[MOD](Alpha 9) Horrors - Update 2

Started by Viceroy, February 11, 2015, 12:43:00 PM

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Faction Mod

This mod adds another faction to the game, however, this faction is not human or civilized in any way. What you will find is a rampant horde of Horrors from the Unknown that periodically assail your base.

Currently there are two enemies included, namely the Terror Worm and the Visceral. The prior is slow and relatively harmless, no more than area denial at first. And the latter is large and hulking, capable of easily doing fatal amounts of damage once up close.

Install into mods folder like any other mod and then activate via in-game menu. Please note that since this is a Faction mod, GENERATING A NEW WORLD is VITAL for it to take effect.


DropBox: Horrors for Alpha 9

I also suggest you play this mod with darkened nights for enhanced horror-ness:
Darkness https://www.dropbox.com/s/zpt29mq07f6io7w/Darkness.zip?dl=0

Please go easy on me, this is my first mod for Rimworld.

Everything in this mod is free to use for whatever you want in accordance with Ludeon Studios' license agreement. Meaning you may not use its assets for commercial gain.


Alpha 9 Update 2 (25/02/5515)
* Rebalanced point cost of all Horrors.
* Rebalanced probability of all horrors appearing.
* Tweaked accuracy on Spitter Spines.
* Lowered Flaming Goo range.
* Added minimum range to Spitter spines.

Alpha 9 Update 1 (20/02/5515)
* TerrorWorms are Carnivorous for now, just until I can get rid of a bug they have when it comes to eating survival meals.
* Added Spitters.
* Rebalanced Attack compositions.
* Lowered Visceral Health 20%
* Increased Terrorworm health 10%
* Gave some love to the sound effects.
* Redid faction naming.
* Worlds now generate only one Horror site.
* Small tweaks across the board.
* Info text tweaks.
* Rebalanced hit chances on all horrors. (Not final yet).

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I'll have to take a look at this.
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Thanks guys!

Please let me know about any funk in my jam and if you have any other monster ideas feel free to pitch them!

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Hi, lovely mod, how about u add to the terror worm the ability to spit goo, which reduces accuracy (temporary blinding) and possibly burn damage or slowing, or if possible poison(dot)


Hmmm that's a nice idea. Could add in spitter worms alongside the terror worms. Looking slightly different of course.

I'm not sure about what is possible without going into .dll modding (Which I have never done and would take a while to figure out.) I could plausibly make the goo stun you like projectiles sometimes do already. Same with burn damage.

lol Ideally if I could, I'd have worms cacooning people and laying eggs in them. And also spreading webs over the land to slow things that aren't Horrors. You know like those nests of webs you found in Dark Colony.

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For the cocooning you could look at the zombie apocalypse mod and see how he did it,basically I think it would be something like, if pawn killed by "X" then do "Y"(delete pawn and replace with first graphic of cocoon then, monster after "Z" mins?)


This is awesome are you going to add any weapons or armor? That are either made from the creatures or made to kill them (no I don't mean silver bullet style) .
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Amazing! With darkness mod that maes horrible rimworld
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Is it possible to make your two mods work in tandem so that the horrors attack a night time?


@drakulux: Thanks for the input, I'll be sure to give it a gander at some point!

@Dragoon: I'll perhaps do leather/chitin things and possibly other usable items related directly to the Horrors at some point. Although I wouldn't want to step too far outside the realm of Faction/Monsters. If you get my drift.

@hentiger: Thanks dude/-ette, I indeed did make the mods to be played together.

@Zandor: I am not entirely sure how I'd go about triggering an assault at night time. If I come across a way to make it so then I shall... Err... Make it so.
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Quote from: Viceroy on February 12, 2015, 08:23:42 AM

@Zandor: I am not entirely sure how I'd go about triggering an assault at night time. If I come across a way to make it so then I shall... Err... Make it so.

I can do this if you want.


Quote from: JuliaEllie on February 12, 2015, 08:30:54 AM
Quote from: Viceroy on February 12, 2015, 08:23:42 AM

@Zandor: I am not entirely sure how I'd go about triggering an assault at night time. If I come across a way to make it so then I shall... Err... Make it so.

I can do this if you want.

I would be incredibly grateful if you would be so kind. Or even if you just give me the low-down on how to do it. Would definitely like to do so much more in my mods than I can at the moment.

Also, big fan of all your mods, especially VeinMiner. It is so satisfying to use... It just needs a calming harp sound effect and it would sound as heavenly as it is to use.
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Thank you :) I gotta do some RL stuff then Ill slap a prototype together.


I just had an awesome idea under the ehem....influence of our Great Green Leaf "all hail the leaf"....*back to reality...I love playing large maps,not ludicr.....ous... What if they spawn in underground caverns in the mountains,or when they spawn they try to look for "roofed, but unused caves"(look at cave flora for maybe seeing how it is restricted to caves) and they try to form a nest by covering the area (like how the fertilizer works), till the full room is covered then it becomes a nest.

Depending on the size of the nest, depends how many monsters can be spawned from said nest, with periodic attacks at night to your base (ok I just realised how much code would need to go into this, I'm not a modder but I understand game logic).

Basically it would create more things to do on the map, you would need to go out and destroy any potential nests before they become a nuisance, attacking at night (not every night though,oooo give it time to spawn each unit till it reaches the max u set and then attack).

If it is also possible, you could have workers that mine the nest walls to make the cave larger (it could have levels, sort of like AI research, small nest-medium nest-large nest), with a timer in between so you can balance spawn rate. So the "workers" would mine into the mountain if there is space to a certain number of "mountain roofed squares" and then there is a countdown of lets say an hr before they start expanding again.