RimWorld Alpha 16 – Wanderlust released!

Posted December 20th, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

RimWorld Alpha 16 – Wanderlust is released! This update adds a spherical world and the ability to travel across it with multiple caravans, having simultaneous encounters on the way and settling new colonies.

If you’re on Steam, your game will update automatically. Because of huge structural changes to the game, this update will break save games. If you want to continue an old save just change to the “alpha15” beta branch on Steam. To do so, go to Steam library, right-click RimWorld, click Properties, click the Betas tab, and use the drop-down to select the branch you want.

If you’re not on Steam, just download from your permanent personal download link – it’s always updated to the latest version.

Change list:

Spherical planet

  • World map is now modeled as a sphere covered with hexagons (and a few pentagons).
  • New map generation to make nicer mountain ranges, hill clusters, and continents.
  • Nice backdrop with stars and sun.
  • Time of day is modeled on the planet view; local time of day corresponds to how the sunlight hits the planet.
  • Time zones are now modeled, out of necessity.
  • New planet generation parameter: temperature. You can make worlds that are overall hotter or overall colder.
  • New planet generation parameter: rainfall. You can make worlds where there is overall more or less precipitation.
  • New biome: sea ice.
  • Factions can now have many bases; non-player factions generate with lots of bases.

Multiple simultaneous maps

  • There can now be multiple local maps active at once. For example, you can have your colony running as well, as a group of soldiers attacking an enemy base, at the same time.
  • The character bar at the top of the screen shows all of your colonists and allows you to change which map you’re looking at. It groups characters togehter by the map they’re on.
  • You can settle multiple colonies at once. However, for balance and performance reasons, the default limit is one colony at a time. This can be increased in the options menu if you want to experiment, but we don’t recommend it.


  • Player can now gather up groups of colonists, prisoners, and animals, and form caravans to travel across the world surface.
  • Caravans are formed using a special “create caravan” dialog, which allows you to easily decide what people, animals, and items should be included in the caravan up to its carry weight limit. The colonists do the busywork.
  • Caravans appear as units in the world map, where they can be ordered around similarly to drafted soldiers in the local map.
  • Caravans can be ambushed by enemy factions or manhunting animals. This produces a temporary local map.
  • Caravans can incidentally meet friendly traders and trade.
  • Caravans can visit other faction bases and trade with them. Faction bases have more stock and better prices than traders who come and visit your colony.
  • Caravans can attack faction bases. The game generates a simple faction base map with defenders and loot, and you raid it. If you defeat the defenders, you can move in and take over the base (for now, generated bases are quite simple.)
  • Caravans can settle and form new colonies.
  • You can abandon your bases to shift to new ones.
  • Caravans move at different speeds depending on the biome, the time of year (cold biomes close off with the winter snows), local hilliness, the movement speeds of people in the caravan, and whether there are wounded to carry.
  • It is possible to abandon people and items from caravans. Abandoning people will, depending on the context, produce sad thoughts from their friends and relatives, especially if you abandon them in circumstances that seem impossible to survive.

Travel victory

  • New game ending: A friendly person offers a ship, but it is distant, across the world map. If you travel there, you can escape the planet and complete the game. But, traveling there will take a long time and you’ll need to stop at various points to build up supplies or solve problems.

Transport pods

  • You can build transport pod launchers and transport pods. These let you launch their contents long distances across the world map, over oceans or mountains.
  • Pods can be targeted on empty world tiles, to send a caravan of people and gear there.
  • Pods can be targeted on enemy bases, where you can perform “drop-in” raids and drop right on top of the base, or drop outside it – just like raiders do to you!
  • Pods can be targeted on existing combat maps or other bases you control. This allows you to do things like resupply an ongoing siege with artillery shells (just like raiders do when besieging you), reinforce a weak caravan that just got ambushed, or send supplies and people between two bases you control.
  • Pods are loaded by selecting several and creating a “launch group”. An interface like that for creating caravans appears, allowing you to define what and who should be included. The colonists do the detail work.
  • Transport pods require chemfuel, which can be bought, founded, drilled from the ground, or refined from wood or food using the new refinery building.

