What would you would change,add or remove from Rimworld....

Started by mc858, August 28, 2015, 10:56:29 PM

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Everyone name the top thing you would change, add or remove from this awesome game to make it even more awesome ! N00bs feel free to join in but i want the long term players input the most! You can do one or make a suggestion for all three! Yipeee!

Add - Z levels to dig down a few levels into the world! add new monsters and such if need be

Remove - Mechanoids! lol i know im going to get hate for this but i hate them, i hate fighting them, i hate their ships, i hate the non gory way they die, i hate their weapons, i just friggin hate them

Change - Make turrets manned so you cant just build dozens of them all over the place- maybe make an alert button to have everyone man a turret during attacks

i love the new alpha! cant wait for the next one!!


Add: Space Travel ( i wish QQ )

Change: I, hate, snipers.

Remove: Solar Flare ( during raid = GG )


Add : traveling to areas,  needing to face xcom style situations (assaulting unknown areas. Ship part could literally be an enterable ship like xcom enemy unknown.) .  Fog of war for pawns (effecting raiders too,  so they can't magically track your colonists. Would also be cool if small animals were hidden by brush, would make animals useful in hunting) . Deeper history stats (let miners have higher melee damage output, and higher haul skills,  military people hardened,  but not immune to violence, make history add more than  skill stats,  add / subtract to effectiveness of other things,  add traits,  ect.).

Remove : mortars from raiders.  This was added pre sappers,  to negotiate kill boxes.  While assaulting a position is fun,  it can be easily waited out, and i would much rather attack a full outpost than a few sandbag covered punks. Also scythers. Too fast,  accurate, and damaging per shot. Would honestly prefer a 3 shot burst because high damage single shots kill,  while light spammy stuff incaps.

Change: add in a psychological system, where you can shape colony "standards"  and change people (slowly,  and perhaps with a bit of persuasion) to change. So things aren't set in stone as good or bad,  and traits can slowly,  and difficultly be added,  or taken. I think the rimworld would harden and improve people,  and i refuse to believe someone on the verge of death would not try Changing (being disabled in mining / construction, short of being physically crippled,  i think if things got bad enough,  they would try.) more "life" to pawns, namely self preservation (animals don't steer clear of humans, you can go from squirrel to squirrel attacking,  they don't run / hide.  Maybe make animals / pawns have small,  random activities so they seem more allive,  especially animals. Rolling on ground to seem cute,  playing with things, ect, animals in particular feel robotic.  But even the odd colonist goofing around when unexpected, or singing during work would be fun.
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Its bad because reasons, and if you don't know the reasons, you are horrible. You cannot ask what the reasons are or else you doubt it. But the reasons are irrefutable. Logic.


toggle roof display, usable water and dehydration since milk is now a thing, trading with tribes and outlanders and occasionally pirates (with limited choice), more mechanoid types, able to craft very small variety of modern weaponry like pistols and shotguns only.


different mechanoid ship textures (feels like the mechanoid came out of spaghetti tube or something), melee combat need to revamp (too much stun lock from enemies or allies), weather system revamp.


In general, add anything that allows for a wider scope of storylines - usually that means more and more mechanics that can interact in interesting ways. That said, within each playthrough the exact interaction of those mechanics should create a constrained range of choices for the player to pursue. The mechanics should be meaningful in shaping the story and players options, as should the players reaction to those mechanics, and one should not be sacrificed for the other (i.e. shouldn't be able to counter any mechanic with a simple/consistent response).

Iron man mode - single save, no save scumming. Bonus features: no pawn-roll scumming, no changing story teller mid-game.
Relationships - pawns backgrounds and skills effect what they think of other pawns/groups of pawns/outsider pawns. Scope for love/like/neutral/dislike/hate.
Preferences for colony development- similar to relationships, but rather a pawns views on the direction a colony should go. Tribals will hate technology; glitterworlders can't wait to fly off this rock; raiders want to capture and maim; builders want to make mega-projects; etc. Depending on the balance of preferences the player will need to make some decisions about how to satisfy some/all groups, at risk of alienating others.
Colony leadership - once a colony surpasses a certain size it begins to organize socially, and selects a leader to set the overarching theme of the colony. Leader selection could be based on relationships and preferences. The leader would then set a key goal (e.g. rocket ship within a year, expand colony wealth, etc) based partly on the colony average and partly on his own preferences, which would add a buff to everyone if met and neg if not (perhaps causing revolution/sabotage).
Z-levels - besides inviting creative base design/player set goals, it could also couple with other mechanics - e.g. a construction oriented leader decides the best route is to build a tower to heaven (major infrastructure project), setting a few broad goals with the player then flexible pursues. A defense oriented raider leader instead wants to build a underground stronghold. Etc...
Water dynamics - not crucial, but would be very nice if Z-levels were added.
World-level metagame - take advantage of the world view beyond just selecting the landing site. Ideas including short term raids on other settlements, an Oregon Trail style journey towards the ideal ship launching site to escape, seeking the promised land that tribals rumor, or simply conquering more territory. Again, this could tie in well with the preferences/colony leadership module.
Fog of war - as a toggle, would add tension and challenge for those of us that want it. No heavy bells/whistles needed - just render a mask everywhere outside of a pawns vision radius, which is based on their eyesight or the scope on their gun (when drafted).
Story maker - a tool that captures screenshots at key moments for the colony and creates a flipbook of them, using the shots plus the game log (which is already used for art) to create a summary of the colony after you leave/lose it. Perhaps have the log ask for the player to jot down a few sentences themselves at key moments to include in the log. If this exported automatically to a flipbook on tumblr/YouTube, even better! I really enjoy reading the Dwarf Fortress stories, and think functionality to make that even easier/ecouraged in RimWorld would be great.

Nothing, I'm quite happy with what is already there.

More events - more non-raid events at all levels/types of colonies, a wider scale of raid types and difficulties, in general reduce the repetition in events across plays by increasing the total and reducing the chance of each.
Longer tech trees - essentially, implement something like Superior Crafting. I don't like the idea of being more or less fully tech capable from the outset. That especially counts if I land with a few imbeciles. At least a longer production chain, if a longer research tree is not preferred, and perhaps explore making tech construction based on colonist skill level rather than research - i.e. it takes construction skills above 15 to build a geothermal, etc.
Quality of life functions - integrate the EdB mods, and other UI areas could be improved considerably, although I think this will happen around 1.0.