Can you have alpha 8 and alpha 9 loaded on your computer ?

Started by Mese, February 20, 2015, 06:38:51 AM

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As the title says :)

Im really enjoying my latest alpha 8 game and want to finish it but I also really want to try out the new alpha 9.
So , do I have to uninstall alpha 8 before installing alpha 9 or can I play them as two seperate games ?

Goo Poni

It's just a zip folder. Extract it elsewhere and just make sure not to load up on your A8 world or save while playing A9 as they will likely still be present.


I have 18 different version on my computer. Just each one is in a different folder.


not on my it all crashes if i load old version for some reason.


Quote from: Feniks on February 20, 2015, 10:59:05 AM
not on my it all crashes if i load old version for some reason.
But you should know that you can't use an old version of a save file on a newer version of rimworld (you also can't use a newer version of the save file in an older version of the game)
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well I tried and alpha 9 works fine ... but when I went to load alpha 8 all the mods had been x'd out and I had to 'allow' them again , saved the game closed to desktop , went back into  9 , closed out and opened 8 again and all the mods were x'd out again

Just not worth the hassle to play one game , sadly :(

Still I have alpha 9 so im not complaining :)


Theres a tool on the tools section that allows windows users to have "instances". Might be worth a look.

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