Usability improvements

  • New research screen! Research projects are laid out visually according to their dependencies in a left-to-right arrangement similar to the Civilization games. Modders need to manually place their projects, but if two overlap the game will automatically move them apart.
  • Redesigned how medical system generates text feedback. Tooltips now contain much more information with less ambiguity. Wound tendings are now of any percentage quality (not just good/poor).
  • Game now warns you when you order slaughter of a bonded animal (because of the mood impact).
  • Added visual feedback thought bubbles for when pawns gain certain good and bad thoughts, so it’s easier to see when something just bothered or pleased them.
  • Rich soil is darker in color and so easier to see.
  • Added a “hold fire” toggle on drafted pawns that makes them not automatically shoot at enemies.
  • In order to avoid annoying players by having animals always follow their masters, even into combat, players can configure when animals will follow their masters. There are two toggles: Follow while drafted, follow while hunting/taming

Drugs and health

  • Drug rebalance. Increase drug addictiveness in general. Drugs can now damage the body in various ways: Alcohol can cause brain damage or liver cirrhosis or liver cancer, smokeleaf can cause asthma or lung cancer, psychite can damage kidneys, wake-up and go-juice can damage the brain, and generalized overdoses can cause brain damage.
  • Drugs are more lucrative on the market.
  • Added a third toggle in drug policy saying whether you can use the drug to feed an addiction, separately from joy usage.
  • There is now a random chance of a overdose when taking drugs, even if just taking one dose.
  • Added a way to administer specific drugs to people, including prisoners, animals, and downed people. So you can give Luciferium to someone who needs it.
  • Malari-block reworked into Penoxycyline, which prevents a wide variety of infections (not just malaria).
  • Drug chemical effects are modulated by body size. So elephants need a lot of beer to get hammered; squirrels not so much.
  • Luciferium occasionally heals old wounds/scars. Luciferium is harder to get (less of it in old shrines, higher prices).
  • Stats now stack differently (more additive, less multiplying) to reduce some exploits.


  • Reworked surgery failure into three modes – minor, catastrophic, and ridiculous. Ridiculous hits all body parts, minor and catastrophic hit parts near the surgery site.
  • Reworked trade prices across the board. Simplified trade price calculations and added rich tooltips to feed them back.
  • The mood effects from room impressiveness have been redesigned and rebalanced. Characters now have consistently reasonable thoughts about the quality of their personal room, so there is a reason to make better rooms (though high-quality rooms aren’t absolutely necessary). Mood effects from eating in or convalescing in nice/poor rooms are also more reasonable and better-fed back.
  • Rebalanced plant growth timings.
  • UI can now be scaled to arbitrary scaling factors, for players who play in really high resolution.
  • Rescued people (especially space refugees etc) should sometimes join the colony. If the environment isn’t survivable (e.g. bad temperature, toxic fallout) they should always join the colony.
  • Animals carrying inventory now have visible packs on.
  • Added new separate bills to stonecut each type of stone.
  • Prisoners are now temporarily marked “guilty” when they do certain actions, like killing a colonist or attempting escape. Guilty prisoners can be executed without mood penalties.
  • Faction names are now much more interesting and varied, and are separate from specific community names.
  • New Peaceful difficulty mode, for players who just want to build stuff. Disables major involuntary threats like raids.
  • Rename Megatherium -> Megasloth
  • New alert: Unhappy nudity
  • Backstories can be translated now
  • New translation tool gives a readout of exactly what translation data remains to be written and what data is unused.
  • Added proper chick peeping sounds.
  • You can now only request one trader per 4 days from a faction.
  • Colonists now get mood boosts for defeating big enemies or enemy faction leaders.
  • Cleaning and harvesting jobs are now given in batches (more efficient and sensible AI).
  • Default medical care for non-colonists is now herbal meds. Switches to best meds on recruit.
  • Rebalanced most range weapons so more time is in cooldown and less is in aiming – especially for light weapons.
  • Pawns generated below age 20 now have no adulthood backstory.
  • Hundreds of other balance improvements, exploit solutions, AI improvements, and bugfixes.

97 Responses to “RimWorld Alpha 16 – Wanderlust released!”

  1. Lomano


  2. Tom Chua

    Good bye sleep!

  3. Tatiana

    Seems sendowl is not yet updated. Download counter did not update since the last release. :'(

  4. ChimpX

    Holy Crap, Tynan. This game is turning into an absolute masterpiece.

  5. werwerwsx

    Thank you Tynan for being an amazing developer! This is all super exciting and I can’t believe traveling in caravans/raiding parties is finally a thing! Now all I need is a mod that adds ruins as travallable locations and I’ll be in heaven! …At least until the next update blows my mind anew… >.>

    Thank you again for all your hard work, I hope you find the time to take a break and enjoy the holidays, you deserve it.

