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General Discussion / Drugs : Tollerance, addiction
October 28, 2016, 07:37:28 AM

I'm sure this topic must have been around multiple time ( I found some here, and some information on reddit/wiki).

However I'm still totally confused by the actual system even after reading multiple time some stuff around, and testing in game.

I am looking to know if there is some magic number I could use in the policies system to avoid addiction.

For instance, at first I was using some yayo/flake after a raid. Then I added a policy to allow my pawn to get one dose every 4 days for each with different mood level (17% and 5%) but it turned out that most my pawn got addicted quickly. (Was annoying to give manually)

Then I stopped using the flake (and use smoke leaf instead), but keep the yayo every 7 day if needed - but I still got one pawn that was able to get addicted to the yayo. None of my pawn have a trait that is drug related, and none of them did go on a binge for them or something like this.

I'v also added the beer every 2 day for joy - but it doesn't seem worth it.

Are drug even possible to use in a safe way that is still worth it ?
The only one that I could want to use often would be the luciferium, but it's not possible to find enough of it when you have a decent amount of pawn. (randy random)

Drugs show an addictivness stat but I don't know "how much I lost per day of it" or even if different dug affect each other (like flake/yayo as they use the same material)
Ideas / Hauling (to stockpile)
January 07, 2015, 01:33:15 PM
Is there a way to avoid seeing our colonist always haul less than he can only because there is a part of stack in the stock pile ?

Ex :
You have mined some iron, and already have 45 iron in your stockpile.
the first guy will always haul only 30 iron, to complete the stack, instead of hauling 75.

it's HIGHLY annoying because if you have some stuff that you use a lot (iron ...) to do quick craft for example, each time your hauler will only haul a few iron.