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Topics - Syrchalis

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Right now it's actually Plant Harvest Success Chance - below 1 it gives a chance to make pawns fail the harvest, but above 1 it does not increase the yield. I'm looking for a small mod that changes this stat's behavior so it actually does what one thinks, if you have a low PlantHarvestYield stat you get less and above 1.0 you get more. The harvest chance should always be 100%, just the yield should be affected.

Bugs / [Long existing bug] Prioritize taming doesn't persist
« on: July 12, 2018, 06:27:10 PM »
If a pawn is set to prioritize taming a creature by rightclicking the creature and selecting the option the pawn will move to gather food into their inventory if they don't already have food in their inventory. If this is the case and the pawn has to get food first the pawn will forget the prioritized action once he picked up the food and return to his normal priorities.

This is annoying, because once a task is given one usually focuses on something other, believing the task will be carried out.

Still happening in 1.0.1962.

Mods / [Mod Request] 24H Plant Growth for 1.0
« on: July 12, 2018, 07:43:37 AM »
I know there are several old mods out there which do this, but I'm looking for one for 1.0. As this seems to be a C# thing I'm not really able to do it myself, I only know my way around XML modding.

And until Jaxxa updates his enhanced options mod I don't really have anything to make plants grow at night. I like having that to make sunlamps more useful in biomes that have good temperature anyway.

Help / Correctly replacing plant and immature plant textures
« on: July 10, 2018, 08:04:49 AM »
Original Question (new question at the bottom):
I've written a very long file with tons of patches to modify vanilla defs in a way I like, because I can't be bothered to do all of it again whenever I re-install Rimworld or a new version overwrites my changes.

Mostly I was able to teach myself how to write the xml patch operations so they work without problems. One thing is making me wonder though. Why does this not work:
Code: [Select]
<Operation Class="PatchOperationReplace">
<xpath>*/ThingDef[defName = "TreeBase"]/plant/sowWork</xpath>

I copied the defname and nodes from the original def, so no spelling errors. Similar operations work without problems. Does it have to do with it being a parent? Or being abstract?

General Discussion / [1.0] Berries Discussion - lots of potential
« on: July 09, 2018, 01:34:32 PM »
I think the current implementation of berries (and I'm talking berry bushes and strawberries, both) is a bit lackluster. There is many easy ways to improve this. I tested most of these with patch operations in my games and I enjoyed it.

First, berry bushes were excellent in B18 and before, because they grew fast (3 days, now it's 6) and gave absurd amounts of nutrition (10, it's still 10). It made them the best crop in the entire game by far, but they were random and nearly disappeared later into the game. I think their efficiency is fine, because there isn't many of them, especially now in 1.0.

Halving their growing time definitely makes them a lot better and more useful, especially early where it's mostly needed. If they would grow in a bit tighter clusters and with a bit more bushes they would be perfect. It's really pleasant to play if there is few, but large clusters of bushes you can harvest regularly - until the lifespan of the bushes is reached. At this point you should not rely solely on berries anymore.

Strawberries, they are the odd crop. Potatoes for poor soil, Corn needs little labor but is risky, rice needs a lot of labor but produces the most and is solid due to short growing times. Strawberries? You can eat them raw but... food poisoning.

I think what they need is a niche. And I think their niche could be "super low labor/replace bad cook with good grower" - basically when harvested they don't need to be sown again, just like berry bushes. Increase grow time and yield. Their food poison chance should be really low, much lower than other raw food. They could also give a tiny mood buff "ate juicy berries" +3 mood. It's not as good as a fine meal, but it's better than simple meals. Their nutrition could be reduced, so you need to eat more of them - why is this relevant? Storage. They need more space.

So you have a grower with high enough skill to plant strawberries, they have to be harvested rarely, don't need to be planted again (at least for a long time) and give a small mood buff. You also don't need to cook and deal with high food poison chance (but there still is a chance). The downside is long growing time (risky), needs lots of space, needs growing skill, low nutrition per time (= again need more space because you need to plant more) - and always the chance you might still get food poison, however small it may be.

Last but not least, they could be a joy source, albeit a really bad one, if the mood buff is not wanted.

I just think that would give them a proper purpose in the game and some people will default to using strawberries if they don't start out with a good cook or don't want to deal with kitchen/cleaning/setup etc..

Bugs / [1.0.1957] rev939 - Aurora doesn't affect mood of caravans
« on: July 07, 2018, 06:13:36 PM »
Not sure if a bug, but since Auroras are global they should affect caravans.