  6. Jordon

    Wow what an update, but beware developer sprawl.. don’t want to lose the core game! Overall game has to be fun, not tedious. Excited to try though haven’t played since Alpha..14ish.

  7. Dragonisser

    Sounds like a perfect start for multiplayer 😉

  8. Katil Tekir

    I always wanted to be a nomad colony 🙂

  9. ciditi

    Good lord… this looks amazing! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

  10. Tobias

    Thank god my Christmas Vacation has just started.
    I am so glad I bought this gem…
    And if it ever hits GOG.com I will buy it again!

  11. Cornmacavre

    Awesome stuff, this is a HUGE update! Totslly new gameplay dynamic. Great work, can’t wait to dive in (even if I have to sacrifice some mods for a bit)

  12. Redklaxxon

    Thank you for continuing to develop this amazing game. There’s nothing quite like it. Your vision and hard work do you great credit. The updates keep me coming back and recommending it to friends. Enjoy the holidays!!

  13. Tanis

    wup wup!

  14. Alan


  15. jakub_

    i know you’ll probably not read this

    but for the next update,may you please add a custom map size to world generation so you can play on a 100m/100m map (like the one generated when your caravan gets attacked)

    :p minimaps are kawai

    -i do not know how to spell sincerialiy

  16. Kenneth P

    I have an idea for next update. Holiday/event system would go perfectly with procreation. Holidays or events, that you can assign on certain times or is triggered relative to time. Preferably it would be more awesome to assign the event or Holiday. This gives the opportunity to combat bad moods and brings more value into the game in terms of falling in love with Rimworld because you create history. Time in the game becomes more precious and historic considering the “event/holiday tab” can be used to value a ceremony of dead colonists, commemorate a beloved colonist hero, anniversary of crash landing, Christmas, Halloween, etc. It brings about culture in the game and I truly believe it would be an awesome feature if implemented: it builds in more story element. In terms of procreation, the event/holiday tab in the game would be fitting of human procreation considering at this point, time in the game has value and is structured enough. Along with human procreation an event/holiday tab would give emphasis of culture, variety of social interaction, and tradition. I hope this idea reaches Tynan.

  17. Gareth

    Hi Tynan.

    With this, from my point of view, you are starting to enter the land of giants.
    I unreservedly thank you for the development of this game. As a 43 year old gamer still going strong I will hold you up as an example to others in my future life.

    I’m considering founding a cult, in RL


    seriously, thanks.

  18. Artic Glory

    Wonderful!! I can finally settle on the poles. Thank you so much!

    2 things: is there a way to get more fine control over the temperature? The hottest setting puts summer around 50C, and the second hottest only to 10C (on the pole). It would be nice to have a middle setting that would get summer to around 30C.
    Also, is there a way we could possibly change the axial tilt of the planet? I’ve always wanted to try a Uransous-like planet, where it spends on its side.

  19. Kenneth P

    Hi Tynan,

    Just my opinion, but Culture and Historical elements is lacking in the game. Just a suggestion from my prior message. Sorry if my messages are vexing you but I have so much ideas and I really like this game. I hope you read my ideas and hopefully implement them. Keep up the great job.

  20. Jorlem

    Watching the video, here’s an idea I had for something else that could be done with encounter maps: Outposts and Waystations. (Which would basically be the same thing, but used for different purposes.)

    For outposts, lets say you’ve exhausted all your surface steel, and don’t have access to deep drilling. To get more steel without needing to buy it, you’d send a caravan to a nearby mountain or hills hex, and set up an outpost. That would just create a semi-permanent encounter map that you’d be able to mine in, then bring what you’d gathered back to your home base.

    Waystations would be the same, but instead of being intended for resource gathering, they’d be supply drops and semi-secure places for caravans to rest and heal, or relay points for drop pods.

    All that aside, I’m looking forward to trying out v16. Thanks!

  21. Mona

    Tyman, this is amazing; I’m always a bit leery of buying games when they’re in early access, but I’ve never once regretted doing so for Rimworld. Easily one of my top games of all times, and consistently getting better and better with each incredibly substantial update.

  22. john

    time to restart a new colonist 😀

  23. Glerikud

    Great update 🙂 Thank you.

  24. nccvoyager

    “Ridiculous” surgery failures.

    I love it.

  25. Kenneth P

    Hi Tynan,

    This game is amazing. It is genius to transform from 1 single map to multiple ones because now your colonist have a reason to expend stored items not merely just gathering loot in one map but to siege, conquer and travel. This new update has certainly improved the game’s uniqueness considering now it isn’t merely about gathering resources but creating a story(options) to conquer. Truly a unique games experience!

