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Yes, it was Outfitter.
Quote from: M00nStalker on February 07, 2017, 09:43:18 AM
Quote from: Oragepoilu on February 07, 2017, 08:59:03 AM

If I have to guess, you are using more mod than this modpack. Can you please tell us if that's the case ? (and check before answer this)
Yes I do. However I seem to remember having this option when I didn't, but apparently not. I apologize for this, I actually just assumed it was part of the base game/mod pack since it was so obvious. It really should be.

Actually i am more looking to know what mod you added to have it, since it looks like it works for you it should for us too and could be a decent addition. I know some way to solve this problem, but I when I gave a try it messed up my save.

If I have to guess, you are using more mod than this modpack. Can you please tell us if that's the case ? (and check before answer this)

I use both of mine with no trouble into caravan (alone that's it, I'm just looking for glowstone atm).


This kind of error is harmless. but there is more under it, that we can't see with a screenshot.
If you want to show an error, use another way :
-if windows/steam go into \Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\RimWorldWin_Data and open output_log.txt
then just copy his content, save, and the actual address will be changed. Just copy it and use it to share the text
you could also upload the file but for simple text that's just as simple to share paste bin link (or similar)

-if windows/non steam it's almost the same, just go in the folder you installed rimworld
About terminator stuff,

I got early game one terminator (with the flavor text pop up), and a T-1000 I recruited later (put in prison a pawn from a drop pod, recruit, wait a bit, he die, I get a flavor message about terminator dying, and then he reborn and I can keep it).

I doubt it's intended to work this way though (because of the message). But now I have a second war-machine. :D

Might want to look a bit further into this.

Well you know, if you want to have a perma debuff of mood this option if useful, as it allow you to wear only gear that come from corpses ....

Yeah, should be obvious, it's just an option that is not here for the outfit part but for the trading/burn apparel part. For instance, make a special stockpile and a working station near it with boht a filter to allow only deadman's apparel and a bill with low range/burn or deconstruct apparel.

The opposite should have been done too, I have no freaking idea why it haven't be done in the base game yet.

However, pawn shouldn't wear any d's unless they have *nothing* else. they should wear it only in case where :
-if they wear nothing, they get a mood debuff (naked)
-if they wear something, it give worst modd debuff than wearing this d's apparel

Try craft some replacement for your deadman gear and look if they swap it. And check if you, by accident, force some gear on them.

Some mod already do it ( but I'm not sure it's compatible.

There is also some other option - I make compost of corpses, so I don't have dead man gear. If someone survive I do strip it to get his gear but otherwise I don't (only exception is battle gear for my terminator :P).
I did a try and added on my own the melee hunting mod, but it doesn't seems to works.

Do someone was able to make it work somehow for this pack ? I can't find much information about this not working.

It would be more convenient than either waste ammo on animals I could melee, or force myself to manually order my pawn around to hunt.

Well, if in the end it's not possible to have auto melee hunting, I guess I'll just try to have some fish.

@little kitsune
It use +- 3000 power. Around. Can't tell exactly, I just removed one wire and checked before/after my power usage.
How do I get the "ash" for the herbal medicine craft ?

I have some but I have no idea how I got them.
Releases / Re: [A16] SeedsPlease!
February 04, 2017, 07:55:31 PM

First of all, thx for this mod, I find it really cool.

However, I end up having too much "random difficulty" because once associated with other mod (I'm talking about SK hardcore),

between meteorite shower, biome location, randomness of trader, fire spread (because of raid etc), and incapacitation of my pawn with hight skill I end up not being able, after 3 years, to get any income of plants of any kind beside tree (as they can take more damage).

The best I had was a few peach & berry as I they grow wild, mostly useless for me (they quickly go away and I can't do anything with it beside some juice that is meh :P)

My question is : Will it be troublesome for my save if I remove this mod, after editing my save file and remove instance of your mod inside it ?

I am actually trying it regardless, and atm it looks like it run, but I'm not a modder and don't know if I'll be missing something else. If it's the case, I would appreciate to be aware about it.

thx for reading :)
Quote from: FreyaMaluk on February 03, 2017, 05:25:28 PM
@skyarkhangel this modpack is amazing!!! I can't imagine the amount of work you and your team have put into this. It has almost all the mods I want (No Best Pawn Control, or Colonist Bar)... the only thing I dislike is the change in textures of natural soils in all biomes... is there a way to change that to a more vanilla look? the soil in all biomes has a very saturated, dark brownish kinda look... don't like that at all... please include some options for a more vanilla-like experience... pleaaase ... :)

Wasn't this a recent change of A16 vanilla ? I think I saw this in the vanilla changelog A16.

#Rich soil is darker in color and so easier to see. (
Haha, impressive collection here. Up to recently I still had old pack & version too (including minami pack and other).

I'm pretty sure you should delete it though. just the fact you know you did it is impressive by itself. Unless you have a lot of space on your harddrive :)
Thx for the answer. I didn't know about it but now I know what I should be looking for.
Using latest version (I started a few hours ago).

I can't load my saves. Unless, that's it, I start a new game, then load my real colony once I'm actually in game.

Is there any information about this problem ?
Quote from: legion2303 on February 01, 2017, 04:13:25 PM
Anyone else having a problem were you get no raids?

Besides that the mod is great!


I think i'v read a few post before that wealth changed, and because of this you need to acquire more wealth (building/stockpile) than usual to be attacked (no point of attacking you if you have nothing to steal I guess)
Quote from: FreyaMaluk on February 01, 2017, 02:59:02 PM
a very stupid question.... how can I download this mod pack?? The link to GitHub has a lot of files and I really don't know what to click on...
Also tried the Nexus link, but the version is very updated... Can someone help??