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Quote from: ZestyLemons on November 03, 2016, 12:50:27 AM
Quote from: ChimpX on November 02, 2016, 10:06:22 AM
Actually my point is that the tiled path I'm referring to *is* the shortest, direct, straight-line route between points A and B, but I  see my colomists regularly wander off it, through unpaved (slower movement rate) terrain, then back onto it, meandering their way from A to B.

I've been seeing them do this even before beer and drugs were in the game, so it can't be that.

Maybe it's by design to have a certain randomness in the pathing. Still, it doesn't seem right.

Could you provide some examples of your paths? Are colonists just going for a walk, or doing work tasks?

There is little point to make a screenshot, as it's really simple to see this "problem".

Tynan is also perfectly aware of this. Pawn always go for the "straight" path, and on anything but short path choice, they won't use the path you could expect.

For instance,
If you have a (B)ase, an (E)ntrance, a mountain in front of it (at some distance, say 100 tiles) and only one quick way to go trough it with a straight line from your base to this way.

(1) if the thing they want isn't aligned, they ignore the straight line and go in diagonal to be the CLOSER possible quickly to (2). Then the path system find they can't just keep in diagonal to reach it because of the (M)ountain, check around, find the (W)ay and go to it (in diagonal, again). In the end, they avoid using a straight line, regardless of the speed.

On a very short range, they do try to avoid being slow, but on long range as they don't "see" really far.

The mod help a lot for this, but also impact the performance. Obviously it impact a lot during raid, but as you are likely stuck with the normal speed, it's not THAT much a big deal.
yeah, I can see why it would happen on big map. however, with the modded tile my guys can't even cross sometime more than 20 square distance, so there is something wrong with this.
In case someone would try to use it,

mod that add floor with hight speed (like the sensor panels from, they give 162% speed) break this mod as an error pop up saying they search for over 160 000 cell, leaving your pawn stuck.

I didn't need more than about 10 modded tiles to have the error happen, so don't use it. (edit : I mean, don't use the tile, not this mod, it's a great one)

Thx for the reply,  I did another medicine tech (because of others mods) and it was why I wasn't able to find the craft in game. now it's all good :3

sadly none of my crafter are good at medicine, so I will need to wait a bit.

first of all, thx for the mod mate, I do enjoy it quite a lot (even if as a caveman it's a bit hard to grow stuff, it's doable ^^)

A have a few thing I want to talk about :

-I saw in the description that it should have a neutro-something recipe from the neutro flower plant. (Sorry, don't have the name off my mind ...) I triedto look into the recipe def for the NeutroPetals, but found nothing. So I added manually a new recipe for it, but I wonder why it's in the description if the last version do not have it ? Or it's somewhere else hidden ?

-Tofu is both plant & meat when you need to cook. It's annoying when cooking lavish meal (or whatever else that need both), because they ignore my corn and use tofu for the plant part, while it's way more time consuming to use tofu instead of corn. If I disable todu in the plant section of the recipe in game (bill), it can't be used as meat.
So i removed the tag plant on the tofu, but well...
General Discussion / Re: Drugs : Tollerance, addiction
October 28, 2016, 08:46:31 AM

wow, sound the reddit link have quite a good amount of information. If it's true, I have my answer. thx ! *start reading*
General Discussion / Re: Drugs : Tollerance, addiction
October 28, 2016, 07:42:55 AM
Quote from: Alphanoob393 on October 28, 2016, 07:39:48 AM
Treat them like a cash crop

.. not the point here. Doesn't boost the mood/performance of my pawn.
General Discussion / Drugs : Tollerance, addiction
October 28, 2016, 07:37:28 AM

I'm sure this topic must have been around multiple time ( I found some here, and some information on reddit/wiki).

However I'm still totally confused by the actual system even after reading multiple time some stuff around, and testing in game.

I am looking to know if there is some magic number I could use in the policies system to avoid addiction.