  26. Kenneth P

    Can you capture people from different factions? Does the faction base rebuild itself after aftermath or was the faction base temporary? It would be more better if the faction base is permanent and is conquerable and enemies can rebuild their base to be stronger.

  27. Alan Owen

    Woo! Thanks Tynan!

  28. Bergil

    Good job Ludeon.

  29. dp

    As Charlie Sheen would say;

  30. Joshua F

    Long time backer but I’d kind of written the game off. I play it every few months but never bothered to share it with friends or feel more than curious about future patches. However, this update has really changed my outlook on the game’s potential, and I’m excited to see rimworld continue.

    It’s exciting to see the world become more dynamic and strategic. Now with a bit more story elements or history or etc, it could really become an immersive world to play in. Also, it’s really nice that my Pawns in melee range will stop shooting each other in the back! makes the game a ton easier to share with confidence when there aren’t those kind of game breaking logical lapses.

    As of now I’m truly excited to see what this game will become, and to share it with my friends. Maybe I’ll even start working on a cool mod. It’s a very good update!

  31. Casey Noble

    WHeres the babys?

  32. bob

    It would be cool if there were satellites, space stations, and space ships. This leaves the idea of being able to fight the mechanoids at their home base which can be space stations orbiting the planet or a different planet. This would be a cool update in the future so it gives the futuristic feel once your colony is mature enough to explore the stars and find new solar systems or black holes. This idea can function like the caravan system we currently have.

  33. Ken

    Dear Tynan (Please read),


    1) Perhaps making an expendable robot unit or clones. Perhaps robots that have restricted jobs like animals in the game. Of course these robots cant have social bonds and functionality is limited to exterminating and gathering resources. This fixes the problem because robots are replaceable and doesn’t matter if they die. (Expendable units)

    2) When a caravan is being ambushed (given notification) it is up to the player’s discretion to either attack manually or allow the computer to determine survival rate of the colony, just like in Total War Pc games. The computer can decide whether or not your colonists survived or injured etc based on stats. Maybe implementing a survival rate status bar would be a cool feature. However, ambushes are ambushes, this is not paused. (Probability system)

    3) If player’s caravan decides to attack or find caravans on the way, a window pops up for verification to attack or trade, it pauses the window of player’s caravans whereabouts however player’s home base is still running. The player can choose to click on the group anytime he or she wants in order to progress the group (stuck in time) or put it off because he or she is busy with home base. Same thing if your caravan goes to a village everything is paused and a window appears for your verification to attack, trade or etc. It is up to the player’s discretion to decide to attack or put off the journey once he or she is ready. (Pausing event window)

  34. Dantronix

    Thanks again, Tynan! You are driving this wonderful game in exactly the right direction still. It was amazing in early alphas and you continue to blow my mind with each update. Easily one of my favorite games. Easily one of the best!

  35. Céline .S. Sauvé

    Guilty Prisoners and batched Harvest. Thank you! 😀

  36. […] Rauschmittel, Nutzeroberfläche, Transportkapsel etc.) und Bugfixes vorgenommen, die im Change-Log genau nachgelesen werden können. Einen Überblick über die Neuerungen gibt auch das folgende […]

  37. Lukas B

    Hi , when i saw planet map you made i thogu of that it woud be fun also change speed of rotation so it coud have slower/longer days or in some cases just be statinery so only habiteble places wodu be middle section between freezing side and burning hot sun facing side?
    it ocud also make for good reasun to add high/low tempeter suits and some buildeble blockes with resist heat change well and does not end up in flame imidietly in houndrets and tousens of °c so oyu coud make base in unhubiteble palce , that woud be nice cuz tribes wodunt be able to get there xD

  38. Alexander

    Awesome! Thank you so much for this great work, Tynan. One step prediction for the next update: thirst and all water mechanics – wells, pollution, freezing, salt water oppressing and so more. And one more time – great work!

  39. Neros

    Finally, we can walk across a spherical planet. No more flat maps for us!

  40. Pretisy

    Well since we have a world map & we can have many colonies.
    I presume Multiiplayer is going to come 🙂

  41. Robert

    *Still No Island Maps (4 borders water)*



  42. Adam

    Day 12 since the crash

    I took up my hand at surgery today, as a rabid squirrel ate off a part of Jimbo’s leg. It started well, but somehow the scalpel slipped and now Jimbo’s a quadriplegic.

    This is going to be a rough year.

