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Started by Facepunch, October 11, 2015, 08:31:28 PM

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I saw a thread  that requested atheism, basically, removing the praying activity.
So, I got thinking. What if the praying activity did more than provide a tenth of the joy a bottle of beer does? What if you could pray to the storyteller? You could construct altars, offer sacrifices, in exchange for maybe better trading prices, or less frequent disasters. If you neglect the almighty storyteller, perhaps bad things start to happen. The ice sheets go through more cold snaps, the deserts go through more heat waves. Trade prices climb, hostile tribes get more aggressive.
It's an interesting concept, I think.


At first I went "Oh god not again" but then I read it all and I 100% support this mod.
Selling broken colonist souls for two thousand gold. Accepting cash or credit.


The idea of deifying the storytellers is interesting. Perhaps we could take it one or two steps further. Rather than choosing one storyteller at the beginning of the game, we could need to have our colonists build a shrine to one of them in order to have that AI take over storyteller duties, and probably make sacrifices to keep that storyteller happy... with the obvious effect of an unhappy storyteller being more and more frequent disasters (though in Randy's case, it could be hard to tell the difference from normal). Maybe without a shrine, during any given threat cycle it could be any of Phoebe, Cassandra, or Randy calling the shots. And maybe if you destroy a shrine (for instance, if you want to get rid of Cassandra in favor of Phoebe) you'll have to deal with that storyteller throwing a tantrum for a threat cycle or two...

Just some ideas I'm throwing out there.

Marsh Acas

You don't understand an atheist's pride.
But I'm for that mod anyway.


I just want to request that people stay on topic and not derail this thread. Any derailment from this point forward (like what happened in the other thread) will be met with warnings and/or temp bans.

I really like this idea of deifying the storytellers. I hope somebody does make this into a mod, as I think it would definitely add something to the game. :)
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+1 would sacrifice pet for a week of light rain. Not sure about praying to Randy Random though, as would be too much of a Greek Hero story, hero gains glory, people praise hero, god wants praise and therefore smites hero.
Or maybe a German Fable (literature style not actually related to anything German) Hero is given Youth and Everlasting Life only to find that Family and loved ones lose everything one day at a time, home, money, limb, sight, children etc...
Yes another god damn youtuber.