Tone Down or remove Friendly Fire

Started by vagineer1, August 16, 2014, 11:56:52 AM

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Yeah the AI is nonexistent when it comes to FF currently. I really don't mind it during firefights and such but loosing limbs from hunting is a bit too common. It's additional baby sitting that shouldn't be needed.

Might be easiest to just give colonists bullet immunity UNTIL enemies are at least on the map. Shouldn't be too hard to do (complete uneducated guess of course).

Ether that or just remove tell further notice. It is alpha after all and such things are common. Problem is... I'm assuming we're stuck with it because there's nothing to remove. Zero has likely been done at all in that department. It's not like it's something you add to the game thinkin yea..., we need ff here it is. Plop.., with no further balance haha. Nah, it's more like this... bullets do damage to pawns... and nothing further was done.