  43. Rodolfo

    Still not be can disable autosave? 🙁

  44. Rodolfo

    Where to save the screen shots by pressing F10 or F12 or… what key is??

  45. Spetse

    Only beef I have with this amazing update is the repair priority no longer there. I use repair to train building for people who are good enough to build walls but not enough to make decent furniture, micromanaging this isnt worth it, so now I have my 2nd best builder building quality graded items like chairs and tables while my best builder is repairing my wall

  46. Shogoth64

    Great work!

    The World is now not just a start window which cabe forgotten after starting the colony, it is now a viral surrounding. I’m really flashed by this update and very happy about it.

    I’m also looking forward to the possibilities to come, now that fuel is introduced… propably the colonist might build trucks or other vehicles in the future or start some more rockets with it (I can see railways between colonies in my imagination). The travel pods for now are a great way to deal with the new distances.

    Besides the drug changes the other changes didn’t had big effects on my game now, but I’m sure they will. So thanks for the update. I never invested gaming-money so good like in Rimworld.

  47. This looks awesome I can’t wait to start using those transport pods. The evil part of me thinks that all old/unruly colonists are going to launched into a snowy waste.

  48. M1ndK1ller

    I love you, you beautiful man.

  49. markkendrik

    so is multi screen play supported?
    i would like to battle on my left screen and have my colonie on my right screen. on the sam time to be the overwatch of everything

  50. Kvalium

    Awesome work as always 😀

  51. Kaboom

    What im I suppossed to put in the RimWorld Creative Reward Management System?


  52. why me? :(

    in the zone planet is sees color pink, then the image of generate settler and in the landing all the map pink also.

    the sound and all the others seems that if works of way fluid but see pink almost all 🙁

    This not me happened in alpha 15c

  53. Hawksquill

    Thanks so much for all your continued work on what is already an amazing game. Still loving everything about the random story generating nature of it all. Fast becoming my favourite game of all time.

  54. Otter Fluff

    Hey Tynan, I am not too sure where to post this, but I did find a weird bug in this new update. I play the game in a laptop, with a resolution of 1366×768. Due to me ussualy typing in skype, and doing other things while playing, I have it in full windowed mode, which limits me to 1366×745. In A15, with this resolution, I could always see the colonists tab. Now, in A16, the colonist tab is only shown if I use fullscreen, or have it in windowed mode with 4 fixed resolutions, them being 1366×768, 1360×768, 1280×768 and 1024×768. No other custom resolution shows the colonists tab at top.

  55. hwfanatic

    Awesome update, as ever!

    +1 for the planet tilt adjustment

  56. a squirrel

    Holy mother. Tynan you have been really, really busy! I like how you took some of the mods and incorporated them into the base game. Some of the mood things I’m not happy about. For example, prisoners are scum and there should be no mood loss if they die – unless one of your colonists develops a fancy for them. Then is should only be that colonist. I haven’t tried the new build out yet but I’m hoping the weapon cool down is mimicking the real life counterparts for the weapons. For example, a bolt action sniper rifle would have a longer cool down than a pistol. But that cool down should reduce as the persons shooting skill improves. I’m glad I bought this game. You listen to your customers. Your updates are substantial and you don’t spend a lot of time between releasing updates. Thanks man.

  57. Thyme

    Tynan I can hear your excitement when you talk about the spherical world. This is amazing work! Would like to know how you did that (spherical coordinates?).
    Another thing I could hear were echos in the second half, not too bad but there. Thanks for your effort, great game!

  58. Jason

    jw if the toggle for room stats has been removed? i haven’t been able to find it anywhere

  59. Jason

    also i love the new update, being able to raid and have multiple colonies are something i’ve been looking forward to, so excited to try everything

  60. Silky

    I’d find it more reasonable to still have a small mood debuff when “guilty” colonists/prisoners are executed, or have characters with a trait that disapproves of capital punishment either way. Just removing that debuff seems a little… brutal lol

  61. TTer3

    Mother of God…. Great job Tynan
    And this is still in alpha?!?!?

  62. Free Ideas

    Of course it’s still alpha, colonists don’t even have shoes or gloves or underpants yet! 🙂

    You could add genetic illnesses into the game, like I’ve got. No woman will date me because I’m too sickly to have a job and on disability. You could add social parameters like high standards and snobby or low standards and slutty, cheater or loyal, maybe a relationship commitment rating from multiple lovers to only monogamous.

