turnip's wonderful list of things that will mutilate and kill you

Started by turnip, October 07, 2013, 11:48:41 PM

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Quote from: DNK on October 08, 2013, 11:19:53 PM

Crystalline Entity

Wait, wait! Bonus option! Around the time it arrives, an android named Lore crashes onto the planet. If you can capture and reactivate it, Lore assures you that he can make it attack the Pirates instead.


> Ecclipses - powerful, but cannot be exposed to light or enter lit areas without taking serious damage or death. They will attempt to destroy light sources and power lines to enter areas where your colonists are. Will require more planning when wiring your base. Most likely a harder level type. Run out of power when they come and you're in trouble.

> Weremuffalo - a muffalo hidden in the herd, that was perhaps bitten at some point in the past... turns into a terrifying beast at full moon. (I'm not sure if it's planned to be able to raise muffalo as cattle, but this could be a fun edition).


I think a lot of the ideas in turnip's initial list would work well as Factions if/when the Faction Relations module is developed. That fits even better if they each had flags like the ones turnip made.

However, rather than being generic names like "Corporate Men" or "Scientists," I think they should be specific entities. This is better from a story perspective because you can develop a backstory and all sorts of interesting things about the groups. Take the Weyland-Yutani Corporation from the Alien series for instance - knowing the name and getting some information about the company made it feel more real and interesting than just being an evil corporation.

Of course, specific entities and backstories would depend on how Tynan wants the universe RimWorld takes place in to work.

The other ideas in the thread seem good for single enemies instead of factions. As a fan of Dune I do like the idea of including Sandworms that can only move on certain terrain (like in the old Dune games). We wouldn't want them eating colonists in one bite though, or that could cut a lot of stories short.


Having read through the Primer far too much recently to redesign my PK, I considered the possibility of a Transanimal Supremacy faction. What are your thoughts?