Sieppo, you really shouldn't install so many mods. Jack added and adjusted many mods so they feel better in long gameplay. It's really important to play it only as it is and maybe install mods that improve UI.
Here is my mods that shouldn't conflict with game notice Hospitality (new beds only for visitors, visitors can be recruited and help to improve relations it's CR compatible):
    <li>Community Core Library</li>
    <li>Community Core Library - Vanilla Tweaks</li>

As you can see there are no additional game changing mods.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Almost all mods from your list are in this mod, but are hidden in research tree. Your first gameplay should be with raw ARBRealisticResearch. Look into assemblies folder and remove all this mods,that you installed that are in this folder but really try ARBRealisticResearch without additional mods, add maybe only this that I presented because they help and not change gamplay. :)

Loadout Generator is from CR, probably one of mods have conflict with it.
Quote from: Sieppo on June 16, 2016, 02:48:31 PM
Thanks for the answer! I did not install combat realism. As far as I remember (the game is on my other computer, cannot check now). Are you sure it's not partly a part of this mod? I found about the loadout with searching but it did not work. The colonists did not pick up any ammo regardless of loadout. The mod-combination must be broken somehow :/..

CR is in this modpack. Jack, just integrated every mod he wanted into one folder, you can see this in assemblies folder, there are all .dll files from different mods also first page has BIG FAT WOT (wall of text ;)) with description of every changes to integrated mods.

For me loadouts work really well, have you make them with tutorial from post I pointed out? Pawns do take stuff if they aren't draft. Draft, basically, is manual control over colonist so they do EVERYTHING that you say to them, except when they are suppressed and searching for cover and run in front of the bunker ;)

Quote from: Sieppo on June 16, 2016, 04:16:47 PM
I also noticed that some weapons show the box for ammunition next "draft" and some not.

Could you tell which one? Bows and other one-shoot weapons doesn't have this texture.

Basically, this mod should be played as it is delivered so if you're using other mods there could be problems.
Quote from: Sieppo on June 16, 2016, 09:52:14 AM
I started a new game with A13 after some time and some mods including this one. I seem to have ammo now. And stone arrows for example. The problem is, that my colonists seem not to know how to use them. Is there a trick (maybe a quiver etc)? They just go hunting for example with the short bow and leave the arrows on the stockpile..

Ammo is from CR (Combat Realism) for more help go to CR topic ( here a good tutorial ) but to use ammo you must create loadout. It's in tab where you can make outfit for your colonists. There you can specify for example"hunter" and give him short bow and few arrows and he'll pick it by himself and refill when he needs it. For default loadout you have "Nothing". Pawn will carry everything what you will order him but when you create new loadout and assign it to someone, he will drop on the ground everything that's not in loadout table. REMEMBER: Don't mess with "Nothing" one because you can see bugs, or destroy your save files. 
Quote from: CrownBee on June 15, 2016, 09:41:24 PM
I love the marathon game feel, so I would like to accentuate that more. I think that reference books should not be able to be written by the colonists (they should represent outside knowledge). This will stall the tech growth in the Industrial Revolution / Cowboy Era until enough books can be accumulated.

It is interesting but there are some issues. For example how get this books? If by trader then it should be really rare and only one at a time. But then you could be doomed by RNGod. It could be triggered by events. I actually thought about it recently and with Miscellaneous mod from Haplo there is an event called rumors with outside map investigation. It could help to create an event where you could get reference books from this investigations and then write a book to summarize its knowledge and create different book stands as requirement for different techs. Actually, Jack, you could add it and just change rumors rewards, settings are in XML so no code changing.

Rimworld isn't about researching new stuff and technologies but to adapt to new environment, survive and this mod in some areas makes me feel that it goes in this direction.

I really like how Jack makes this mod. Every time I'm playing I get new story.

Well that's my 2 cents (or 2 grosze in Poland).
Reclaiming fabric works only on stuff made of stuff ;) Jokes aside, it works only on things that have in name fabric that are made of, for example "cloth parka" will give you cloth. If tools were made of steel (steel tools) then you would get steel from them etc.

I don't remember correctly but on mountain and hilly places there should always be gold on map. Remember that there are always traders ;) and no, space traders showing chance is the same as in vanilla.
1. Yea, my small addon was created in haste just to address slow smelting work problem. To get any other resource without altering source code, you would need to add few recipes to workbench, which isn't that bad because there is so little recipes at electric smelter. I could add some recipes by myself and balance out this infinite steel production. So no more steel from stone arrows :P

2. Description doesn't show ammo type if you want to craft a weapon.