    Pushing work benches! Please!
    Using the move tool, drag on a work bench. It will create green plan squares in the shape of the work bench with one square offset in the direction of the move. You could add a chance to damage or destroy it when a colonist pushes on it. Different benches could be of different weights, and maybe some would be too heavy without bionic arms and legs. You could do this with any constructed heavy thing, maybe even solar panels?

  63. Marc

    @ Free Ideas

    What do you mean – no woman date you? Do you know that world is full of disabled women too? Being regretful is not an excuse – maybe you don’t date, because subconsciously you don’t want that. There are clubs, circles, meeting groups, etc., where you can easily find a partner for you. Just search the internet for it.

  64. Andrew

    I just wanted to say that this is an amazing update and I see huge potential far ahead. Good job on putting so much love and effort into this game, more developers should take example. I haven’t played yet, been very busy lately.. but just wanted to stop by and say you’re doing a great job, and I love the way mini encounters/ pocket maps work and the whole being a raider thingy :p Can’t wait to see more generated bases with interesting designs, that will be very fun ( Suggestions here: maybe give some pirates turrets as well, or other traps :p and a more complex suggestion: maybe have some bases with built-in prisons that have prisoners you could free to join you or just for good karma/ relations with other villages! Or kill them with or without consequences/ or somehow free them to fight the ones who imprisoned them themselves! That would be really cool, honestly. I’d love sipping a cup of tea, watching the randomly generated prisoners (who can be many – overtake those nasty pirates; or who can be just a few and be fighting a fight they can not win – getting their dreams of freedom demolished. Kinda dark, I know, but so is life sometimes :p ). Keep doing the good work!

  65. Free Ideas

    It’s so funny, now people who land in the crashed ship can heal enough to walk all by themselves! One of them walked off the map, and just now, one walked right into my base and decided to take a nap in my hospital bed! In the middle of a toxic fallout! I will call him mister goldie locks if he eats my porridge!


    @ Marc

    I am shut in due to poor health. People in my society don’t want disabled people to breed, so they won’t help disabled people get together. Only people who work hard deserve to be happy I guess.

  66. Free Ideas

    OK so he crawled into bed, then he suddenly died out of nowhere! Maybe it was from the psychite addiction?? Blood loss moderate, toxic buildup minor, gunshot infection was also minor. Could you add a cause of death statement so people don’t have to guess how they died??

  67. DrugAddict

    Hi, great update as always but please, pretty please give me a fix about colony animals getting high with no restrictions, my colonists are killing each other because they cant get their fix! Ive seen my dog carrying yayo to the stockpile then after that he decided to have a little psychodelic trip and that makes me mad because.. because it was the last dose!! I didnt kill him even if he deserves that wouldnt fix anything.. so i killed my neighborhood who had last hidden yayo dose and he wasnt willing to share..

  68. Marc

    @ Free Ideas

    I realize that people are ruthless today, but how can you say that your society does let you feel that you shouldn’t have a partner? I mean – what they do? Keep you isolated or something? If you google ‘disabled dating’ there are real websites that connect people and I believe that there is a way to meet your date in reality. We live in a free world, so it is rather impossible to be restricted by someone, unless you let them do that.

    PS. Hard work has nothing to do with that – there are marriages with kids where nobody is working at all and they live in the dole. And no one is telling them to stop ‘breeding’.

  69. Free Ideas

    Oh and it happened again. Betty this time, she crash landed, but when nobody came to rescue her, she got up and got into my hospital bed. Then a few seconds later, she died! Nothing particularly wrong with her.

    @ Marc

    All I can say to you is, just because there is a fruit tree does not mean there is fruit. I am a psychology science enthusiast, so I formulated a few psych tests to get people to accidentally admit how they feel about disabled people. My disability is invisible, so it’s easy to pretend not to be disabled when I do the psych test. The test? I say that I can’t get a girl, so I will start going after someone who is disabled. If they respond negatively, they hate disabled people. Simple as that. I have tried the same test on various people in my community using ‘mentally ill’ and ‘homeless’ and ‘in poverty’ and ‘trailer trash’ girlfriends. They respond very negatively about it EVERY TIME. They tell me I can do better, or that I risk getting an STD, or that they won’t be a quality partner, rarely ever anything about me. This is a toxic society to live in.

  70. Jcewazhere

    Been playing way too much again thanks 😛

    How many tiles around the circumference is a planet?

    Are all planets the same size?

    Do all planets have the same 26h rotation still?

