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Ideas / Easter Eggs with World Seeds
« on: September 28, 2014, 09:41:32 PM »
This may not be the best suggestion but i think it would be cool to have Easter Eggs involving the world generator. This is something i see happening way down the line, but i think it would be cool to have certain codes generate the planets from books or movies.

The idea came to me as i was messing with the generator, and i thought i would try and find a code that would generate a planet such as that of Arrakis or Dune, from one of my favorite sy-fy novels. I typed in both names for the planet, but ended up with worlds dominated mostly by forest and jungle, unlike the planet that is dominated by desert and arid land :'(. Halo actually generated a world with a mostly circular continent :D, but no planet i found was dominated by snow and ice such as Hoth, or dessert such as Tatooine, or large forests like Endor. I would like to see easter egg worlds such as these when a certain code is typed in, that captures their likeness.

Again, this is not something that is a priority, but just a fun little idea i thought of, and i am sure others have as well. ;D

Ideas / Throwable weapons can go over walls/ Throwable Boomrats!
« on: August 27, 2014, 03:26:52 PM »
I think it would be interesting to see throwable weapons such as grenades, molotov's, and pila (and boomrats ;) ) able to go over walls. When the weapon is thrown over a wall, accuracy would be very poor, but keep the thrower out of harms way. This would allow you to deal with raiders that are attacking your walls (or trying to plant an explosive ;) ). The down side is that raiders would also be able throw things over walls as well.

My other suggestion is the ability to train and equip boomrats as weapons! This would require you to capture boomrats with traps( Kinda like DF ;) ) and train them. They would then be come equiptable as a weapon. Unlike most throwable weapons they would only have one use, but here's the kicker! When throw at an enemy, the boomrats would explode on contact, but if the thrower misses, the boomrats would land on the ground, and attack it's original target. So basically, homing grenades!

Imagine equipping all your colonists with boomrats, hurling them over your walls, and watch chaos unfold as the raiders run for their lives from your angry pack of boomrats!

Please comment and give your opinions!

Ideas / Demolition Raider/ Suicide Mechanoid
« on: August 26, 2014, 10:18:46 PM »
I propose that Tynan add a Demolition Class Raider who uses some kind of explosive to create new access points into your base. They would be rare to spawn in a attacking group but would become more frequent as the raider groups increase the ferocity of their attacks. They would be defenseless alone as they have no weapons, but carry some kind of detonating explosive(C4?). They would head straight for your walls, plant the explosive, then run back and watch the wall burst into flames and debris! No longer will the raiders have to march into a kill box of turrets! There would be some ways to counteract these new raiders, like digging into a mountain(where the explosion could collapse the mountain on top of them) or building very large walls! The amount of raiders that attack with the demo raiders would also be reduced. I see this as being more of a late game challenge, forcing players to rethink their defenses. I also think that their should also may be a mechanoid variant as well, that runs up to your walls/colonists and detonates on contact!

I can imagine a player admiring their stone box that is filled to the brim with turrets, remembering the countless raiders that had died within ;D. Suddenly he is alerted to another group of raiders attacking. With a dull movement of his mouse, he scrolls over the unusually small group of raiders and wonders why Randy had sent him only a fraction of an amount of raiders as last time ???. He looks over the group one at a time to see what their equipped with, and realizes with horror that two of the raiders are demolition specialists :o. He then watches part of his stone wall surrounding his base explode into flying chunks, and then sees a wave of raiders pour in through the charred gap :'(.

Please consider this suggestion and give your honest opinions!

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