General Discussion / Map Size Thoughts
« on: July 03, 2018, 04:41:16 PM »
Hey everyone,

I wanted to know what you think about the map sizes, especially in regards to 1.0. I used to play mostly huge maps (for the explicit purpose of making things easier) but now I mostly pick 275² (the larger medium size) or one of the large options if I feel like playing on a flat map.

Tynan's stance on the subject is more or less known to me (big map sizes break the game). What he thinks about each size individually would be nice to know though.

Also what do you guys think about small maps? Ever played on one? For me it just makes it "artificially" harder - map size for me is just a limitation of the game/engine/machine you're running on and if it were possible the entire planet could be one huge map (like Factorio or Minecraft). This is also why I started on huge maps at first.

The only reason I play on medium maps now is because I like to play the game relatively close to what Tynan wants the experience to be and because larger maps break that experience, I don't do it anymore. That said, I still run a million mods (even on 1.0) so I might sound hypocritical (I hope not). Most mods I use are QoL, only real content mod I use was vegetable garden, since I like plants.

So for me it's mostly 275² or 300², depending on map type (flat = bigger).

Ideas / Scams and fake traders
« on: July 01, 2018, 02:59:50 PM »
On higher difficulties only.

Traders who become hostile when you try to interact with them. (They pretended to be a caravan from faction 1, but actually are raiders from faction 2)

Traders who you can trade with normally, but take your stuff without giving you anything and try to run away.

So I've played a last round of B18, enjoying all the great mods before I switch to the unstable 1.0 with limited mods.

My story is short, but hilarious and I bet some of you had the same thing happen. I'm on a map with a stone road, so usually everything spawns from one of two points (the ends of the roads). Now I invited two factions for trading, but I didn't realize they hated each other and obviously with just two spawn points it just so happened they came from the same side at the exact same time, armed with rocket launchers...

Immediately it rained in the desert (which hadn't happened in the entire playthrough so far) and finally that giant blood trail from an elephant migration I attacked earlier is getting washed away (it was there since a year or so). Plus all the precious items get saved.

General Discussion / Your ranged weapons of choice
« on: June 23, 2018, 05:32:07 AM »
Hey everyone,
what I want to know is what ranged weapons do you use early/mid/late game and depending on shooting skill.

For me it's like this:
Good shooters: Highest quality bows
Bad shooters: Melee weapons or lower quality bows (whatever is available really)

Everyone: Heavy SMG or machine pistol (easy to use and excellent DPS for relatively low price)
Maybe bolt-action for a good sniper, but usually I don't bother, because of how strong the above are

Good shooters (with aiming time reducing perks - (mostly from mods that I use)): Sniper rifle
Bad shooters or good ones without aiming time perks: Assault Rifle (I cannot stand the low range of the Charge Rifle and it's DPS isn't so amazing either)

Currently experimenting with giving everyone LMGs instead. I think the raw DPS might be worth it.

Please also note if anything has changed in 1.0 for you. I'm still playing B18, so my list is not for 1.0.

Also if you want to steal formatting, here you go:
Code: [Select]
[color=lime]Good shooters:[/color] <text>
[color=red]Bad shooters:[/color] <text>

[color=#44AAFF]Everyone:[/color] <text>

[color=lime]Good shooters:[/color] <text>
[color=red]Bad shooters:[/color] <text>

What I mean is, selling raw resources is much more profitable (and easy) than selling products. This is one of my main issues with Rimworld. I always feel like a miner digging plasteel for the traders, because that's hands down the easiest way to get silver, aside from growing crops maybe. I also sell a lot of steel and chemfuel.

Wouldn't it make sense that finished weapons, clothing and meals, especially PSM's are worth a lot more than their components? Especially so at higher quality levels. This makes high level crafters and constructors (for furniture) more valuable.

I mean sure, converting wood to dressers or beds and getting a 100% profit out of it wouldn't be balanced, but that's because it takes barely a second to construct those. A marble billiard table is a whole different story. Weapons and clothing already take really long.

The whole feeling of being a clothing/weapons manufacturer is not really achievable in Rimworld (without modding for it) simply because sell prices of the products are so low.

But there is also the opposite problem, because buffing selling prices of products will inevitably imbalance the game. The raw materials need to be worth less. Maybe switch the penalty that weapons get from them to the materials instead?

So far the only thing that's worth actually "producing" is chemfuel and drugs, the former being a semi-raw resource anyway (deep drilling). Oh and high quality art. But I don't want to sell art and drugs every game... .