  71. Marc

    @ Free Ideas

    I think I didn’t get your metaphor about ‘fruit tree’ – I’ll appreciate your explanation, but only if you want, there is no pressure. Your test was pretty smart and yes – from what you’re saying here – it shows the attitude of your test subjects towards disabled or homeless people. You know, the most interesting thing is that you really care – you care about opinion of people who doesn’t care about you and your happiness. If you feel like the community that you live in won’t tolerate any couples with disabilities whatsoever, then why not change the area? Of course it is easy for me to say that, as I’m not in your situation, but taking a small steps to achieve whatever you wish – will make you happier. Even if it requires a lot of persistence you should try to leave that toxic community (as you said). And you already proved that you are a persistent person, because of those psychology tests that you performed.

  72. hayeo42

    things gettin emotionally deep about societies with systemic intolerance in the rimworld dev blog comments section as usual

  73. Free Ideas

    I just got a great idea for the mechanoids!

    You know how all of the technology on the base shuts down during solar flares? The mechanoids should somehow know when a flare will hit, and run into their green space chunk and hide for a while.

    But if there’s no space ship chunk to hide in, say, a random mechanoid attack, then the solar flare could freeze the mechs in their tracks, totally defenseless!

    Also I would like large EMP’s that will shut down tech for an hour, and EMP ied’s. Also for IED’s you should be able to string a wire to it with a switch and forcibly detonate it by turning on the power!


    @ Marc

    I have considered and planned to move, but I lack experience in such things, and I would need assistance from people who don’t hate disabled people. Also, I have to care what people around me think, as I depend on them for help to survive. They could easily decide that I’m not worth it and let me die.

  74. Marc

    @ Free Ideas

    It’s very strange how people treat themselves in a 21st century, as we would live in a medieval era. Personally I’d like to help you (somehow), as I am fascinated by human behavior in situations like your and similar, but I think we live in a different worlds. Anyway I wish you a good luck.

  75. FoxXeL

    I want to thank you for making the refog command actually bot fogging the home zone

  76. FoxXeL

    I want to thank you for making the refog command actually not fogging the home zone

  77. Unnamed

    One shooter without shelter. Sniper (-2) killed 3 of my snipers with rifles 0,0 and 1.
    My sniper was hiding behind the trees and debris. In addition, this enemy sniper killed 1 Rifleman.

    The fuck is normal? Stupid game.

    Fuck me arrow if they are killed is not an honest way?
    The enemy has worse weapons. The enemy has worse skill. The enemy was not hiding!
    And he’s a sniper filled up 4 my man!

    FUCK YOU developers!

  78. Unnamed

    The most important thing forgot to say. All 4th shot off on one leg.
    I think you have a fucking random

  79. Ves

    @Unnamed: Hey Idiot, please google some things for your own sake:

    “Whats the definition of the alpha status from pc games”
    “Am I an idiot insulting other people for trivial reasons”
    “What should I do when I am dumb as fuck?”

    Grow up, please – or at least shut off your pc and go out play with the other children (remember, you are not allowed to hit them)

  80. Saiph

    Could someone please tell me why RimWorld never seems to go on sale on Steam? I’m a little reluctant to pay over £20 for an early-access alpha. Thanks.

  81. Artic Glory

    Saiph, first read this quote from the steam page for why it’s worth the money.

    The game is already fully playable, balanced, and generally free of bugs. Over 120,000 players have been enjoying it since our Kickstarter in October 2013. However, we want to add more value before calling it done. We’re doing Early Access to indicate that we still intend to add more content to the game

    As for why it never goes on sale, I’m not Tynan, but it’s probably never on sale because Steam already takes a substantial cut of any sale, and a discount would only further decrease this independent game studio’s income, thus hurting further development.

  82. Thyme

    @Saiph: You might want to peak into this forum thread:
    where there’re several good reasons why RimWorld does not go on sale

    e.g.: “You’re better off spending $30 on this than $60 on some others….trust us!” — dosemeter

    PS: Wish there was a preview like in the forums, no clue about html

  83. Free Ideas

    @ Unnamed

    I have had a similar experience in earlier versions. Maybe it’s a bad luck event? I saved and reloaded many times, but it still kills my ace sniper with superior sniper rifle, with his 2 shooting skill and shoddy sniper rifle. Frustrating but… not sure why it happens…

    @ Marc

    I live in Bellingham, Washington, USA. I know of many cultures that disregard and despise their disabled. People with my condition did not survive past adulthood less than 100 years ago!