For instance, at first I was using some yayo/flake after a raid. Then I added a policy to allow my pawn to get one dose every 4 days for each with different mood level (17% and 5%) but it turned out that most my pawn got addicted quickly. (Was annoying to give manually)

Then I stopped using the flake (and use smoke leaf instead), but keep the yayo every 7 day if needed - but I still got one pawn that was able to get addicted to the yayo. None of my pawn have a trait that is drug related, and none of them did go on a binge for them or something like this.

I'v also added the beer every 2 day for joy - but it doesn't seem worth it.

Are drug even possible to use in a safe way that is still worth it ?
The only one that I could want to use often would be the luciferium, but it's not possible to find enough of it when you have a decent amount of pawn. (randy random)

Drugs show an addictivness stat but I don't know "how much I lost per day of it" or even if different dug affect each other (like flake/yayo as they use the same material)
Quote from: skullywag on August 12, 2016, 03:39:42 PM
ill double check my end, as i said ive done very little playtesting, it could be it broke in one of the minor alpha updates since i played it last.

It's nothing major anyway, it can wait. Just wanted to make it clear there is a problem :)
I would have changed it myself and send back if it was something doable for me.
With the latest ccl/ light mod you uploaded, path light are active under any condition.

The "Power" show when you select it do not change anything.

they emit some light during night, eclipse, or under a roof, at 0% charge, even when they are never charged (= build after you put a roof on top of them).

It's totally free (beside 10 steel) of use and works 24/24.

unless that's another damn weird bug like the last one, that's it, and it only affect some people and not other.

[Tested as I'm writing this with only CCL and your mod, like usual]
Quote from: skullywag on August 12, 2016, 01:02:20 PM
wait wait wait, does the released version not contain the solar version of the path lamps, they should show energy accumulation in the info panel.
They do show infos but don't care for me. They give same light regardless of the power level.
Path lamp can only be placed outside ... so unless you abuse the roof system to unroof an area, place the lamp, and roof the area, it's rather fine : one hit and the thing die, and if it's outside, you already have half the day with light anyway.

They should use "solar power" (outside of power grid, mostly a flavor thing) and accumulate energy during the day to power themself during the night ...but atm, they power all the time regardless if they can accumulate some energy or not, hance not complete yet, I guess.
The way I see it, if it would be possible to copy skills and trait from a pawn to another, it wouldn't be like this : item wouldn't be able to hold this kind of data on their own.

I know you can change traits. I know it was possible to increase skill of someone ... but having them change based on another pawn ?

At best it remind me an old mod, that allowed to have your pawn act like a hive : all were connected and shared same skill, using a sort of electric hivemind building.

So if it's possible, it sound really complicated IMO, and not the way you actually see it. but I'll let people that actually mod rimworld think about it :p
I'm not sure you did understand how it works, vastrix.

the efficiency you see on the left side of the health tab is a value that come from :
-if you have a body part of not (not having a brain => 0% consciousness)
-if the part is damaged or not (damaged mean you go from 100% to something lower than this)
-How many part is linked for each thing. Movement require two leg, so you get a value of (100+100)/2. With a scar than reduce 10% of a leg, you get (100+90)/2=95%.
-If you replace a brain by a Ai chip, you loose the value of the brain but get the value of the AI chip instead (AI chip is 100%).
-Each part can give additional bonus. Drugged rib give -5% consciousness.

So your brain have a base value of 100% (AI chip), isn't damaged, and you get -5% for the drigged rib. All is cool and works fine.

Source is usually the release for small mod that don't use dll, no ? when I think of it, even with ddl it doesn't matter, he do what he want regardless on how github works. (source = release)

Only the outdoor lamp don't use power (path light, that's the name i think).
The wall light need 50, while the ceilling one need 150. I only use the wall one because of the power ... they don't use stuff as material, so they are quite limited late game when you want more beauty anyway. (chandelier ftw)