[Question] Rimworld achievements?

Started by Kalesin, October 04, 2013, 07:23:01 PM

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Although it is a narrative game, there is a question that I have.

Have the game achievements?.

There are many games that even use the achievements to unlock game modes and other features (for example, in Reus)

Thank you all for their replies


Right now the game doesn't have achievements at all, neither does he have different game modes nor locked features. I guess it is a little bit early to talk about achievements unlocking game modes/features, but I'd wait for Tynan's answer about its plans for achievements.


I never got the love for achievements, they're pretty pointless in my opinion, usually they're artificial and add nothing to the game except from doing realy specific tasks that have no other benefit.


Very unlikely.

Here's the design rationale: The experience of RimWorld isn't really supposed to be about fighting and winning against the game. It's not a competition or skill-test, primarily. It's about story experience. Achievements get in the way of that by focusing people's attention on some arbitrary task. I'd rather people set their own goals and experience the story as it emerges.

That and they're not essential and I'm far overloaded as is.
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Thank you all for the replies and opinions. I think you can close post.


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