[A13] Scribe defaults: ThingContainer.maxStacks

Started by Alistaire, April 07, 2016, 05:22:36 PM

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// Verse.ThingContainer.ctor
private int maxStacks = 99999;


// Verse.ThingContainer.ExposeData()
Scribe_Values.LookValue<int>(ref this.maxStacks, "maxStacks", 0, false);

Another non logical scribe default, pawns use both an <inventory> (default maxStacks = 99999) and <carrier> (default maxStacks = 1), and a
default of 0 does not account for either and would result in a ThingContainer which does not accept anything since maxStacks is private.

New colony contained 5 of both <maxStacks>1</maxStacks> and <maxStacks>99999</maxStacks>.


lol you love eating code dont you. wish i was that talented :D sure Tynan appreciates it.