Alpha 13 Character Records: kill count titles and glory

Started by REMworlder, December 31, 2015, 02:49:51 PM

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Alpha 13 is set to introduce character records. Character records will offer a better, clearer view of how a colonist has lived. Details that were easy to overlook will now be a huge part of each colonist. Losing a colonist with high melee skill is bad enough, but losing that same colonist who also had 40 confirmed kills in her character record? Tragic.

QuoteCharacter records which keep stats on each character like number of kills, injuries, surgeries, etc. 1

The record offers a great chance to flesh out characters. Games like Dwarf Fortress use kill lists to assign titles to dorfs who kill notable creatures. Weapons and shields have kill lists too, but that's another exciting topic. RimWorld colonists could be given titles based on criteria like special kills or kill volume.

Besides Dwarf Fottress, ther games make great use of stat-driven descriptors. For example, Crusader Kings II has a range of Nicknames that are generated based on stats, character actions, and a probability factor. Characters with special combinations of stats might be labelled "The Lionheart," or "The Lame." Similarly RimWorld stats could be used to give a character a nick name or title. To keep everyone from having crazy titles, the required stats could be exceptional or use a probability or factor-based system like in Crusader Kings 2.

Western-inspired Rimworld nicknames based on kills in the colonist's character record

Legend would summarize the important parts of a character's recorded stats. Stats like kills or how many high-quality items have been created would contribute to a Legend stat. The point of Legend is to show a character's accomplishments and reputation.

A character's legend stat could:
-Serve as a modifier to social skill ("I'm talking to the famous Redfields"!)
-Give a small buff to that character's thoughts ("I'm famous, I can't break down")
-Cause thought debuffs on enemies ("I'm being shot at by Six-gun Sophie, who has over 300 kills!")

The point of both Kill Count Titles and the Legend Stat are to flesh out the upcoming character record system. It's nice to have data, but it's coolest when it's meaningful. A character record is meaningful when it's actionable -- when it can be used in decision-making -- or has a clear impact on other systems, such as the development of a legendary reputation.The character record system could use one more step so it's not just a feature that only impacts the player, but also the colonists and the in-game universe.



Interesting concept.  Having a Legendary pawn could give them and surrounding pawns buffs (or debuffs). I hope it can effect or have events based on them.  Some friendly faction wants to hear stories of Billy the Pirate Slayer and he leaves the colony for a few days. He comes back with gifts and maybe followers/admirers, since Tynan also plans on the relationship system.


What about other Factions have Legends too? Chaos. Imagine, Kier the Scalper rushing down 3 of your units, downing/killing them without nearly a scratch because of a Fear Debuff that lowers attack speed when targeted (Unless your psychotic/bloodlust). Kill him and he has superior+ gear, and instant fear/respect from the home faction. Capture him, and demand a bribe for his release.

Get your Legend killed and they'll take the body. All units could get a Debuff from a slain Legend, perhaps a Mood Dip or work speed down for a long period of time. Maybe a .5 multiplier effecting all possitive mood effects

What if its not Combat exclusive?

Maybe if a Warden recruits enough people, they become Silvertounge or Wordsmith, Getting a bonus to social above the 20 level limit. an Animal Tamer could get "Thumbro-Whisperer Nathan", Or "James, The Warg-Man".


Seeing notable characters on other factions is a really cool idea! Makes me think of some Illiad-type stuff where legendary warriors getting killed could decide battles; instead of mowing down tribals, target some of their biggest warriors for that fear/respect or debuffs/buffs.


What willy above said

Simple-Meal Sam
Erector Dan
Arseface Annie


I like how this game can result in quotes that would be quite unnerving when said in public, out of context. - Myself

The dubious quotes list is now public. See it here


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