    I love how wild animals can suddenly decide to hunt my colonists and pets. Usually it’s so obvious that an “event” is being “triggered” but these animals are just hungry and your colonist just happens to be the easiest prey… It’s more immersive, imo.

  84. Ben

    I haven’t played in a while (Kickstarter backer here) and holy shit have you come a long way on this. So glad I supported your efforts to do so much. Keep up the awesome work.

    I do wonder after seeing caravans, will there be the ability to have a scout sent out to warn you about incoming raids? That sounds like a decent possibility for the game.

  85. Alex

    H O L Y S H E T – this update…

    Literally I can go all classic Fallout 2 Brotherhood-Of-Steel style micro bunker colonies and conquer the world on Rimworld !!

    Still 1 thing I am hoping for to make it all perfect = having a child, a family, and watching him grow

    Please add to that sense of completeness in a human cycle. You already have a good relationship feature in-place in the game. It shouldn’t take too much to add this aspect

  86. Jack

    I cant run the file, it says there should be “RimWorld1393Win_Data” next to the executable. I dont know what that means or how to fix it. please help me :'(

  87. Jack

    I cant run the file, it says there should be “RimWorld1393Win_Data” next to the executable. I don’t know what that means or how to fix it. please help me :'( and it keeps using up my downloads for no reason

  88. Zenke

    Jack, is there a folder called RimWorld1393Win_Data in the same folder as the riworld exe? if not, they need to be together or it wont work. RimWorld1393Win_Data folder contains all the information for the game, without it the exe is useless.

  89. Lucas

    Can I still update my game from the website, I couldn’t figure out how to get it on steam I own the game though. so I don’t know hat to do. HALP

  90. Comrade Suhov

    I think something is wrong with growing periods in new planets.
    I’ve tried various settings in planet generation but in the end you only get two options: grow a year around or no growing season at all. Now I’m playing in a spot where description said “Growing period 1st of Sping – 11th of Autumn” but I never saw the snow and plants grow like all the year around (they died of a cold snap, though).

  91. Thechef

    I agree with @Jorlem
    Outposts and waystations would be really nice!

    Also conquering settlements would be sweet. Although i guess that would have to wait until there are better and more complex designs of ai settlements.

    This update is great, loving it!
    I would like to see more aggressive AI when the player is attacking though. You can snipe too many of them of before they attack en masse. Making it a bit too easy to slowly chip away at them.

    <3 <3 <3 Tynan <3 <3 <3

  92. Guido

    Hi tynan, hi everyone.
    I m having my first alpha 16 game and I m loving the new features.
    I m happy to find that news team has just developped are more or less the same I wish in last post I wrote some months ago.

    Many thanks to Ludeon for the great work. Can t remember a game for which 30 € were better spent.

    I think this game could become a great sci-fi/far west sandbox. I mean a sort of break, a New Classic.

    In order to improve the qualities of it, I would stress the freedom to roam and the multiplication of the game experiences. Some brainstorming ideas

    nomadic life: tents where to repair and sleep, litters/saddles on which be healed, other ways to conserve meat (salt?)

    raw resources: realistic distribution on the map. What about a new planet creation which respect some simple geological rules and resources spawning?

    the final aim, I dream in my dreams, is to cross the map and have free roaming for my tribe. Irrealistic?
    Regards from italy and sorry for spaghetti english

  93. TAWIX

    This game has really potential 😛
    but unfortunately I fps drops after a few minutes of the game. 😐
    In previous versions it was ok. ._.

  94. Dennis

    Wow, this planet is so cool. I didn’t even know that Wanderlust was released. Thanks for all the details. We have to watch out for those meteorites.

  95. T_Broadhurst

    Hiya Tynan Sylvester,

    Just want to let you know that I enjoyed the new update and finished it on colony, rough mode/ classic. I love strategy games like this, even through I am really terrible at them.

    I love this game, including the randomness of it. Unlike any other game, I often leave the game with a bunch of question and stories depend on the choices I made. Which most games, especially strategy games, would fail in the storytelling aspect.

    I like to see this game grow, not into any game but into Rimworld. I look forward but patiently to the next update.


    T Broadhurst

  96. hayeo42

    Shits dope yo

  97. l,j,s

    We need more types of food
    more types of weapons,(like Terraria)
    More technology,(for example:we can make car.In short, make life better)
    more buildings,
    more types of enemies,
    more type of animal,(To make animals more useful)
    more tribal(Don’t make the earth seem lonely)

    add Ship, fleet

    I do not know English,but I very like this game.

    I hope you are getting better and better.

    Don’t mind