Help / Difference between Fridge and Shelf
« on: April 13, 2018, 05:50:32 PM »
So there is two mods I use - single shelf and Rimfridge.

One very important thing is different between the two - if I place a fridge with psychoid leaves next to a crafting spot (that means in any tile surrounding it, diagonal or not) the pawns can sit in the crafting spot circle and their progress bar will keep running through again and again with them not moving at all. However, if I use shelves they have to move on top of the shelf and then return to the crafting spot, costing time.

When I have someone augmented with bionics and good traits this extra time is easily twice as long as the crafting process. Now for this I can just use the fridge, since psychoid leaves spoil anyway, but that doesn't work for many other things.

I tried looking at the defs of the two mods, but I couldn't find the difference why they can grab stuff out of the fridge from a neighboring tile but they have to step on the shelf to grab things from it.

Ideas / A new crop: High sensitivity to fertility
« on: April 02, 2018, 01:29:53 PM »
Currently the crops fill very specific niches which is very nice, because it makes all of them useful:
Rice - fast growing, low yield
Corn - slow growing, high yield
Potatoes - good for bad soil
Strawberries - worst yield, but can be eaten raw (also spoil the fastest)

What would fill a small gap would be a plant that is more than 100% sensitive to the soil conditions, maybe even with a flat decrease. E.g. 200% fertility sensitivity and a 10% decrease. This would mean the plant would grow at 20% speed in gravel because 70% gets reduced to 60%, then because it's 200% sensitive it would double the 40% deficit to 80%. In regular soil it would grow at 80%. And in rich soil it would grow at 160%.

The plant could have unique benefits so it's worth bothering with, even if you don't have rich soil available. For example very long spoil time, can be eaten raw, could act as meat substitute (but with low nutrition value so you need more) etc..

I feel like the details aren't that important, more that this niche gets filled a little.

Otherwise one could just add a new drug plant with very high sensitivity or maybe even very high requirement (so it cannot be grown at all outside rich soil).

P.S.: I feel strawberries are a bit underpowered. Don't grow well in rich soil, spoil fastest, give least yield AND require growing 5 so you can't even grow them without someone who is at least somewhat capable.

Mods / [Mod Request] More dev mode options
« on: April 02, 2018, 08:43:31 AM »
I was searching for a mod to fix me having to do several things via save-file editing, but I couldn't find any, so I'm requesting it here now.

What I need this mod to do is to add new options to the dev mode menu (ingame) OR add it's own menu with:
  • Remove trait(s) - removes one specific trait (or if this is too hard just remove all traits)
  • Change passion - similar to the "set skill" option in the vanilla dev mode menu -> you click the button, you choose the affected skill, then you choose "None", "Minor" or "Major"
  • Set backstory (childhood) - allows you to change the childhood backstory of the pawn, including the affected skills (not the level of the skill, just whether they are capable or not, just like when editing the save file, probably easier than making it affect skill level too, and probably also more convenient)
  • Set backstory (adulthood) - same as above, just adulthood backstory
  • Set terrain (brush, circle) - similar to the set terrain option, but with a circle brush (Q/E change size)
  • Set terrain (brush, square) - same as above but brush is a square

General Discussion / Your best and worst scenarios (game setups)
« on: March 29, 2018, 07:09:06 AM »
Hey everyone,
I'm interested in what turned out to be your personal favorites and hates when it comes to scenarios. This means what kind of start (colonists, tribe, explorer - or maybe even a custom scenario like "start with nothing") - what kind of biome, what kind of map (flat/mountain/sea shore) etc.

For example: I recently played a tribal start in boreal forest and I hated it. Turns out I just really like growing things outside all year and boreal forest makes it impossible. And being a tribe meant researching sunlamps and even just electronics took ages. I also did the mistake and went with a non-mountain map. While I usually avoid mountain maps, in this case it would have given me a nice crutch to lean on, and I would have something to do during the three quadrums of non-growing season (mining the crap out of the mountain).

I stopped playing this save simply because I just keep pressing 3 even during the day, because there just seems like nothing to do. Growing anything is a pain, animals can't graze, nothing to hunt, nothing to build (because I lack things like cloth ... again because growing is a pain) - everything seems slow and tedious. I mean even moving around is horrible due to the 50% walk speed on thick snow. Rimworld feels rather slow to me anyway, so one might imagine why for me personally this isn't exactly a fun scenario.

On the other end I really enjoyed some flat arid shrubland colonist action. I dislike the lack of animals, but the terrain is fun, wood is challenging at start and you have lots of free room later to expand. It's like desert just with a lot more soil.

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